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The Thai Massage Solution for Ultimate Shoulder Therapy Expertise

Have you ever experienced any of these situations?

  • You went to a massage therapist for a specific problem, and the therapist just did not have the skills to really help you?
  • You asked a therapist to work on a specific problem, but she did her standard routine with only a little extra pressure on your problem area?
  • Or maybe a client came to you with serious shoulder problems, and you wished that you had the ideal skills to be really effective?
  • You went to massage school but were only taught a very limited number of effective shoulder techniques?
shoulder pain

There is a big difference between a general relaxing massage and a highly specific therapeutic massage. This requires:

  • A much higher skill level
  • A much greater repertoire of techniques

"Hi, I'm Shama Kern, founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy.  Let me share my experience with practicing and teaching therapeutic Thai Massage for  over 20 years. Then decide if this is  right for you."

Shama Kern

What shoulder problems do massage therapists have to deal with?

This could be a long list. Here are just some examples:

  1. 1
    Rotator cuff issues
  2. 2
    Frozen shoulder
  3. 3
    Shoulder arthritis
  4. 4
    Limited range of motion
  5. 5
    Instability and stiffness
  6. 6
    Tendon, cartilage, and nerve injuries
shoulder pain

How common are shoulder problems?

shoulder problems are on the rise
  • Rotator cuff problems affect up to 25% of people over 50 years old, and younger persons to varying degrees.
  • 15-20% of insurance disability payments for musculoskeletal pain is for patients with neck/shoulder problems
  • Up to 10 million people per year visit a doctor for shoulder problems in the US
  • There has been a five-fold increase in serious shoulder injuries among youth baseball and softball players since 2000. 

The Thai Massage Advantage for shoulder problems

Relaxing the shoulder muscles is not enough!

The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body. It is designed for lots of motion. Any effective therapy has to include motion elements, not just relaxation. This is where Thai Massage has unique advantages.

Oil massage uses primarily stroking and compression. Thai Massage uses compression as well, but also many additional elements like stretching, traction, rocking, circling. This makes it ideal for shoulder work.

Thai Massage shoulder compression

Thai Massage shoulder compression

Thai Massage shoulder stretch

Thai Massage shoulder stretch

Thai Massage shoulder traction

Thai Massage shoulder traction

You need confidence that you have the best skills for effective shoulder therapy!

  • Would you like to have such a large repertoire of shoulder techniques that you never have to worry about a lack of skills for shoulder work again?
  • Would you like to be a specialist for excellent and effective shoulder therapy work?
  • Would like to be able to do an entire session of exclusive shoulder work?

Then the
online training course is for you!

Thai Healing Massage Academy's Thai Massage Shoulder Therapy online training course greatly expands your shoulder therapy options with  80 SHOULDER-ONLY TECHNIQUES.
Thai Massage shoulder work

Specialization will reward your massage practice with more inspiration, confidence, better client retention, and more income.

This training course will give you an edge because it is unique and not available anywhere else.

This course is THE most comprehensive Thai Massage shoulder therapy online training course on the market.

The Therapist Advantage

The Thai Massage Shoulder Therapy course is very 'therapist friendly' since it replaces direct pressure techniques (which are often hard on the wrists and thumbs of the therapist) with more flowing motion techniques.

Shoulder therapy is an extremely useful skill since many people develop problems in this area. This course contains the largest selection of shoulder techniques you will ever find. It is the proven result of two decades of specialized shoulder massage therapy work. Here is a promise:

This course WILL make you a
shoulder massage therapy expert.

Here is what our course students have to say:

I really enjoyed watching you flow through a session in Module nine. It's lovely and educational to watch, and I'm sure it does feel like the Ultimate Shoulder massage experience!

There is so much offered in this course, one could offer this shoulder work only and have clients lined up! Who doesn't love a great shoulder massage?!  

Heidi Flint

massage therapist

A great educational experience with the Shoulder Massage course! I am amazed to see how you make learning so easy. I love your simplicity in explaining your techniques. They are so exclusive - very different from many other courses out there! This course is an excellent way to expand your skills to help people with shoulder problems. 

Lucia Byrne

massage therapist

What do I get with the Thai Massage Shoulder Therapy course?

  • 9 video modules with 5 hours of exclusive shoulder therapy training
  • Over 80 shoulder techniques
  • Convenient and professional presentation in your own membership portal
  • Permanent access to course materials
  • Course manual
  • Detailed, clear, and easy to follow instructions
  • Access to our private facebook group
  • Free access to the instructor for questions and support
questions and answers
Are these commonly known massage techniques?

No, many of these techniques are totally unique and you will not find them anywhere else.

How are the techniques demonstrated?

All techniques are demonstrated in the traditional Thai Massage style on fully dressed persons on a floor mat, but many of them can be used in other massage styles on a massage table as well. 

If I already own some of your courses, is there any duplication?

If you own the Complete Thai Massage training course, then about 75 percent of the Thai Massage Shoulder Therapy course will be new to you - and well worth it. Two of the nine modules in this shoulder course are also part of the Complete Thai Massage course.

How do I get access to the course?

You access the course materials from your own private membership portal. The modules are released gradually. You will get access to a new training module every 2 days. Your access does not expire.

Can I get a certificate for this course?


There are two certification options:

  1. 1
    The International Certificate. This is a display certificate which certifies that you have studied the material and are qualified to use it. This certificate is available to students from all countries.*
  2. 2
    The CE Certificate. This only applies to licensed massage therapists from the US who need continuing education credits to keep their license active. You can get 10 CEUs for this course.*

*Qualifying for the certificates is required.

Is there a guarantee for this course?

Of course. We want you to be totally satisfied and enroll on a risk-free basis. You have 14 days to evaluate the course.

If you feel that this is not right for you for any reason, you have a 100 percent unconditional satisfaction guarantee. This means you can get all your money back within 14 days - no questions asked!

satisfaction guarantee

Can I really learn this online?

If you have some experience with massage or yoga teaching, you can definitely learn this material online. However this question is best answered by our students themselves:

You explain the techniques so that they are understood so easily. It’s a great pleasure to watch these videos now.
Compared to reading books or being in a class, I can honestly say I've learned more from your style of teaching.
It's more like having someone in the living room with you in person! It’s a journey that I am really enjoying. I'm so pleased!

Brenda Cockburn

massage therapist

I have to admit that I would never have believed I could receive such a good training online.
I have always been one of those folks who prefer to go to trainings or immersions. Yet here I am, learning, practicing and engaging.
I LOVE the pacing of the course, and the fact that I can go back and look at something again and again, often in a slightly different way. 

Kavita Richardson

physical therapist

  • 1
    Become known as a shoulder therapy specialist with this unique training and 80 shoulder techniques.
  • 2
    Learn in a convenient way, in a professional, instructor-supported environment, with permanent access to the training materials.
  • 3
    Take your skills to a new level  and help your clients more effectively.  Increase client satisfaction, client retention, your professional status, and your income.
Thai Massage shoulder therapy

The most convenient and cost-effective fast track to Thai Massage shoulder expertise

Enroll in Thai Massage Shoulder Therapy on a 100% risk-free basis. It WILL work for you or you get your money back. 

Your investment is a one-time payment of

thai massage shoulder manipulation

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Student Feedback

“ Shama you are amazing! You have such a commitment and compassion for what you do!! I have enjoyed your videos immensely. I am a visual learner so your videos are the perfect way for me to learn. I look forward to continuing with your online courses."

Pamela James
Massage therapist and reflexologist

“ I have been busy with clients and feeling a bit more confident with my new techniques. Definitely have a long way to go, but I have been getting some awesome feedback. Can't wait for the next module! I love the fact that I can go back and watch previous modules whenever I want. The course is worth every penny, and I let everyone know how great it is!"

Laura Paradise
Massage therapist

“ As you know I LOVE anything about massage and I am learning a lot from you. I really appreciate all your courses and your articles as well. You are a wonderful instructor. Thank you so much for how much you give… your time, knowledge, energy, and your love for people and Thailand. All is very much felt. Thanks again"

Lucia Byrne
Massage therapist
Shama Kern, founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy
Shama Kern

Founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy

About the Instructor

The instructor is the founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy and the creator of 20 Thai Massage online training courses.

He has been living in Thailand, the homeland of Thai Massage, for two decades, has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for more than 20 years, and has trained thousands of students in the art of Thai Massage, both in live classes and online.


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