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Can Thai Massage Actually Help With Serious Diseases?

thai massage and serious diseases

Do Thai Massage techniques heal conditions?

Our students at Thai Healing Massage Academy often ask which Thai Massage techniques work best for a certain disease or condition.

It is certainly very important to have the right repertoire of techniques for specific conditions and to know how to implement them.

However, there is another factor which is even more important. And that has nothing to do with techniques.

Let me use my own practice as an example. Over the years I have worked with several clients who had severe issues, ranging from Multiple Sclerosis to major postural issues to Parkinsons and others.

Some of them had gone through the medical establishment and had received no help which resulted in an improvement in their condition.

Can Thai Massage help with serious conditions?

sick person

In some cases, they approached me as a last desperate attempt to find help since the medical science had given up on them or had just not worked for them.

So why would they approach a Thai Massage therapist?

The answer is that they did not just approach someone who knows some Thai Massage techniques, but someone who puts his heart and soul along with many skills and healing arts methods into helping people.

In other words, it’s not just about techniques or a particular style. There is a lot more to it.

Why do people heal?

why do people heal?

They don’t just heal because of some fancy tricked-out massage techniques. While those can certainly help, they won’t do it all by themselves. Here are some other and much more important reasons:

People have to have a reason to heal. There has to be something in their life that they can look forward to, something that inspires them to keep going.

This might be a project, a passion, a goal, their family, or a contribution they want to make to the world.

When your therapy will not help the condition

If someone is seriously ill and has nothing to look forward to, they might pretend that they want to heal, but in reality their disease is their way out of a life that does not seem to have any more value for them.

If this is the case, then no matter how great your techniques are, they won’t do anything for this person.

happy woman

How do you find out if your client really wants to heal?

You have to talk to them and find out what makes them tick, what inspires them, and what is their reason for living.

If they don’t have one, you can try to help them develop a reason for living.

Without that, your therapy has little chance of improving the condition.

Recognizing our limitations

There are all kinds of cases ranging from miraculous recoveries to situations where your efforts do not produce any results. There can be several reasons for the latter:

Some conditions just cannot be helped by massage
Your skills might not be sufficient for a particular case
The client might be better served by another healing modality
The client does not resonate with you or vice versa
Your ego or your expectations are getting in the way
The client deep down does not want to be healed

There is a fine balance between wanting to help and being attached to a certain outcome.
The first is a function of the heart, and the second is a function of the ego.

Shooting for the stars while recognizing our limitations is an important attitude to develop. We never know when we will see a miraculous result, and we need to be open to this possibility.

At the same time, we need to be detached and recognize the limitations of a situation not as a negative factor, but as a simple fact.

Adjusting your treatment objective

If your approach isn’t working, you might have to re-evaluate your treatment objective and switch from “fix it mode” to “let me help you to feel better right now”.

Offering caring, loving touch

The end result of a session doesn’t necessarily have to be the improvement of a physical condition. Sometimes the greatest service you can do is offer your caring, loving touch.

The mind and diseases

I have had clients who kept telling me that they had a certain disease. When I asked them what the symptoms were, in some cases, they told me they didn’t have any.

This can happen in such cases like AIDS where antibodies may be present in the blood, but there had never been any symptoms of a disease.

Another example is fibromyalgia which is a collection of symptoms that are often not very clearly defined. In both cases, AIDS and fibromyalgia, the list of symptoms that are attributed to those conditions can change and have been changed over time.

So nobody totally agrees on what it is, what symptoms are part of it, what causes it, and what heals it.

Misdiagnosis and nocebos

To top it off, misdiagnosis in both of these cases has happened frequently. A client might have been diagnosed at some point but has no symptoms.

If such a person is convinced in their mind that they do have such a disease – symptoms or not – then they will most likely develop those symptoms to live up to their image of themselves.

placebos and nocebos

It can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s also called a nocebo.

This is the opposite of a placebo, i.e. you talk yourself into being more sick than you really are, or you talk yourself into being sick even if you are not.

Part of my therapy in such cases has always been to change the self-image of my clients from a dis-eased person to a person who feels healthy, or who identifies with the healing process instead of the disease.

In other words, people can talk or think themselves into being sick and they can talk or think themselves out of it – at least in some cases.

There is plenty of documented proof – like placebo studies – for such cases available.

Thai Massage and serious diseases

But what about diseases with real and often severe symptoms like MS or Parkinson’s or extreme postural issues?

I have personally worked with clients who had all these issues and I have seen those issues improve greatly or even disappear.

Now if you ask me if my Thai Massage techniques fixed the disease, I have to say no – or at least not all by themselves.

So why did they heal? In all of those seemingly miraculous improvements, there were other factors present that were more important than massage techniques. Here is a list of some of them:

  • The clients trusted me completely
  • They were convinced that I would be able to help them
  • The clients had a reason to heal, something to look forward to after the healing process
  • They were ready and willing to do whatever it took to activate the healing
  • They were not just passive clients, but they worked with me by implementing my suggestions regarding their diet, their attitude, their thought patterns, their exercise, and their lifestyle habits
  • They worked with me consistently on a regular basis

Above and beyond standard Thai Massage

excellence in thai massage by moving energy

These clients did not just receive Thai Massage, they went through visualization exercises with me, they followed my instructions on how to use their mind, their breath, and their intentions to stimulate the healing.

For my part, I used my energy, my breathing, my intentions, my communication skills, and all my massage skills to activate and stimulate the healing process in those clients.

There is more than one way to define massage

redefining massage by expanding its definition

Doesn’t all this go beyond standard massage therapy? This depends on how you define massage.

If you define it as a sequence of physical techniques, then yes, my approach went way beyond that.

However, I define Thai Massage or any massage differently. For me, the physical techniques are just one aspect of the therapy.

If the other elements I mentioned above are not present, then even the best massage techniques will not help much in such cases of serious diseases. Why?

Because you are not just dealing with someone’s malfunctioning anatomy like a broken machine.
You are also dealing with a dis-eased mind, a malfunctioning thought pattern, bad lifestyle habits, wrong diet, negative thinking, misinformation, and self-defeating mental programs.

Different kinds of massage therapists

If you just want to help people relax, improve their range of motion, or loosen up tight muscles, then you won’t have to worry much about all those additional elements.

But if you have an interest in working with seriously ill people, then you will need more skills than just massage techniques.

How much can you influence healing?

recovering patient

And finally, you will need an understanding that you are never in control when it comes to healing. Every one of us will die sooner or later, and you cannot change that.

You don’t know what someone’s path or destiny or karma is. You don’t know when someone’s time has come, and that’s why you cannot be attached to the results of your work.

You are never the cause of the healing process, but you can be the activator, the facilitator, and the accelerator of it.

And in some cases, you cannot do more than make it easier for your client to tolerate the disease. That’s a perfectly valid treatment objective, by the way.

How to measure your results as a therapist

Results in therapy sign

Not every massage therapist is able or willing or even interested in working with seriously ill people.

But some are, and I have done so quite a few times myself – and sometimes with excellent success.

How do you measure success in such cases? Success is if you can improve someone’s quality of life.

This does not necessarily mean that the disease disappears.

It can mean that the disease process is slowed down, made more tolerable, improves, or even reverses.

senior massage

It can also mean that you help someone prepare for their inevitable transition by making it less painful and less frightful for them.

You won’t know which one of those it is, and you will need to accept all those scenarios as valid treatment results.

Perspectives on Thai Massage and healing

I am writing this from the perspective of someone who lives in Asia where various healing therapies have been used for many centuries to deal with people’s problems long before there was modern medical science.

If you live in a country where there are strict rules and regulations regarding what you can say, do, or suggest to a client as a massage therapist, then you will have to work within the framework of the laws in your country.

The purpose of this article is to help you see what is possible, not to offer specific treatment methods. It is based on my personal experience only, and not on any scientific research.

What I have done will not work for everyone, and not everybody will be interested in it, but it is my hope that it will be an inspiration for some therapists who want to expand the concept of their work.

This is meant for therapists who see Thai Massage not just as a collection of fancy stretches, but as a body-mind-spirit healing system with truly amazing potential, and as a way to make a substantial difference in the lives of some people who really need it.

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The author, Shama Kern, founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy

The author, Shama Kern, is the founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy. He has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for over two decades, and he is the creator of 20 Thai Massage online training courses.

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12 thoughts on “Can Thai Massage Actually Help With Serious Diseases?”

  1. I have been working in a nursing home and in acute care hospital as a physical therapist for the past 8 months. I am new at this. Sometimes physical therapy is ordered for people who are too sick or weak or in too much pain to actively participate. They say please just leave me alone. I am ready to die. They may very well be ready to die. They won’t really benefit from physical therapy. They often are all alone never having a family member or friend visit. I asked them if they would allow me to give them a gentle massage. They usually say yes. I wonder when was the last time someone lovingly put their hands on them? When was the last time someone hugged them? Their skin is dry and fragile, they don’t always smell very good, and they are connected to all kinds of tubes and wires. They are scared and anxious. I take care to be very gentle. I may not heal them, but I can usually feel them relax under my hands. Often they just smile and let out a long sigh. Sometimes they tell me it feels so good. I learned that you don’t always have to have measurable results when providing massage or physical therapy. Sometimes it’s just enough to give a little tender loving care.

    • Thanks for your contribution Renee. You made a very important point. Most of the time massage therapists think that they are supposed to get certain results which are measurable, that they are supposed to fix something etc. However sometimes the loving human touch is all someone needs and wants. Actually when I get a massage, what I like best is simply to feel good and drift off into that delightful state between wakefulness and sleep.

  2. Hello and yes! =)

    This article speaks directly to the comment I left on the previous post- so does Renee’s comment. Gosh, when I consider the value of your work, Renee, it just brings tears to my eyes…sooooo precious. Thank-you!

  3. Fantastic read Shama! I too believe that people have the capability in their body to heal themselves! They of course use us massage therapists as resources in the healing process. I can’t tell you the countless times that clients tell me how comfortable they are with me. They just need to feel at ease and safe with us. The mind is a powerful thing! Of course not all therapists have the healing touch or care. I believe we are a rare bred. Today’s therapists are about the money. There is no love or peace surrounding these individuals. Its a cookie cutter massage thing. It saddens me as I see so much therapists just killing our profession we love so much! Thankyou for sharing! 🙂

    • Sadly Thai Massage is also often taught in a cookie-cutter fashion, including here in Thailand, as a mechanical sequence of techniques. To be really effective with Thai Massage there needs to be the “magic touch”, the healing intention, the compassion. All this comes from the heart and not just from the application of a sequence. I cannot imagine how therapists would develop these qualities if their main motivator is the money.

  4. I love science and am a bit of a nerd lol and my hope is to help spread understanding of the healing power of loving touch and loving intention.Its so absolutely amazing! I believe more people would be open to receive, as well as give this. The flood of seratonin,the synaptic rewiring, the ease of physical and emotional pain, the soothing power of the caring tone of a voice that can ease spiritual pains of rejection, as well as come against/ replace negative self speaking, etc. I’ve worked with clients who have been sexually abused and to aid in reintegrating an individual back to the safety of their own skin and facilitating breaking down barriers, is simply amazing. What a gift we all have been given, to have the ability to touch, not just a persons arm,or shoulder, but their very hearts and souls.

    • For a science nerd you have quite a profound understanding of the human spirit! 🙂 You obviously did a great job of connecting two areas in life which seem to frequently conflict with each other.


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