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Thai Massage Online Courses With Certification And CEUs

Learn Thai Massage and earn CEUs

Learn Thai Massage, become certified, and earn CEUs with Thai Healing Massage Academy’s online training courses.

All courses come with lifetime access, satisfaction guarantee, instructor support, interactive student community and your own membership portal.

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Complete Thai Massage

Learn the entire system of authentic Thai Massage from A to Z

All levels
Beginner to advanced
30 CEUs
Complete Thai Massage

Thai Rocking Massage

A unique addition to Thai Massage with many therapeutic uses

Gentle and flowing
Excellent therapeutic application
12 CEUs
Thai Rocking Massage

Thai Massage Back Therapy

The most comprehensive system for back therapy in Thai Massage

Back therapy mastery training
Over 50 effective techniques
22 CEUs
Thai Massage back therapy

Heavenly Head Massage

Truly heavenly massage therapy for upper chest, neck, head, and face

Perfect with any style of massage
Blissful experience for clients
12 CEUs
Heavenly Head Massage

Thai Foot Massage

Training for Thai Foot Massage, Thai Reflexology, and Foot Therapy

Authentic, enjoyable, effective
Stand-alone massage system
10 CEUs
Thai Foot Massage

Thai Massage Hip Therapy

Over six hours of in-depth hip therapy mastery training

Reverse/prevent hip deterioration
Restore hip functionality and ROM
12 CEUs
Thai Massage hip therapy

Thai Massage For Shoulders

Successfully improve many common shoulder problems with Thai Massage

80 specialized techniques
Complete shoulder therapy system
10 CEUs
Thai Massage shoulder therapy

Thai Massage For Sciatica

Comprehensive Thai Massage treatment system for sciatica problems

Theory, anatomy, treatment system
Therapy and self-help exercises
8 CEUs
Thai Massage For Sciatica

Hands Free Thai Massage

The best solution for protecting your career and preventing tired, stressed hands.

Learn to work with many body parts
Have more power with less effort
8 CEUs
Hands Free Thai Massage

Thai Massage Knee Therapy

A highly specialized and unique treatment protocol for knee problems

Not taught anywhere else
Dozens of effective knee techniques
5 CEUs
Thai Massage knee therapy

Thai Healing Massage Academy overview

Thai Healing Massage Academy is an online Thai Massage training school. We have been training students through live and online courses since 2001.

Since 2010 we have focused exclusively on online training to facilitate worldwide access to professional Thai Massage training.

Besides our certification and CEU courses, we also offer many additional training courses for specialized therapeutic application.

If you are not ready yet to enroll in one of our online Thai Massage training courses, we also offer a free introductory video series as an introduction to learning Thai Massage.

Visit Thai Healing Massage Academy’s online training library with 20 Thai Massage courses for all your training needs and all levels of skills.

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