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What Is The Best Mat For Thai Massage?

Thai Massage tips and tricks - choosing the best mat for Thai Massage

Most western massage styles are done on a massage table. Thai Massage however is traditionally done on a floor mat. Although it can be done on a table as well, working on the floor provides better leverage, more power, and better ergonomics for the therapist.

Most western therapists have little or no experience of working on the floor, and one question which I often get from new Thai Massage students is what mat they should be using.

The right mat is quite important since it can make the difference between feeling comfortable during your sessions and feeling not really at ease.

For Thai Massage you are not just lowering the massage table to the floor, so to say, but you create a different working environment which is much more spacious than a massage table, and which allows you to move around the client freely.

This video demonstrates what I consider the ideal setup for Thai Massage work. It shows what I use use in my own practice.

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