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Tips And Tricks For Learning Thai Massage Part 3

Percussion techniques for Thai Massage

Chopping versus percussion in Thai Massage

Thai Massage therapists, especially in Thailand, use a technique which they call ‘chopping’. It consists of placing the palms of both hands together and then using the edges of the hands to ‘chop’ on various muscles.

Personally, I found this technique neither very effective nor pleasant, and therefore we developed a different version at Thai Healing Massage Academy.

It’s called ‘Percussion for Thai Massage“. After many years of using it, and after getting lots of client feedback, I know that this technique is effective and that massage clients like it. It looks very easy, but it does require some finesse to make it feel really good.

How to do percussion correctly so that it feels good

If you do it wrong, this technique will feel terrible, like someone is working you over with a jackhammer. If you do it correctly, you can put people into a trance with it.

The secret to effective and pleasant percussion is a loose fist and a relaxed wrist.

In this third video of the Thai Massage ‘Tips And Tricks’ series, you will see how to use percussion for Thai Massage effectively. It is shown in the prone position, but it can be used just as well in the supine or sitting or side position.

If you have not seen the video yet which demonstrates how to make clients comfortable in the prone position, you can watch ‘Thai Massage ‘Tips And Tricks part 1″ where the correct setup is demonstrated.

Constant improvement in Thai Massage

The way how we teach percussion is not found in Thailand. It is an improvement over the ‘chopping’ method. Thai Massage is a healing art, and there is more than one way of doing it.

This system is ever-evolving and can be and is being improved by creative therapists around the world. Some of them add techniques from other massage styles. Some of them create new techniques.

There is no rule that says that Thai Massage is static and nothing can ever be changed. The only rule is that the clients should enjoy it and benefit from it.

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Would you like to learn Thai Massage? Thai Healing Massage Academy can help you with an in-depth online training program that will turn you into a well-rounded, holistic, and highly competent practitioner.

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The author, Shama Kern, has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for over two decades. He is the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy and the creator of 20 Thai Massage online training courses.

8 thoughts on “Tips And Tricks For Learning Thai Massage Part 3”

  1. i like the information which you provide’s such a wonderful things. those who are not living there can easily understand the thai massage through your have use a very easy language which is easily read and understandable.

  2. Thanks Shama for sharing your knowledge with all of us. I´m a yoga teacher and I find very helpful your videos, I learnt a lot watching them. I will add your site to my contacts to be updating to your news.

  3. Thanks for letting me know Beatriz. I’s a good feeling when I find out to whom my work is useful. It’s my labor of love and I love sharing it.

  4. Just watched 2 and 3 of your Tips and Tricks, again wonderful teaching style, great content. Will catch up with others later today. Enjoying the journey.
    thanks Lynney

  5. This percussion video is very helpful. It is wonderful to have a variety of ways of offering Thai massage to clients. The percussion on the back and on the hips looks very inviting. I can imagine that it would help release tension, tightness and congestion and help the energy flow much more smoothly. Thanks for this tip, Shama.


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