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Introduction To Learning Thai Massage

Session 3

Welcome back. Here is your third free video.
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Thai Massage involves a lot of movement for the client which is done in 4 positions:

The face-up position (supine)
The face-down position (prone)
The side position
The sitting position

This video will show you some examples how this looks like and what can be done in these positions.

Thai Massage is perfect for making your clients feel renewed, refreshed, energized, and balanced.

Once you have learned it well,ย it feels wonderful when youย are able to work some ‘magic’ with these amazing techniques.

And now – enjoy the third module of your free introductory Thai Massage video series.

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58 thoughts on “Introduction To Learning Thai Massage Module 3”

  1. Namaste Shama,

    I am shaan and I am writing to you from India. What you are doing is fantastic. Thank you for the videos. They are so easy to understand. It has helped me tremendously in improving my techniques. I have been practicing a lot and I am enjoying every bit of it.

    Thank you again!

  2. I am a yoga teacher in California, and have been able to use some of the techniques you have shown in my restorative classes. Thank you so much for helping me improve my technique!

    • I am glad that this course helped you in your classes. Actually the majority of my Thai Massage students are yoga practitioners or yoga teachers. It is a perfect blend.

  3. Thank You Shama!
    I am learning much and easy! Your way of teaching is clear and makes it so understandable.
    Michelle from Spain.

  4. Hello Shama,

    I am quite intrigued with the thai massage. Your videos are fantastic, clear and informative. Thank you for sharing your time to demonstrate another alternative to healing. Namaste

  5. Greetings Shama I am so enjoying all your videos. What a generous man you are.I am a level one Thai Yoga practioner. so just startting. Here in USA NY you have to be a license massage therapist to call it massage so i call it Thai yoga or Thai energy release.The few clients that I do have love the sessions I give them.They like how caring i am about it. I really would like to further my studies in this so that is why I am her on your site. Planning on taking the full course soon.Thank you so much for all you do.

  6. Dear Sir.
    I am saima khan and I am from JEDDAH Saudia arabia. What you are doing is fantastic. Thank you for the videos. They are so easy to understand. It has helped me tremendously in improving my techniques. I have been practicing a lot and I am enjoying every bit of it..Sir you are Great..thank u so much..

  7. I was hooked from the first video. I teach Qi Gong and have been searching all my 18 year career of message for technique that follows what I have learned. The connection was looking for that exists between the tissues of the body and the the energetic body is essential and to many massage therapists are afraid of change. I love a full tool box. I have now the most essential and usable tool. Above all else it makes sense! Thanks and keep the videos coming. I will be paying today! Such a great investment.

    • Hi Orazio,
      It sounds like the Complete Thai Massage course will be a perfect match for you. I started practicing Qi Gong long before I even started my massage career and I still practice it today. Both Qigong and yoga have influenced my style of Thai Massage. You will see that the energetic connection is very much incorporated in my training.

  8. I’m. hooked with the Thai massage cant stop watching over and over, just very instructive and very easy to understand each class. thank you very much for the time and enthusiasm that you put in each class. very please

  9. Hi Shama,

    Wow wow it so interesting each level have different positions of Thai. I am basic Thai massage. Sadly I couldn’t get Thai Certificate so I can’t work on Clients because I’m not qualified of Thai Massage ๐Ÿ™

    Thank you so much for teach me how is this work on body and it look so fabulous.

    Would like take course one day…

    Greeting from South Africa.

    Warm regards,
    Michelle – hearing-impaired

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment. I hope that one day you will be able to take the full Thai Massage course and offer it to clients as a service. In the meantime, enjoy all our free videos and articles! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Dear Shama.
    Thank you so much for your wisdom. These videos are helping me improve my technique. I practice Hendrickson Method. Looking forward to the entire core. Namaste.

  11. it is always easy to understand and well taught.
    it start to help me to use your techiques and practing it with my friend.
    I feel a lot of positive power.
    thank you

  12. Im so lucky to know ur website and ur tutorial for thai massage,
    Im certificed yoga therapy, watch ur video improve my knowledge about therapy and healing, i think thai massage and yoga Terapy is similar. Thank you so much Mr. Sharma

  13. Hi. thank you very much for such a wonderful piece of work, very useful and informative. i really enjoyed. God bless you Shama

  14. Hi Shama
    I really thank you for this educative coaching, initially I thought of myself only but now I will continue with the training and get the certificate ,so as to start practicing it with my clients in my Country Nigeria.Thank you very much.

  15. Another clear and informative video, thank you. Shama could one not have a client sitting on a stool for some sitting moves? You could still prop the back against your knee and elbow the traps, no? Just thinking out loud… Best wishes

    • Sure, that’s possible. In fact, when you get a foot massage in Thailand, you can get or request some upper body work at the end of the session (or as an extension), and the therapist will do that while you are sitting on a stool.

  16. Thanks for the third video shama,
    You are you are making the whole Thai massage lesson so interesting and easy to learn the the skills.
    Waiting for the 4th video tomorrow.??

  17. Hi Shama, I can see the possibilities of working with Rotator Cuff or Frozen Shoulder with more positions available, as well as for pelvic issues such as piriformis problems and IT Band issues. Thanks so much!

    • Correct, in our training courses we teach dozens of shoulder techniques and lots of hip and leg techniques. It is all covered, and it definitely can help with all the issues you mentioned.


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