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Introduction To Learning Thai Massage

Session 2

Welcome back. Here is your second free video.
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Thai Healing Massage Academy In Thailand

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This introductory Thai Massage video series and all our online training courses were filmed in our studio in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with Thai models.

Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand, a major cultural center and tourist destination.

It has the biggest concentration of Thai Massage providers and schools in the world and is one of the major healing arts centers in Asia.

Every year thousands of people from all corners of the planet come here to study Thai Massage.

Now all this same training is available to you right in your home with our online training courses.

This second free introductory video is about the benefits of Thai Massage.

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52 thoughts on “Introduction To Learning Thai Massage Module 2”

  1. Thank you Shama, I’m now living in Thailand and following your footsteps, I have married a beautiful Thai lady some three months ago, Saithong his a certified Thai massage instructor and will be opening her own small massage school here on Koh Samui next month, I was going to start my training in early Feb, I wanted to get my basic knowledge to assist Saithong, and then out of Sky you appeared to me, now after my second mini intro I feel that if I was to do the complete course with you, that I can be a very good instructor myself in six months, I have many questions to ask you, if at all possible can we meet on Skype at a set time, if yes you can find me under MrBaja, or by phone at 089 551 8754, thank you very much Coco

    • Hi Coco, I’d be happy to chat with you on skype. My skype name is shama108. The best time for me is in the evening Thailand time, up to 11pm. That’s when I am almost always at home. I am also around during the day quite a lot.

  2. Hi Shama,
    Greetings from a snowy, cold UK!

    Many thanks for your videos. I do like your style of Thai massage. I have often found myself using a version of your rocking technique during the treatments I give. So soothing and so good to treat tight Western hips with!

    Do you recommend Thai massage for Pregnant women? The side lying position seems ideal fro this with proper bolstering/ support.

    I trained in Chiang Mai in 2004 and 2005 and I would dearly love to return………… someday I will, Im sure. Such a beautiful country and wonderful people (such a cliche but so true!)

    Thanks again,


  3. I must say that the Mini video courses are an excellent introduction to what you may expect with the full course, it created excitement and desire for me, after video 3, I knew I wanted more of Shama’s teaching, I decided that I would become a full time student and start applying these new techniques, I just had to contact Shama via Skype and meet this wonderful person, well history is in the making, I’m learning and practicing these techniques on a daily basis, the more I give and receive the Thai Healing Massage, the more Balance I’m becoming, I’m really on my way to reaching the 5 levels needed for Ultimate Wellness, and by the way I now live in Thailand, on Koh Samui, if anyone is planing to visit our beautiful Island, please let me know, we can help you in many of ways, Shama thank you, Andre

    • Thanks Andre, I am always happy to hear that people are getting good value from my courses. I am glad you joined the program. There is lots of good stuff coming, and even more in the works. I am constantly improving, expanding and upgrading my courses, and I welcome you to the growing group of satisfied students who have successfully learned Thai Massage through my courses.

  4. Hi Shama, i’m here in Thailand for the first time and had some fantastic massages during my stay. I’ve just started your freeby course and wll probably do the full one, followed by a visit to Changmai next winter as I plan to come back to this awesome country!
    Cheers, Diana. (PS I’m a bodyworker / EFT therapist/ voice teacher in England )

    • Hi Diana, I am glad to hear that you had some great massages in Thailand. If you do the full course, I hope to see you in our forum and we can share experiences. Anyway, if you make it to Chiang Mai we can meet there!

  5. Hi Shama my name is Danny the Thai training massage mini course have expanded my mind in a very powerful way. think you for the enlightenment the Thai video mini course have given me a deeper insight on the right way to do Thai massage. The course will fit nicely with my teaching on the powers of the 7chakras,

  6. Very useful course. I have to know basic knowledge of thai massage. Because i love to study thai massage when i have a possibility to study i will do my best. Thank you for your kindess

  7. I honestly thought that these videos were going to be a commercial… but I am really very pleasantly surprised at how helpful and informative they are. You do a really nice job at explaining thai massage. I like the comparison to western style massage, as that is what I am trained in.

    Do you feel as though a course in reiki would accompany thai massage well? I do not know a whole lot about working with energy. I understand the chakra’s and the meridians but I do not utilize them in my massage so far.

    • Jessica, I think any type of energy work goes well with massage in general. However it is not necessary in order to be good at Thai Massage.
      Personally I have studied several types of energy work like Quantum Touch and Medical Qigong, and I feel that it has been an advantage for me, and it has definitely helped me in creating my style of Thai Massage.

      I use aspects of energy work in my work, but it is something that happens in my mind. I don’t use actual energy work techniques separate from my Thai Massage. Thai Massage is based on working with energy lines, but this is a lot less esoteric than it sounds.

      Reiki is a pure energy work system, whereas the energy work in Thai Massage is quite different. It means that the actual physical massage work is done by working along certain energy lines in the body. Reiki however has nothing to do with any physical manipulations at all.

      Reiki work does not follow energy lines. It works with a general energy field. Thai Massage however works with specific pathways similar to acupuncture, acupressure, or reflexology.

      Reiki can improve your sensitivity to energy, but it is based on a very different concept than Thai Massage.

  8. Thai training massage mini course for module two have expanded my analogies; is a very powerful way that we can use in are advantage to heal some one in need. Thai massage video mini course have given me a deeper insight on the right way to do Thai massage. the benefit of touch of healing is a wonderful benefit. thank you Shama.

  9. Hello Shama and thank you for the opportunity to view your style and course. 🙂

    Shama I am interested in using Thai massage to correct different degrees of scoliosis in my patients/clients.

    Would your course offer any guidance/instruction along these lines?

    Thank you very much for your time and expertise. 🙂

  10. So far the videos are getting me very excited to enroll in the full training videos. I am a private yoga instructor and I already incorporate a few Thai massage techniques in my sessions and the little I do, my clients LOVE it! I thought I saw something on your website about using the full training course as CE hours. If so, am I able to use them through Yoga Alliance and how many hours is it?

    • Hi Kellie, we have LOTS of yoga teachers who went through our Complete Thai Massage course and are using it as part of their sessions with excellent success. Thai Massage and yoga are a match made in heaven! 🙂
      You can get 30 CE hours via NCBTMB (National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage And Bodywork) for the Complete Thai Massage course. I am not sure what the Yoga Alliance accepts, but I would be interested in finding out.

  11. Enjoying the videos thus far. I am an LMT looking to add something new to my practice. I think this maybe just what I was looking for. Thank you for the free mini course so that I could see what Thai massage really is before spending hard earned income on something I wouldn’t enjoy. I am looking forward to spending more time on this!

    • I am glad you are enjoying the videos. To put your mind at ease: with our training programs your hard earned money is never at risk. All our online training programs come with a no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee. So if for whatever reason it is not working for you, you can get all your money back during the guarantee period. All our courses are risk free investments. 🙂

  12. Just watched introduction video nr 2. Looks promising. Have some questions, but want to finish the introduction series. My questions might be answered there. How many sessions are there in the introduction series ?

  13. I love the videos so far! I already know that I want to take the full Thai course when I am done with hip therapy. thank you so much for making this training available online. Your energy is amazing, its almost like I can feel it right through the video. see you soon, Deborah

  14. What a treat!!!!!! Amazing series and free!!!!! I really would like to congratulate you on this fantastic program you’ve created!!

  15. I find myself stretching as I watch the videos, preparing myself for doing Thai massage. Loved the first video, it taught me what i needed to stretch. Thank you!

  16. Hello Shama, thank you for the two introduction videos I have learned so much I am looking forward to video #3. You have such a wonderful peace to you. I want that! I understand that the peace that you have has been a lifestyle you have been living a long time. I plan on saving every penny I can to be able to enroll in your full Thai Massage Academy. Thanks for you being you.

  17. Hi,

    I really enjoy these videos. The pace is perfect for understanding the information, and the commitment to share everything makes for a good learning experience. Thank you Shama and teachers!

  18. I love that a benefit is balancing energy flow! I’m a reiki practitioner and cannot wait to add these 2 techniques together!


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