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Introduction To Thai Massage

Module 6 – Taking The Next Step

Welcome back. Here is your 6th free video.
The seventh one will arrive in two days.

In this video we address some frequently asked questions about Thai Massage online training. For example:

Can you actually learn Thai Massage from a video?
What’s the best way to learn Thai Massage?
What makes our courses different from other Thai Massage online courses?

If you are new to Thai Massage, this session will show you an excellent way to get started learning it.

And, if  you are a Thai Massage practitioner already, it will show you how to improve your existing skills. We have you covered both ways!

This session will address many questions and it gives you the ‘bigger’ picture.

How To Learn Thai Massage

Learn the inspiring holistic art of Thai Massage online with certification and CEUs

24 thoughts on “Thai Massage Introduction Module 6”

  1. I have enjoyed your videos. Does the complete Thai massage training course contain everything you offer?? ie sacum therappy, hands free massage etc??
    Thank you!

    • Hi Marilyn, all our courses stand on their own. The Complete Thai Massage course is not a compilation of all the other courses. It is a very comprehensive course which includes elements of sacrum therapy, hands free massage etc.

      The other courses are more specialized and cover particular subjects much more in depth. The Complete Thai Massage course contains all the training you need to become an excellent Thai Massage therapist. It’s similar to studying medicine. You can be a general practitioner, or a specialist for a certain part of the body. But you first need the general education to get the big picture.

    • What I like the most of your online course is that I feel like I’m in a relax, friendly class setting! I find myself nodding and smiling as I listen and take notes. There’s that simplicity which is inviting to learn and progress! I’m SO grateful you do not use sophisticated terminology that make you feel lost in the learning process! Another aspect I love is that you emphasize healing vs. just technique!
      Thank you so much for this great program!

      Ivanna, Yoga Instructor and Reiki practitioner

  2. Hi Shama, I am already a Thai Massage Practitioner, but eager to brush up my skills for pregnancy massage as I am also now a Doula. Which course would you recommend for this?

    • Hi Anna, that’s a bit difficult to answer. First I don’t know the extent of your Thai Massage skills and experience.
      Second, there is no one course which focuses specifically on pregnancy massage. However there are many aspects of Thai Massage which work very well for this purpose.

      Without knowing anything about your training and experience, here are some suggestions:

      1. If you want to improve your Thai Massage skills in general, then the Complete Thai Massage course would definitely be the way to go. This is a very large and super comprehensive program which even experienced Thai Massage therapists find very helpful

      2. If you are satisfied with your Thai Massage skills and just want to add some new skills which would be useful for pregnancy work, then you might want to check out the Thai Rocking Massage course and the Heavenly Head Massage course.

      Of course it all depends on the stage of the pregnancy. In the third trimester the side position offers the best way to work. That’s covered in the Complete Thai Massage course.

      You can find all the courses listed on this page:

      If you have more specific questions, feel free to email me at

  3. Hi Shama!
    Thank you so much for the 6 free videos! I really like the way you teach, and the passion you have for Thai Massage is very inspiring.
    I am planning a trip to Chiang Mai soon. I was wondering if you offer live training at your school, and if so, where can I find information about that?

    • Hi James, we don’t offer live training. The reason is that there are already dozens of Thai Massage schools here. We have decided to provide a unique online training service to those who cannot or do not want to travel to Thailand to study Thai Massage.

      That’s why we have created a real online academy with an interactive training environment and high quality training. This allows us to reach everyone on the planet instead of only people who can travel to Thailand. This is a full time job which takes up all my time.

      • I just wanted to say thank you so much Shama for putting such a great course together! I am loving all the great techniques and so are my clients! Here is testimonial from Ryan Chiu “I have been working with Ryan Brown for over 2 years and noticed a great difference in our training sessions together once Ryan started using Thai massage techniques from Shama, thank you!

  4. Hi Shama,
    That was great to see your videos, I am Aruna from India Varma therapist had learned Thai massage as well. Your videos are helpful for my next level of growth in my career. Thank you so much.

  5. hi Shama
    what about me comimg to thailand and have a complete couurse of thai massage
    am already a therapist
    can i know the cost and duration please
    thak you

    • We have two certification programs. One is the “international certificate”, meaning it is a display certificate that anyone can get from any country in the world. The other one is a CE certificate which is only for licensed massage therapists from the US who need CEUs. There is a qualifying process for both of them.


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