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Thai Massage, Yoga and Flying Therapeutics

Thai Yoga Massage shares quite a few common elements with yoga and acro yoga. This is sometimes called “flying yoga” since the passive partner is being moved  around while “flying” on the feet and hands of the active partner who is lying on the back.

Many practitioners came up with very creative and sometimes amazing adaptations. “Flying yoga” is beautiful to watch and a powerful experience when you receive it.

Recently one of those talented therapists, Lorenzo Becchi, visited us at the studio of Thai Healing Massage Academy. We shot a video of him performing his graceful and mindful “flying massage” system.

Many of his moves are similar to Thai Massage techniques, but they are all done in flying mode with the receiver in the air instead of lying on a mat. 

Lorenzo’s style looks like a combination of Thai Massage and yoga, but done in the air so that the client experiences a feeling of weightlessness. It is similar to Acro yoga, but with Lorenzo’s very special and unique touch. You really need to see it to appreciate it.

If you would like to find out more about Flying Therapeutics, you can visit Lorenzo’s site at

4 thoughts on “Thai Massage, Yoga and Flying Therapeutics”

  1. His techniques is awesome with the touch of Thai healing energy. Wonder how it can transform to new art of bodywork.

    In practical way, how could it be performed if the client is bigger size than the therapist???


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