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Thai Massage Tips And Tricks Part 2

thai massage tips and tricks - correct side position in Thai Massage

In Thai Massage there are many techniques in the side lying position. After receiving hundreds of Thai Massage sessions here in Thailand, I always noticed that many therapists neglect to implement a few simple adjustments to make their clients comfortable in this position.

The problem is that unless your body is properly supported while lying on the side, there is not enough stability in this position.  It tends to collapse with one leg sliding out. That results in massage clients trying to maintain the position by adjusting their body or stiffening muscles to prevent the sliding. And they should not have to do that.

The solution is very simple. It just requires two support pillows, and you end up with a very comfortable and stable Thai Massage position.

In the first video of this series we covered the ideal position for working in the prone position. If you have not seen it yet, you can find it here.

In this second video of the Thai Massage ‘Tips And Tricks’ series I will show you how to work correctly in the side position.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing little but valuable gems of information. Im looking to get some CEUs for my AMTA membership requirements. I also teach massage and love your voice and inflections. You are very clear and easy to understand along with visuals.

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