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Introduction To Thai Massage

Session 1

Welcome to Thai Healing Massage Academy’s free introductory Thai Massage video series. These videos are meant to introduce you to Thai Massage.

If you want to go ahead and actually learn Thai Massage, we provide many online training courses for all levels of training.

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Here are a few facts you might want to know about us.

About the teacher:

Shama Kern and his wife

Shama Kern is the founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy and has been living in Thailand, the homeland of Thai Massage, for 20 years.

He has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage since 1999.ย His Thai wife is also a Thai Massage teacher and therapist.

About the academy

Thai Healing Massage Academy logo

Thai Healing Massage Academy is one of the top providers of online Thai Massage education.

We specialize in high-quality online training courses for Thai Massage and other related massage styles.

Thai Healing Massage Academy has been located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the foremost center for Thai Massage education in the world, for two decades.

About our training:

This is in a class of its own compared to other online courses. Here’s why:

  • The Thai Healing Massage system is a set of unique massage styles that take Thai Massage to a totally new level.
    It includes proprietary training that is not available anywhere else, like Thai Rocking Massage and many other advanced therapeutic applications.
  • Thai Healing Massage Academy courses are approved by the National Certification Board (NCBTMB) for continuing education credits in the USA.
  • With our online training anyone can receive a high-quality massage education at an affordable cost right in their home, anywhere in the world, and even become certified by Thai Healing Massage Academy.
  • Shama teaches all courses himself, and he provides personal support to all students worldwide via email, skype or forum. Students find this easy access to the teacher a valuable feature which normally does not exist in online Thai Massage programs.

As a subscriber to our videos you also get access to our private facebook Thai Massage group with lots of great interaction and information.

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And now, enjoy the first module of your free Thai Massage introductory video series.

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92 thoughts on “Thai Massage Introduction Module 1”

  1. Thank you so much for your very informative,free video. I had a clue on what thai massage is about and I am very glad that I had the chance to learn more from a pro on thai massage. I am a bit confused whether thai massage and thai yoga massage is the same technique or not and I would be grateful if you could help me with this. Looking forward to receiving the next video.Sunny Greetings from Greece

    • Hello Shama,
      Your free introduction to Thai Massage therapy was taught with such genuine compassion for the person you were working on. Your class was extremely informative and I was able to practice the different techniques you showed in this video. I see your point about using western massage and using thai massage to the impact it puts on the therapist. I always use my thumbs which after about 20 minutes are beginning to get tired but using Thai techniques I am able to finish my hour session without getting tired or my thumbs hurting. Your an awesome teacher I would recommend any class you teach. Thank you
      Renee Malloy

  2. Hi Vaia,

    Thai Massage and Thai Yoga Massage are essentially the same thing. Here in Thailand it is called ‘Thai Massage’, or ‘Nuad Boran’. The term ‘Thai Yoga Massage’ was invented by westerners and is mostly used outside of Thailand in western countries.

    Here in Thailand traditional Thai Massage has never changed much, but many westerners have added and modified techniques. Therefore Thai Massage in western countries can look a little different from what you see in Thailand. But still in essence it is the same thing, just different personal styles of various practitioners and teachers.

    The term ‘Thai Yoga Massage’ is actually a better description of this modality since it does originally come out of the yoga tradition. Quite a few western Thai Massage teachers have a background in yoga as well, and they like to emphasize the connection between the two systems.

    I place importance on this connection in my writings as well. Like many teachers, I have developed my own style, and I call it ‘Thai Healing Massage’. But regardless of the name, it is all the same family of bodywork with some modifications and adaptations.

    Even here in Thailand there are regional differences in the way Thai Massage is practiced. Ultimately you just have to find a teacher whose style resonates with you. There is no one right way to practice Thai Massage. It is a healing art that continues to grow and expand because of many creative and inspired practitioners who develop their own styles.

    • I Live for massage!!! This looks amazing. I have been doing Thai Yoga Massage for 8 yr’s now and I want to learn the rocking technique. Could I go at my own speed ? I have 3 jobs and one of them gets very busy from time to time , I never know when. Thanks

    • Hi Shama.
      Wonderful, thanks for imformative free video. I like the techniques that you have share with us. I just want to say i very like it your video, and i want to say that your homestudy courses are very through and you are very clear teaching style, very easy to understand.

  3. Dear Shama,

    Thanks for your free video.I hope I could meet you in Thailanld once, it would be great pleasure to take a picture with you.

    May god bless you,


  4. Hi, Shama,How did you get your name? You look a western man to me to have a Thai name.
    Anyway, I’m glad you have an online course with a free video to start. In this way, all our questions or doubt in mind can be answere easily. Although I just watch your first video, I find it very interesting and educational. I would like to enrol in your course not to make some extra money ( but if there is opportunity, why not ) mainly for my family circle. My question is, do you have a payment plan while undergoing or learning the course?



    • Hi Arnel, as you can tell I am not a native Thai person, although I am married to a Thai woman and have been living in Thailand for well over a decade. The name ‘Shama’ does not come out of Thailand. If there is such a word in Thai, it is not connected to my name:)
      Yes, there is a split pay option for the Complete Thai Massage course, where you can split the payment into two installments 30 days apart.

      I hope this helps, best wishes,

  5. Ola Shama!! Maravilhoso, delicado, sutil, gostozo e facil para mim assimilar todos os movimentos por conta da fisioterapia e a massoterapia no qual me dedico a 22 anos. Ja estou de prontidao esperando pelo segundo video. Ate la!!

    Obrigada e parabens!

    • Ola Maristela, de hecho no hablo Portugues, pero hablo Espanol. Puedo leer el Potugues, pero ni lo hablo ni lo escribo. Me imagino que entiendes mi Espanol:) Que bien que te gustan mis videos, y gracias por tu comentario. Donde vives tu?

  6. Hi shama,
    I’m glad to see you who are not the thai person , but you represent thai massage very well.
    I’m curious !! Can you speak thai since you have lived in Thailand and married to a beautiful thai woman?
    Good to see you..I’m thai also…

    • Yes I do speak some Thai, not fluently but enough to get by. It’s great to see a Thai person in here!

      I represent Thai Massage very well since I have been in Thailand for 14 years and this has been my profession for all this time. My wife is a Thai Massage therapist also. We actually met in a massage shop in Chiang Mai 10 years ago.

  7. Hi Shama;

    Thanks for your informative free video on explaining the difference between Western and Thai Massage. I have been to Thailand several times(Khon Kaen); Mukdehan, across from Laos and to Bangkok several times. Thai people are beautiful. I am Polynesian (Samoan) and my spouse is American (Norwegian/German). In Hawaii as you might imagine, there are many types of massages. The only massage that helps my husband’s lower back severe pain is THAI MASSAGE. Being a Christian, I embrace christian beliefs and values I find your videos very helpful and that you have a God given gift to bless others. Being a nurse,I am thinking about taking your course in the future to help my husband and others. Once again, thank you.

    • Hi Eita,
      I am glad you like my free course. You are right, Thai Massage can be a powerful healing modality if applied skillfully. Just like your husband, countless people have back issues. I have had many such clients and have had very good results with my style of Thai Massage.

      Actually I have produced a highly in depth and specialized Thai Back Massage therapy course which is totally unique. My main course, Complete Thai Massage, contains lots of back work already, and my Thai Back Massage course takes it even further.

      If you ever decide to join one of our courses, I am looking forward to assisting you in helping your husband get better.

      Best wishes, Shama

  8. Thank you for the free video course! I can tell already that your home study courses are very thorough and you have a very clear teaching style. I will definitely be purchasing your Complete Thai Massage Course in the next year. Looking forward to learning more!

  9. Dear Shama,

    After watching your mini course I realize that I’ve been practicing all of the techniques described in your video through Swedish massage. So glad I found your website, Thank you.

  10. Dear Shama

    You are gifted in what you do, your demostrations kn the bideos are making more anxious on learning more. keep up your goodwork and god bless you to continue helping people around the world gain knowledge from your experience.


  11. Hi Shama

    I own a Thai massage spa in Durban south Africa and I have have the blessings ofor getting thai girls that wer locally situated to work for me
    However over the time they hop around and some have gone back home
    I was forced to learn to perform thai massage myself
    It was challenging at first .I did a lot of online browsing.
    This video is amazing.
    Very impressed.
    Only problem is that people in South Africa don’t believe that a non thai can perform thai massage

    • I know, in some areas people have this misconception which is really strange. Why would a Thai person do a better Thai Massage than a non-Thai? There are lots of excellent western Thai Massage practitioners and teachers.

      Not only that, the fact is that most of the innovation and creative adaptation of Thai Massage in the last 15 years or so has all been done by westerners. Thai Massage in Thailand has remained traditional without any change. However there have been very interesting developments outside of Thailand.

      Personally I have added quite a few elements to my style of Thai Massage which have proven to be very effective and well received. Examples are extensive rocking techniques, yoga principles like breathing, attention to excellent ergonomics, many abdominal techniques which are generally lacking in Thai Massage, more focus on therapist-friendly techniques without overusing the thumbs, and more.

      I have been doing this for 16 years, taught thousands of students, and I still sometimes encounter this incredulous response: “What – YOU do Thai Massage?!” ๐Ÿ™‚

      It seems to me that you have to be a trail blazer in South Africa and help to change this erroneous idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Inspiring and gentle teaching/presentation. Thanks a lot! Do you reside in Chiang Mai or teach there on certain months of the year?

    • Yes, I live in Chiang Mai. However Thai Healing Massage Academy is not a live public massage school. We focus on providing first class online training all over the world. There are plenty of Thai Massage schools in Chiang Mai already. So we help those people all over the world who cannot come to Chiang Mai to study, and we have developed a very successful online teaching method.

  13. Thank you! I “send” you all the energy and positive magnetic fields of Crete Island/Greece where I live to you, as a minimum thanks to what you did and provide, hoping to start your on-line sessions begining 2017 that I plan to. Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge, your love for Thai and truth!

  14. Thank you for sharing the basics of Thai massage. I was a active massage therapist for 8 years. Recently I have decided to continue with massage but would like to offer just Thai massage to my clients.I experienced my first Thai massage while in school and loved it! I am looking forward to continue to learn and signing up for you complete Thai massage course soon. Thank you!

  15. Your teaching and words make so much sense! I’m an English Massage Therapist, practicing locally, and am seeing I have a lot to learn having done western type massage for 20 years. Thank you from Devon in the UK ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I loved the video, I felt like I was there, it was informative and simply put at the same time, can’t wait to learn more

  17. Thank you for the video! I feel like Thai Massage is just the thing for me as I enjoy energy work. This made me feel more confident about purchasing the course!

  18. thanks so much for the video
    thai masssage is relly amazing
    would like to have a complete course in thailand
    can i know more on it please
    thanks a again

  19. The stretching of the hamstring I found to be particularly useful in alleviating lower back pain. My sister complained of lower back pain and I performed tithe hamstring stretch on her. She commented at the end that she felt like she could walk freer and her hips were freer.

  20. Hi, Shama! I didn’t have a clue about Thai Massage was about. But after seeing your video I’m all about Thai Massage! But my question is: since I have zero experience/knowledge as a massage therapist of any kind, can I enroll in The Complete Thai Massage course? If not, what would you recommend? Thank you.

    • Hi Cris, let me ask you a couple of questions. Are you planning to learn Thai Massage to start a career as a Thai Massage therapist, or more as a hobby to help friends and family?

      Do you have any related background like yoga or any healing arts?

      Most of our students are either massage therapists or yoga teachers, or they have some background in the healing arts. This is the ideal situation for an online course. However we do have some students who started the Complete Thai Massage course without any prior massage experience, and they did well with it.

      It is preferable to have some massage or yoga background, but it can and has been done without it. So if you instantly fell in love with Thai Massage, and you feel attracted to my style of teaching and this course, then I don’t see anything wrong with giving it a try. The Complete Thai Massage course has a 30 day guarantee, so if it doesn’t work for you, there is this one month period during which you can decide if this is for you or not.

      Coming back to my previous question – if you would decide to become a professional Thai Massage therapist, then there might be other steps which you might have to take depending on where you live in the world.

  21. Thank you so much for your conscious teaching. I have just been receiving Thai massage, I live in Keaau, Hawaii, I will be moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota, hopefully within 6 months. I will be able to study Thai massage there at Big River Yoga, I am 74 years old and have been through cancer treatment, it has been a solitary journey as I have no family. I have cousins in Minneapolis who will be supportive of me, I have been on a healing journey for a very long time, and the Thai massage has really resonated with me, I believe I have finally found the passion of my life, your videos will help prepare me for the study there. Thank you for your wonderful intuition and consciousness.

    Aloha and Namaste, margee lumphrey

  22. Thank you Mr. Shama for your excellent free video part 1, looking forward to the other modules.You are an excellent instructor! very clear concise video on thai massage techniques! thank you for having this forum for viewers all over the world!

  23. Hi Shama, Glad to acknowledge your lucid style of explaining it. But how effective will be the teaching without the availability of practical applications at doorstep! Best wishes.

    • I am not sure if I understand correctly. Of course there is practical application, how otherwise can you learn and use massage.
      In case you are referring to our online training courses, the practical application is that the students practice on someone – friends, family, colleagues, clients. We have had thousands of students who have done that and are doing it every day. Just instead of the teacher standing in front of you, the teacher is in the video, but the instructions are the same in both cases. I am not sure if this addressed your question…?

  24. Thank you Mr. Shama and thank your wife for this noble effort .. I look forward to taking advantage of the lessons in order to mock this science for the benefit of others.
    I respect you

  25. Iโ€™m currently going to massage school in the USA we are learning Thai as well. This is a nice follow up to our brief lesson. Very basic, big picture and I loved the visual text boxes. Thank you. I look forward to the following lessons.


  26. Hi Shama,
    I was thinking of finding a pro to give me a Thai massage when the confinement ends. But the image – correct or incorrect? – of strong stretches and being walked on was making me hesitate as I have back problems. So I am looking forward to learning from you what Thai massage is really, as I know little about it, and I look forward to it. Thank you in advance!

    • I have never walked on anyone ever, and I neither teach walking on people nor recommend it. Strong stretches can be appropriate for some people, but for many they are not. Thai Massage is supposed to be about being sensitive, intuitive, and working WITH a client, and not just ON a client.

      A Thai Massage pro should be able to make you feel relaxed, invigorated, and like you are walking on clouds after the session. If a therapist makes you feel like you have been run over by a Mack truck, then you haven’t found a real pro. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thai Massage can be done very gently. It is not just about strong stretches. A session is supposed to make your back better, not aggravate it.

  27. Hi shama
    Am very glad that am joining this course it’s something new I learn . you’re a good teacher, it’s so easy to understand your information.
    thank you very much .

  28. Dear shama
    Thank you so much to teach and its very clear ,i am spa therapist and i am very greatfull they way you explaine, honestly i need to study with you and i wish i can meet you in person.
    Thank you

  29. Thank you Shama

    The 1st video was very informative. I had my first ever Thai massage in India back in February and loved it. I especially like the fact you are dressed and no oil is used. I instantly felt the benefits on the aching bits of my body too.

    I am so keen on the benefits of thai massages that I now want to learn this skill for myself.

  30. Waw.. So interesting, thank you so much for the clear and precise understandable explanation of the first module of Thai healing massage.
    I am so much interested in learning more about It and I am also glad to have come across Thai healing massage academy which I am gonna follow each module to gain more knowledge about everything concerning Thai healing massage.
    I am passionately waiting for the next module
    Thank you very much.


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