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Introduction To Thai Massage

Session 1

Welcome to Thai Healing Massage Academy’s free introductory Thai Massage video series. These videos are meant to introduce you to Thai Massage.

If you want to go ahead and actually learn Thai Massage, we provide many online training courses for all levels of training.

These are the sessions which are coming to you in the next few days.

Session 1 – open now
Session 2 – coming soon
Session 3 – coming soon
Session 4 – coming soon
Session 5 – coming soon
Session 6 – coming soon

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Here are a few facts you might want to know about us.

About the teacher:

Shama Kern and his wife

Shama Kern is the founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy and has been living in Thailand, the homeland of Thai Massage, for 20 years.

He has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage since 1999. His Thai wife is also a Thai Massage teacher and therapist.

About the academy

Thai Healing Massage Academy logo

Thai Healing Massage Academy is one of the top providers of online Thai Massage education.

We specialize in high-quality online training courses for Thai Massage and other related massage styles.

Thai Healing Massage Academy has been located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the foremost center for Thai Massage education in the world, for two decades.

About our training:

This is in a class of its own compared to other online courses. Here’s why:

  • The Thai Healing Massage system is a set of unique massage styles that take Thai Massage to a totally new level.
    It includes proprietary training that is not available anywhere else, like Thai Rocking Massage and many other advanced therapeutic applications.
  • Thai Healing Massage Academy courses are approved by the National Certification Board (NCBTMB) for continuing education credits in the USA.
  • With our online training anyone can receive a high-quality massage education at an affordable cost right in their home, anywhere in the world, and even become certified by Thai Healing Massage Academy.
  • Shama teaches all courses himself, and he provides personal support to all students worldwide via email, skype or forum. Students find this easy access to the teacher a valuable feature which normally does not exist in online Thai Massage programs.

As a subscriber to our videos you also get access to our private facebook Thai Massage group with lots of great interaction and information.

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And now, enjoy the first module of your free Thai Massage introductory video series.

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106 thoughts on “Thai Massage Introduction Module 1”

  1. Wow Shama.. really impressive!! I love it!!!
    I am practicing Swedish Massage in my clinic here in Toronto, and it is killing my wrists and shoulders even though I got trained in college on how to balance body momentum in massage therapy. Thai Massage opens a completely brand new door to how and where to utilize different techniques to promote range of motions and break down tension of body.
    Can’t wait to walk through the rest of the module series before I move on to enrollment into actual training!
    Can’t thank you more Shama for your splendid work!

  2. These are wonderful techniques to use. I can’t wait to learn more. they will come in very handy for my own reflexology business.

  3. Thank you so much! You finally educated me on what Thai massage actually is. My previous impression of what I thought it was was SOOOOO off! And I am very enamored already and want to learn more! Looking forward to the next video 🙂


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