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What Are Online Massage Training Advantages?

Online Massage training is part of a general trend towards speed, convenience, and affordability of massage education. Most people assume that online courses are inferior to classroom training since there is no hands on experience or direct feedback. This is not necessarily true.

When is online massage training a good choice?

Someone who has never done any massage before would be best served by attending a live school or class.

However once someone has the basic knowledge of touching, anatomy, working with one’s own body (ergonomics) and other bodies, it becomes quite realistic to add to one’s knowledge in a non classroom environment.

Speaking from my own experience, when I watch a Youtube video about Thai Massage, I can instantly tell if the practitioner is doing a good job, is sensitive or not, has a good working speed or is rushing, is using good body posture or not, etc.

How can I tell? I have been doing Thai Massage for over two decades and I have developed an eye for it.

3 groups of people are good candidates for distance learning

1. Experienced massage therapists
Anyone who has developed such an ‘eye’ through previous training can quite easily learn by watching videos.

However someone who has never studied massage can look at the same video, and it won’t have the same effect, because the framework or the context is just not there. There is nothing to compare it with.

2. People with related skills
A second group of people who will probably do well with online massage training are people who have experience with a related skill. Let’s use Thai Massage as an example. It has its roots in India’s yoga system.

Therefore an experienced yoga student or yoga teacher will be able to relate many yogic concepts to Thai Yoga Massage, as it is often called. After all, the two systems are close relatives.

Other examples would be physical therapists, chiropractors, or personal trainers. They all have experience in touching, observing and moving bodies, and they all have an understanding of anatomy. Therefore learning massage from a video would  be a realistic option for them.

3. Visual people
A third group of persons who can benefit from online massage training are people who are strongly visually oriented. Such people learn best by seeing something done.

The opposite would be people who are primarily kinesthetic. They learn best by feeling rather than seeing and would therefore not be good candidates for a visual training method.

3 ways how we process new information

We all have our preferred way of processing information. The three main ways of learning are by hearing (auditory), by seeing (visual), and by feeling (kinesthetic). This is a major reason why some people respond very well to online massage training and others don’t get much out of it. It just depends how we are wired internally.

For example a strongly visual person would likely get bored by listening to lectures but would love visual learning. I am pointing this out since there is no one correct answer when it comes to online training.

Now we have three factors which influence the effectiveness of a home study video training course:

  1. Do you already have experience with massage?
  2. Do you have experience with related or similar skills?
  3. Do you enjoy visual learning?

If you cannot answer yes to any of these three questions, you are probably not the ideal candidate for an online massage training course.

4 factors influence the usefulness of long distance learning

  1. Money. Live courses are much more expensive than online courses. If you cannot afford the live training, then the online version can be a good option.

  2. Time. If there is no massage school in the area where you live, and you do not have the time to travel to a distant location, then online massage training might be the only option.

  3. Convenience. You might have money and time, but you prefer to stay at home and gradually add to your skills via good online training.

  4. Self motivation. If there is no teacher who tells you what to do, can you motivate yourself to actually follow the long distance training program? Even if the course is great, if you don’t work with it and practice regularly, nothing will happen.

Online Massage training is not for everyone, but it can be an excellent solution for those who fall into the categories explained above.

Once you decide that massage home study is a good option for you, the next step is to find a school that provides good training. Please see the “Related Reading” section below for more information.

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