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The Secret Of Successful Thai Massage And Your Life

What does Thai Massage have to do with your life?

As it turns out, quite a bit. And why is that so? Here are six good reasons

Thai Massage and the yoga connection

Thai Massage has it’s origins in yoga. Yoga is not just a system that teaches you how to turn yourself into a pretzel or stand on your head. It is a process to reconnect with your higher self, your spiritual nature, your divine essence, or God, or whatever else you might want to call it.

It’s not about religion or arguing about which kind of God we are talking about. Yoga is a process that helps you to raise your consciousness to a higher level.

Thai Massage and yoga therapy

2. Thai Massage is quite similar to yoga therapy. It is not just a system of massage techniques and stretches. It is a way to feel energy, work with energy and re-establish good energy flow which in turn leads to improved health.

Although externally it looks like a series of stretches and pressure points, internally there is a lot more going on. Good therapists know how to use their breath, their intention, and their thoughts in order to produce results that go way beyond a stretched muscle.

Massage therapy and your clean energy

3. Unless a Thai Massage therapist embodies a cleanliness of spirit, peace of mind, loving and healing intentions, their massage therapy will remain at a mostly mechanical level.

Healing is not a merely mechanical process, it is a function of a more developed consciousness which recognizes the nature of energy in life. This energy is what the massage therapist learns to move, channel and improve.

Massage therapy and effective communication

4. Thai Massage therapy and any other massage therapy involves dealing with people, their emotions and their minds. Some therapists say that they are not psychologists, and the mind is not their area of expertise.

While this might be true, you can’t get around the fact that massage therapists need to establish a rapport with their clients. Trust and faith in the ability and intention of the therapist is an important part of the session.

Another fact is that massage often brings emotional issues to the surface. The massage therapist cannot just sweep them under the carpet, but must deal with them in some positive and productive way.

This means that interpersonal skills and effective verbal communication are an essential part of a massage therapist’s tool chest.

Massage therapists and their job descriptions

5. What kind of massage session would you enjoy more:

  • A treatment with a professional but exclusively clinical therapist who does his or her basic job
  • Or a session with a therapist who radiates kindness, empathy, peace, understanding, a sincere desire to help you, who is a good communicator and who is able to give you good advice about taking care of your body and health?

For most of us, the answer is obvious. Some therapists might say at this point that this is not part of their job description.

If you want to become excellent at what you do, maybe you should change your job description and include some skills that set you apart from those who subscribe to a more mechanical model of massage.

Massage therapy beyond the call of duty

6. Many times I have given clients some homework after a massage session. It might have been some yoga exercises, an energy technique, some advice about healthier eating, tips on how to change detrimental thought patterns, a reference to a helpful book or a tip on how to access information about a particular self healing modality like EFT or Qigong.

Did I have to do that? Of course not. Did my clients hugely appreciate it? Most of them certainly did, and they kept coming back to me.

How do I know about all those things? I went the extra mile and took courses, read books, listened to seminars and educated myself as much as I could. It helped me a lot in my own life, and I am able to use this knowledge in my massage therapy practice and in my teaching.

Thai Massage And My Life

By now it should be obvious that Thai Massage therapy or any kind of healing work cannot be separated from your life. For me, Thai Massage is not just something that I do, it is something that I am.

This does not mean that I spend all day long talking and thinking about massage. It does mean that I have become a more conscious, better educated, more empathetic and loving person because of my studies and practice of Thai Massage and other healing arts.

Learning about massage has helped me to learn more about life and energy and love and compassion and the goodness in people. And this has helped me to become a better therapist and teacher.

It has helped me to serve my clients and students better and make this world a little better place, session by session, class by class.

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author's pictureThe author, Shama Kern, is the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy and the creator of 20 Thai Massage home study video training courses. He has practiced and taught Thai Massage for 16 years and has trained over 1000 students.


11 thoughts on “The Secret Of Successful Thai Massage And Your Life”

  1. Hello Shama,

    Thank you very much for the quality of your newsletters and topics you develop. I wish there would be more Thai practitioners like you around here in France.

  2. Thanks for very nice instructions for those who want to practice Thai massage. I also think that unless you are ready to share your energy and love with other people you should not do Thai massage.

  3. Hello Shama,
    very nice and clever words from you!
    “Thai Massage is not just something that I do, it is something that I am” – perfect!


  4. It’s really great to find others along the road that have chosen to make a “practice” out of their livelihood and manage to integrate all the different aspects of work, life, fun and spirituality. Thanks for your contributions – always very inspiring.
    Be Well,

  5. I really enjoy your articles, Shama!!
    Thanks for sharing them with us :))
    I agree, massage is NOT something you do to someone, it is something you do WITH someone. Tuning with your client’s body, breath and mind makes a BIG difference in the quality of a massage.

  6. Thanks a lot Shama. U inspired me to keep doing of what I usually do. Helping d world brighter n people living on d world nicely. 🙂

    …Therapist from Boston

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