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Introduction to Thai Massage

Session #7

Welcome back. Here is your seventh free video.

This video is a preview of coming attractions. It tells you what you can expect after viewing the first six videos in this series.

If you enjoyed this introduction to Thai Massage, you will like even better what is coming to you next.

Enjoy the seventh module of your free introductory Thai Massage video series.

Thai Massage For Friends And Family

39 thoughts on “Thai Massage Introduction Module 7”

  1. Shama
    Wow thanks for the free videos. I bought the family and friends massage course and love it. I am a new yoga instructor and look forward to learning more from you in the future.


    • Thanks Keith, I am happy that you like the Friends and Family course. Whenever you are ready to go deeper with Thai Massage, you will find everything you can imagine in our courses, and then some:) We have a lot of yoga instructors among our students. Thai Massage and yoga are a perfect combination.

  2. Greetings Shama!

    I enjoyed the mini series videos. I’d like to ask…I have some ankle range of motion issues from an old injury. Will I still be able to learn and perform Thai Massage effectively?

    • Hi Keisha,
      That’s of course a little difficult to answer without knowing how severe the range of motion issue is. I have several students who had initially complained about ankle problems, but after a while they all got used to it and it all worked out fine.

      Sometimes the ankle adjusts with practice, and sometimes you might have to adjust your positioning in such a way that you don’t stress your ankle. It all depends on the condition of your ankle. Without knowing specifics I cannot give you an accurate answer. However so far in all those years I have never had anyone drop out of the program due to a physical challenge – knock on wood!

      Anyway, there is no risk for you since the Complete Thai Massage course comes with a 30 day guarantee, so you can always try it and see how it goes. I can probably give you useful suggestions on how to work around your ankle issue.

  3. I have greatly enjoyed videos 1-6, and already plan to get the full course, but would like to watch the last free video first. Catch is there does not appear to be a link to video 7 currently showing on this page.

    • Hi Bill, if you have received our free video series, you are already enrolled in our free newsletter, and you will automatically receive all issues. 🙂

  4. Sharma,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful and informative videos. I am looking so forward to my brand new journey into Thai Massage!!!

  5. I am going to take your full Thai massage course as soon as I get back from vacation in May! I love all the videos I’ve seen so far and am so excited to take the complete course!! Thank you so much for providing this fantastic learning option!
    Best regards, Debbie

  6. Hi Shama thank you so much, you have designed absolutely amazing learning platform, I’m definitely going ahead with the courses!
    Please do add me to the mailing list!
    Thank you a million,

  7. Thanks Sir Shama …. Ive really learned a lot from your few modular free video clips… Ive already performing it in my massage techniques practice. How i wish I could afford the complete thai massage training… But I’m looking forward for it… Im now saving up for me to be enroll in your online training module class. How I wish theres more clips for me to watch from free trial…
    I would first like to enroll and know about Thai massage for Sciatica … Coz most of people i encountered have a sciatic problem… But i cant afford yet the $79 cost…

    In God’s providence and will I’ll soon able to have that certificate and online training school….
    More luck and good health to you and your family Sir Shama.


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