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Thai Rocking Massage Introduction

Shama Kern, founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy

Here is a question for you: If there was a way to do Thai Massage with less effort, more grace, more effective therapeutic options, and better client feedback, would you be interested?

Such a system exists. It is an addition or modification of Thai Massage called Thai Rocking Massage. Here are the advantages of this system:

You learn to work in a way that preserves your health and prolongs your career
You will be more effective without using more energy
Your clients will be delighted with your unique techniques
You will get much better results with a wide range of therapeutic options

This video will introduce you to how it’s done and show you when you would apply the rocking techniques in Thai Massage:

These rocking techniques are just one of the many refinements and improvements we have made in our Thai Massage training.

If Thai Massage is new to you, or if you have lots of Thai Massage experience, you will find training that fits your needs and adds to your skills in our online training library.

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