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Introduction To Thai Massage

Session 5 – Thai Massage And Yoga

Welcome back. Here is your 5th free video.
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Thai Massage  spinal twist

The health benefits of yoga are well known, and yoga is being widely practiced all over the world nowadays.

In yoga you have to do the exercises yourself while in Thai Massage the yoga is done to you.

Thai Massage combines many benefits of massage and yoga.

Thai Massage is much more than a system for manipulating your muscles and joints. Since it is based on India’s ancient yoga tradition, it will give you many of the benefits of yoga:

Increased range of motion
Better energy flow
Improved flexibility
Restoration of joint movement to a fully functional state

And all this is happening while you are enjoying a wonderfully relaxing massage!
Enjoy the fifth module of your free introductory Thai Massage video course.

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14 thoughts on “Thai Massage Introduction Module 5”

  1. I am enjoying watching these videos.By watching you Shama i know i am doing these techniques correctly. i am looking forward to learning more.

  2. I’m enjoying watching these twice so far, going into practice know. love the cobra stretching I am looking forward to learning more.

  3. Good Morning Mr.Shama Kern,
    Let the Blessings of the Universal Creator be on You and your Health, You are doing a Wonderful Service for Humanity in this Modern Robo-tricks Age, Science and Technology have not yet developed to serve Human when they are in Pain, You are creating a Resource of Kind Humans who will become a Community to Serve Humanity through your Online Massage Therapy Training Course and Quantum Touch Therapy,
    I was in THAILAND during 2nd week of April 2016, I had Full Body Oil Massage at Pattaya for more than 3 Hours, the service was so Perfect, I know little about Massage, I wanted to learn and Practice Some Basic in Massage, so I was searching on-line and came across your wonderful service, Hope I come to Chang Mai in July 2016 to Practice the Basic course directly. May your Service for Humanity and World Grow and Be for Ever.

  4. I liked the way you linked your fingers with the model’s and did a sort of rolling stretch of her hands and wrists. Also, I’ve been instinctively working feet first and head/scalp last over the past year. I’m not sure what clients think of it, they seem happy and no one has complained. As it’s the opposite of what I was taught in school I’ve been a little nervous I might be doing something possibly counterproductively, but of course I still do it because it feels right to me. It was really nice hearing you say you also like to start at the feet and end at the face/scalp area! I feel empowered already!

    • The vast majority of Thai Massage therapists in Thailand start with the feet. However normally they end the sessions with the sitting position. I have changed that since I find that clients can relax much better and absorb the benefits of the session if they can enjoy a relaxing head and face massage at the end. So I think your intuitive conclusion as to the right work flow is spot on! 🙂

  5. thanks again to sent to me the video of Thai massage.
    I really wish to start one of your course but I am thinking which one.
    I like your hands thai massage .


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