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Easy Tips For Promoting Your Thai Massage Business

Thai Massage marketing

Learning Thai Massage is one thing. But growing and retaining a good client base is a completely different set of skills for massage therapists.

There are fancy ways to go about that, like building a website, opening social media accounts, doing lots of posting, or doing autoresponder email campaigns.

However, sometimes a simple and free method can work surprisingly well. This one worked wonders for me in my Thai Massage business for many years.

Creating a simple Thai Massage guest book

guest book for massage business

Go to a stationery store and buy a notebook. It should open out flat easily and should be a little smaller than A4 size. All it should have inside is horizontal lines, nothing else. You could go out and buy a fancy visitor’s book, but this is not necessary.

Now you take a ruler and draw several vertical lines all the way down the page. You want to end up with several columns.

Write headlines on top of the columns. It should look something like this, separated by vertical lines. The comment column should be the widest.

NAME  |   DATE  |   EMAIL  |   ADDRESS/PHONE  |       COMMENT       |

Now you have your guest book set up. The total cost is 2 or 3 dollars. I still have my first simple guest book from 2003 and I cherish the memories of many good Thai Massage sessions and happy clients.

guest book icon
Thai Massage guest book

Thai Massage client engagement

From now on, after every session with a new massage client, bring out your guest book and ask them to write a short comment on how they feel about the session.

Hand it to them along with a pen, but make sure to tell them that it does not need to be an entire story, but just a 2-minute affair, a couple of sentences.

This is important, because some people are intimidated by the concept of writing something, and they don’t want to spend a lot of time doing that after their massage session. If they hesitate, say that even a couple of words are good enough.

If you built up some rapport with your client before and during the session, and you did a good job, most people will be happy to write something in your book.

Getting permission to use client’s feedback

If they seem enthusiastic about commenting, after they are done writing, casually ask them if it would be okay with them to use their comment for your promotional literature or on your website.

If there is any hesitation, say that you don’t have to spell out their last name if they prefer to remain anonymous. If they still hesitate, drop the subject.

In my experience, most massage clients will give you permission. Don’t try to get written permission on a special form, this will scare people as too formal and legal. Verbal permission is enough.

You could even add a column to your guest book, titled: “Can I use your comment for my promotional literature – yes/I’d prefer not”. But again this is kind of formal. If you get verbal permission, and people like you, you are fine.

Why not use a more automated or web-based system?

massage survey

This system seems almost primitive in this day and age of fancy glossy websites and web-based surveys.

The guest book works because it is personal, and it is instant. You get your client’s feedback right after the session when the feeling of it is still fresh in their minds.

You will get much higher quality results compared to following up with an online survey. By that time they have already forgotten much of how they felt after the session and their minds are on other things.

The guest book testimonials capture their wonderful feeling after the session better than any other method.

When and how often should you ask for Thai Massage testimonials?

testimonials icon

I got 70 to 80 percent of my clients to write something in my book. Sometimes they are in a hurry to leave or have to make a phone call, and you lost the opportunity.

Of course you only ask them to write something in your guest book if you feel that the massage session went well.

You can do this with first-time clients, or you can do this after you have established a good relationship with a repeat client. Then they will be even more inclined to write something wonderful in the book.

However you should do this only once. Asking a client to write more than one comment will feel a little over the top. By the way, never call it a “testimonial”. This sounds too official. Just ask for “feedback” which sounds much more informal.

When does the Thai Massage guest book method work and when not?

Spa rules

This method is difficult to implement when you work in a spa where there are rules which you have to follow and little if any time to interact with a client after a session.

The guest book works best if you have some flexibility with your time or work for yourself.

The spa might have its own guest book or feedback system, but this will combine feedback from many clients. It won’t be your own and you cannot keep it. If you have your own guest book, it will become an impressive chronicle of the quality of your work.

Following up with your Thai Massage clients


The next day, send your clients an email, thanking them for coming and telling them that it was a pleasure working with them and that you are looking forward to another opportunity to work with them, etc.

Include a personal reference to a particular issue you worked on during the session. You don’t want to make it appear like an automated thank you message.

Send occasional emails with brief interesting stories, promotions, or interesting facts that relate to your massage modality.

In this way your client will remember you and will feel that you care and that there is a connection. This will often result in more appointments and loyal clients.

Writing individual emails works fine if you don’t have lots of clients. Once your business grows, you might need an email service (autoresponder) to automate email delivery. But that’s beyond the scope of this article.

Promotional use of the Thai Massage testimonials


Use some of the best comments from your guest book for your website or any written promotional material.

By the way, several of the testimonials on my website came from this very method.

You can also use your guest book to help convince hesitant clients to try Thai Massage. Testimonials from other clients carry a lot of weight and can help them to make up their minds.

This simple system has many benefits:

It builds you an email list
It allows you to follow up with your clients
It gives you testimonials for promotional use
It will be an inspiration for you whenever you read the comments
It can help you attract clients to Thai Massage
t requires practically no financial and very little time investment

Thai Massage session booking avalanche

When I used this method regularly, I was traveling frequently and was often absent from my hometown in the US for many months.

Before I returned, I sent all the people on my mailing list an email, telling them that I was coming and would be available for appointments for a limited time only.

Every time I did that, I got lots of bookings, sometimes for weeks in advance. I should add that I had an excellent reputation and kept my prices quite reasonable.

At the same time I asked for referrals and often ended up with new clients before I even came back into town.

I know this method works. I have used it for many years in my Thai Massage practice, and it will work for you too.

The guest book is not meant to be a replacement for Trip Advisor or Facebook pages, Instagram, or LinkedIn profiles. It is just one easy tool in your repertoire of marketing skills.

It can also be a welcome relief for those who are not so comfortable or familiar with more high-tech marketing methods.

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Shama Kern, founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy

The author, Shama Kern, is the founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy. He has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for over two decades, and he is the creator of 20 online Thai Massage training courses.

27 thoughts on “Easy Tips For Promoting Your Thai Massage Business”

  1. These are great tips for marketing. I’ve been teaching marketing for a dozen years and I’m still learning things about marketing from Shama!

    Just last year the great state of Texas began allowing testimonials from massage therapy clients. So, I set up my testimonial page on my website and no longer had to direct people to Litmos.

    I’m a firm believe in testimonials. I find it interesting to read what other people have to say.

    At first, I didn’t know how to write a testimonial, so I did what everyone else in the universe does, I Googled it. I Googled, “How to write a testimonial.” Sure enough, the answer was right there – plain and simple. That’s how I like it.

    Shama is my own personal Google. He comes up with ideas that I wouldn’t even think of searching, like the name he created for his head massage, “Heavenly Head Massage.” How cool is that?

    Being a friend of Shama’s is definitely being on a winning team.

  2. Thanks Ariana. What you are exceptionally good at, is staying in touch with people, making thoughtful comments, and making people feel that you appreciate and that you care. It also lets me know that you actually read what I post, and that is always a good feeling for any writer.

  3. Thanks, Shama. Good tips. I don’t have a guest book, but I do have a Trip Advisor page and I have found this to be the best advertising I could ask for. It doesn’t cost a penny. In the past several months, I’ve asked every new client where they heard about me. 90 percent have said they read a good review on Trip Advisor. There’s also a widget for posting these on your website.

    I agree that follow up is very important.

  4. Thanks Jyoti, great tip as well. I assume that you mostly get people passing through Sedona from trip advisor. That’s a real advantage in Sedona, I imagine, that it is such a popular tourist town.

    By the way, are you aware of the fact that you can create a profile on the forum of my site at You can do an entire write up about your business in the profile section, and you can post an ad in the “workshops, classes and events” forum, all completely free.

    It won’t get as much traffic as trip advisor, but it might help and it’s free.

  5. I am not massage therapist,i am nurse.Thanks alot Shama for excellant & worth your recommendations.not only are good for marketing,but also are good for have effective communication by client & better way for follow`s better way for evaluation our work& increasing & improving our experiance.i believe you fond of your career.thanks alot.wishes the best.

  6. I just realized this morning how much I enjoy getting your emails. I don’t typically comment on anything but felt the need to this morning. Thank you for your guidance. I hear your voice as I read what you have written and it is always so positive. You are spreading love to all of us across the globe!!

  7. Great tips, and this way creating close connection between client and therapist. Shama always love to read your information. Thank you

  8. Thanks Shama for the tip, seriously you’re great, its marketing but also a very simple way to connect and create a relationship with clients. As an artist, I use one in every presentation, and it’s very nice to read criticism, it’s always a good thing and helps to improve.

  9. Thankyou for all these Great tips and advice Shama!Its awesome to get real advice from a massage therapist who knows what works for marketing! 🙂

    • Hi Melissa, I am glad you got something out of the article! What I describe there was how I got started with my mailing list which by now has expanded to thousands of subscribers. It works!

      • It’s the first time I am looking at this section and interestingly enough it’s just what I needed. November is the time when many of our people escape to the warmer climate of the South of Florida where most remain until April, the following year. So, they simply leave the rest to struggle in bitterly cold weather, often to cope with tons of deep snow (the white stuff as many Canadians call it) and hard and treacherous conditions for several months.

        Your method is so original and easy to implement, I just love it. And I am going to work on it right away. If you have any other good tips up your sleeve, I would welcome it, because now I really need to work hard at my marketing skills to increase my clientele. Many thanks, Sharma.

  10. Interested in studying Thai massage IN Thailand.

    Can anyone in the USA tell me if they market
    Themselves as a Thai masseuse but DONT have their
    Massage therapist license? And how do you
    Get around not having the license?


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