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Student Feedback About Our Thai Massage Online Training Courses

I feel fortunate to have viewed Shama Kern’s comprehensive and informative Thai Massage instructional video series. It is well designed, thorough, and inspiring. The classes are flawlessly presented and elegantly executed.

I have the greatest admiration for Shama as a first-class educator with his genuineness, warmth, compassion, and integrity, and  his enthusiasm for providing ongoing Thai massage educational training. Shama Kern is, quite simply, the most remarkable educator I have ever met.

Ariana Vincent


I have incorporated many of the Heavenly Head Massage moves into the endings of my acupressure work, body psychology work, and Thai Massage work. Yes it lends itself to EVERYTHING that I do. Your videos are of HUGE benefit for me. Your efforts are being communicated in a very peaceful, calming and nourishing way. Thank you for all of this!

Janet Sinclair

LMT and counselor

I am a very satisfied student of your Thai Healing Massage Academy. I wish you well with your wonderful teaching - I think I have most of your courses. I really appreciate the wonderful job you do as a teacher using modern technology to share your gifts.

Lynne Grieves

Ayurvedic therapist

I would like to  thank you for your incredible training course. I truly value your knowledge and insight, and I am finding myself using it in my work as an MT every day! My clientele is actually growing, and my existing clients are increasingly satisfied with the Thai Massage that I am incorporating into the sessions.

Not only that, but I feel that you meet an incredible need that I have as a busy working adult by creating the course in such a smart and practical way. I am continuing to learn and grow from it as a therapist, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate it.

Cynthia McCormack

Massage therapist

Thank you so much for the informative, brilliant videos…It’s been really helpful in giving massages to my clients in our yoga sessions. I have taken several online courses but found your videos & explanations the clearest, most thorough and helpful.

Suzan Altay

Yoga instructor

I want to start out by thanking you deeply for sharing your teachings with me. I have added Thai bodywork to my repertoire and am getting more repeat clients and am really resonating with your teachings. I have a yoga studio in Ft. Worth, Texas and have really appreciated being able to offer this healing modality to my students.

Ali Nohinek

Yoga teacher

I am a MS patient who has been working with this disease pattern for 14 years. Shama agreed to treat me daily for 5 weeks. The Thai Massage, the energy work, and the Heavenly Head Massage that Shama performed on me were profoundly healing. In fact I would go so far as to say that the results were miraculous.

Several friends witnessed my progress under Shama’s care and also began to receive his treatments. One elderly woman said that she had been seeing doctors and healers for acute mercury poisoning and fibromyalgia, but she had never gotten as much help from anyone as from Shama.

Helena Heartraven


This was very exciting work. I myself have found relief in my hip that has been in chronic pain for almost 20 years. Learning Thai Massage from Shama has been fun and exciting.

After learning a short routine, one of my Swedish Massage clients came in with chronic pain of the Sciatic nerve which I could not release. However when I used your wonderful lower body work, she experienced 100% relief.

Tracy Jessiman

Massage therapist

Your videos are awesome. Your explaining why you would do one move and not another (i.e. for different body sizes and different flexibility) is brilliant as this has never been explained to me. I love your rocking moves, so much easier on the thumbs.

I also like the way you talk so much about how to smoothly get into positions and exactly why you are in those positions. It has been really enjoyable and I feel like I am progressing with the things that I already should know from previous study, but you have made it all come together by explaining so much. Thank you so much!!

Julie Rogers

Massage therapist

Shama you are amazing! You have such a commitment and compassion for what you do! I have enjoyed your video course immensely. I am a visual learner, so your videos are the perfect way for me to learn. I look forward to continuing with your videos as well as your forum.

Pamela James

LMT, reflexologist

Shama’s therapy courses are very clearly presented and give practitioners lots of tips to expand their repertoire to work with particular problems. A real gem for serious therapists. His customer service is also efficient and second to none.

Spike Warwick

Massage therapist

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s module! I love the fact that I can go back and watch previous modules whenever I want. The course is worth every penny, and I let everyone know how great it is! My clients love what I am doing and it’s only getting better. Thank you!

Laura Paradise

Massage therapist

The first time Shama touched me, I knew immediately that he had a gift that can neither be taught nor acquired. Thirty years of massage from dozens of practitioners, as well as my own diverse training, enables me to say with confidence that his work is unparalleled – in great part because so much of Thai Healing Bodywork is Shama’s ingenious creation.

Simply put, he is the best. Once you experience Shama’s work, you never again feel quite satisfied with anything else.

Peter Stamm

Thai Massage therapist

Participating in a four week, 80 hour course, with Shama has become the most life changing experience I have ever had. Not only was I exposed to the amazing culture and people of Thailand, but I studied with a true master of Thai massage and healing work.

Shama not only taught me the many positions and postures, but also showed me how to become a healer as a bodyworker. This was a challenge that has changed my entire perception of massage. I cannot wait to go back for some more advanced coursework!

Crystal Rios

LMT, yoga teacher

My knee was traumatized. After one treatment from Shama, the pain was greatly reduced and most mobility was restored. After the second treatment the improvement continued. The overall treatment was great!

Jane Phelps


I am so grateful for your courses and the community that you facilitate here. I fully plan to take each of your classes. I'm actually nearly finished with my second pass through the Complete Thai Massage course. Thank you again for sharing your experience and for encouraging such a kind and skilled learning community.

Tabitha Sprigler

Massage therapist

My previous teachers of Thai Massage were great and I’ve got good knowledge from them and some valuable techniques. But you give so much deeper understanding and you also share your precious experience with us! I am so grateful that I have found your school.

Marina Pakhomin

LMT, yoga teacher

Recently, when using many of the techniques you taught me, many of the newer clients I've had the pleasure of working on have stated that I am one of the best massage therapists they have had.

In fact I was called a Thai Master, which I am not, but because my intention has changed, I am working with loving kindness and softness and taking my time to do a slower best job and really focusing on sending energy. It really is shifting and changing my work in a positive way. Thank you Shama. You are an amazing teacher.

Heather Park

Massage therapist

I feel very blessed to have found your courses. They have, and will continue to be an asset to my practice. I am looking forward to taking many more. I can't thank you enough for sharing your gifts and talents.

Trina Shultz

Massage therapist

I love this style of learning. It is a perfect way for me to learn. I can learn at my own pace; go back and review; and practice as many times as needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Nancy Fairbanks

Massage therapist

I would like to thank you for all your efforts you made for these wonderful courses. You cannot imagine how much they helped me to understand the real Thai Massage. But most important for me is that I now have in my hands the power to help people to overcome health problems and make their life easier. Thank you so much Shama!

Vangelis Dimou

Massage therapist