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Should you practice Thai Massage on a floor mat or on a table?

Shama Kern, founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy

Western massage therapists are used to working on a table. In fact, most of them think that this is the only way to do massage work.

In Thailand, the opposite is the case. For most therapists it is totally normal to work on a floor mat. Many therapists would never want to work on a table.

I should know that – I am married to such a therapist. My Thai wife has been practicing Thai Massage for over two decades. She has never worked on a table and doesn’t want to do so either.

Would you be interested in listening to a discussion between myself and my wife about this topic?

We will also show you hands-on demonstrations that explain why doing Thai Massage on a floor mat has advantages over working on a table.

There are cases where doing Thai Massage on a table makes sense, and we discuss those as well.

All our Thai Massage training material is presented on a floor mat. This is not only the traditional way how Thai Massage is done in Thailand, but it allows for better body mechanics, for working with less effort, and for all techniques to be shown without any limitations.

Still, a lot of Thai Massage can be done on a table, and many of our students are doing just that. We will give you the information, and then you can make up your own mind what works best for you.

The fact is that Thai Massage is very versatile. It can be done on a floor mat, on a table, on the beach, in the park, or on a folded blanket in your living room. It’s your choice.

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