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Do we teach Thai Massage online only or also live classes?

Shama Kern, founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy

Many people assume that Thai Healing Massage Academy has a live school somewhere with live classes.

That’s a question we are often asked, and that’s a reasonable question since up until fairly recently massage training was always primarily done in live classes.

This was also the case with our training. When we started Thai Healing Massage Academy in 2001, we were only teaching live classes – mostly in Thailand.

However in 2010 a major shift happened in our approach to Thai Massage training. This video will tell you the story how and why this happened.

From DVDs to online presentation

I remember when some schools started to produce DVDs to go along with their live classes. They were mostly meant for the students to help them remember the material in the live classes, and they were an additional source of revenue for the schools.

But they were not meant to be the actual primary Thai Massage training.

More recently the DVD model became outdated and there was a shift to presenting the material online, helped by better technology to do so. But still for pretty much all schools this was a side line, an addition to their live classes.

We pioneered Thai Massage online training

Thai Healing Massage Academy was the first and only Thai Massage training institute to make our online training a primary model, not a secondary add-on to live classes back in 2010.

First we still did live classes, but ended up phasing them out since the online school grew so much that it took all our time and effort. It became obvious that we could not do an excellent job with both live and online training.

Therefore we do not maintain a public school with live training classes anymore.

We were very aware that our live training would only ever reach a very small percentage of people who wanted to learn Thai Massage. Traveling to Thailand for several weeks is not for everyone, and impossible for many for practical and financial reasons.

So we decided to turn our training into a first class online system with a professional presentation, personalized support by the teacher, student communities in our facebook group and forum, and constant improvement and refinement of our training material.

Students benefit from constant improvements

Over the years we improved and updated our courses regularly – most of them several times. In other words, they got better over time. We committed to this process of ongoing improvement.

This was great for our students since they received many updates, improved courses, and additional training material for free, even years after they had purchased a course.

We also committed to making our online training material at least as good or even better than what students could learn in live classes.

We know that we have succeeded with this because our students told us so:

“Thanks for being a great teacher and organizing your courses the way you do. They are really so well laid out and logical. Best of all, I can hit replay and watch it several times, try it, watch it again, and so forth.

I am continuing to learn and experience the wonderful art you have taught me. Without you I never would have been able to have such an experience.

Randy Bryan, massage therapist

You explain the techniques so that they are understood so easily. It’s a great pleasure to watch these videos now.  Compared to reading books or being in a class, I can honestly say I’ve learned more from your style of teaching. 

It’s more like having someone in the sitting room with you in person! It’s a journey that I am really enjoying. I’m so pleased!

Brenda Cockburn, massage therapist

We have been providing Thai Massage online training since over a decade. This is our specialty, our passion, and our life’s work. We invite you to learn the art of Thai Massage through our courses.

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