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Introduction To Learning Thai Massage

Session 4

Welcome back. Here is your 4th free video.
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Thai Massage spinal twist

In this session, you will see a demonstration of several Thai Massage techniques.

They are not in any particular sequence but are randomly chosen from hundreds of moves as an example.

This session is meant to give you an idea of what Thai Massage is about, not teach you the techniques in depth.

To really learn it takes months and a lot of knowledge that cannot be taught in a few short videos.

Hopefully this introductory video series will help you decide if you want to study the wonderful art of Thai Massage or take your knowledge about it to a higher level.

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In a future video, you will find out more about our online training programs. And in the meantime…

…enjoy the fourth module of your free introductory Thai Massage video course.

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40 thoughts on “Introduction To Learning Thai Massage Module 4”

  1. This is a good design of work,shama. You are elaborate enough and the simplicity and sincerity you use while talking,is a very nice tool to make some of us e.g. me,to be determined to carry on with the work of your hands. Thank you for that and keep it up always in all your endeavors’.

  2. The figure number 8 seems heavy to do to everybody…and I m tiny…do u choose your techniques depending the ..kind of person you have in fron of you?
    This video is great by the way..never saw this techiques!

    • You are correct, Monica. If you are quite small, and you have a large and heavy client, then you would not do the figure 8 technique. All the techniques which I teach throughout all my courses are not fixed sequences but options to choose from, depending on whom you are working on.

  3. I have a practical question.
    how do you do the last stroke whit the shoulder rocking and have your leg blocking the hip without touching male intimate parts?not that you are really touching anything but it s on the way!
    thank you

    • There are two ways to accomplish this. One would be to simply put your leg little lower. However if you are short and the client is tall, this will be difficult to do. The other way of doing it is what I show in a facebook post here:
      Click Here for Facebook Post
      There are even other ways which go a little beyond a short reply.

  4. my favorite is the spinal twist, Monica and you answered my questions, watched 3 time to engrave in my head so when i practice i do it right.

  5. You are selling me more and more as this mini course takes place. I am loving your style your passion and the energy. Thankyou so much. Just wondering upon completion of this course if i do the full course, are we able to run mini workshops in a taste or thai massage and maybe promote your course and become affiliated with you. For every course sold a commission is obtained?

    • Hi Hippie Chick (Yes, I looked at your website!). What you are asking about is an affiliate program. This is something which I have wanted to set up for a while. I don’t have it quite ready yet, but it will be soon. When the affiliate program is functioning, I will send an email out to all our subscribers to let them know that is is available. (And sorry for the late reply – I had missed your message somehow)

  6. Hi Shama, I really appreciate the pain taking effort you took, I like the videos its very nice, very simple language and decencey.

  7. Hi Shama! Love your videos and down-to-earth instruction. I’m looking forward to purchasing courses from you in the near future when finances permit. Thai massage is such a beautiful and serene practice. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  8. Hi Shama, thank you!
    That last rocking of the shoulder with one hand going down the back and back looked great, I shall see if I can hitch my lower leg onto the table to stabilise the client…
    Looking forward to video 5

  9. Wow amazing amazing!!! These videos have certainly broaden the very basic knowledge I had. I look forward to doing the course and introducing it in my personal training program. In my country we have no Thai therapist

  10. I really enjoyed watching you demonstrate your techniques. I’m wondering, does the complete course earn a certificate when completed?

  11. These are great tips! I love the figure 8! I’m so excited to utilize these skills to clients in the future. Thank you!


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