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Standing Balance Exercises For Thai Massage Therapists

In Thailand, people are generally more flexible than in the Western world. They can sit cross-legged, squat on their toes, or sit in ways that would be considered yoga asanas elsewhere.

When Western massage therapists first start practicing Thai Massage, they often have issues with some of the therapist positions, and they lack the flexibility that their Thai counterparts naturally have.

Luckily those issues can generally be easily rectified with a few exercises which are demonstrated in this video series. This edition deals with developing a good balance while working with your feet in a standing position on your clients.

5 thoughts on “Standing Balance Exercises For Thai Massage Therapists”

  1. I go to the gym every day and part of my routine is stretching and I’ve added some of your Balancing exercises to my routine and it has helped a lot in the gym and as a masseuse .


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