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Thai Rocking Massage

Thai Rocking Massage is a technique that transforms Thai Massage into a more gentle and fluid treatment. The body is kept in constant motion while massage techniques are applied at the same time.

This has several benefits: It is totally painless (compared to more vigorous modalities like traditional Thai Massage, deep tissue or rolfing), it is great for opening up tight joints and increasing range of motion, and it induces an almost hypnotic feeling of relaxation and well being.

Thai Rocking Massage is excellent for clients who are not able to tolerate, or who are not interested in strong stretching work. Rocking techniques can also be used as a gentle lead-in to stronger stretching moves – as a warm-up for stronger work.

Another significant advantage of rocking moves is that they are hard to resist. A stiff client can easily resist a linear stretch by tightening muscles, but the same stretch in rocking format is ‘irresistible’. Since there is constant motion, it is much harder to resist this kind of technique.

Rocking techniques are not only gentle for the client, but they are also easier on the body of the therapist. This makes Thai Rocking Massage a highly therapist-friendly type of bodywork.

The therapist does not have to worry about wearing out thumbs or wrists, and the rocking does not require a lot of strength or effort.

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