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Thai Massage

is part of the Asian family of body work styles which include Thai Massage (Thailand), Shiatsu (Japan), Tui Na (China), and Yoga Therapy (India).

In contrast to western styles of bodywork, the Asian styles are all based on the concept that an effective treatment needs to address more than just the physical body with its bones, muscles, nerves and blood circulation.

Treatments include working on energy pathways which are the support structure for the physical body. This energy is called ‘Lom’ (Thailand), ‘Ki’ (Japan),‘Qi‘ (China), and ‘Prana’ (India).

There is no exact English equivalent for these words, but they can be translated as ‘life energy’. This energy runs in channels which are called ‘Sen’ (Thai Massage), ‘Meridian’ (Chinese Medicine), or ‘Nadi’ (Indian Yoga).

Western Medicine does not recognize this energy, but healing methods which are based on this energy have been successfully used for literally thousands of years in Thailand, China and India up to the present day to treat and, more importantly, prevent diseases.

There are countless success stories, and the effectiveness of these healing methods is beyond doubt for many millions of people.

The Thai Healing Massage family of bodywork

The Thai Healing Massage system includes several compatible therapeutic bodywork styles which refine, improve and enhance traditional Thai Massage. They include

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If the body is not moved, it will deteriorate

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The body has a need for movement which is largely stifled in western society with our sedentary habits.

If muscles are underused or overused they stiffen and shorten, resulting in restricted movement, tightness and pain.

This then results in restricted joint movement, limited spinal flexibility, a lowered immune system, and ultimately disease.

Combined with stressful lifestyles, inadequate breathing and inability to deeply relax, the consequence is a long list of symptoms which plague humanity.

Thai Massage offers a real solution to counteract and reverse those symptoms.

“Shama’s therapy courses are very clearly presented and give practitioners lots of tips to expand their repertoire to work with particular problems. A real gem for serious therapists. His customer service is also friendly, efficient and second to none.”  – Spike Warwick, massage therapist

Thai Healing Massage can produce results in many areas:

The entire body is put through ranges of motions which resemble passive yoga postures
Blockages are opened and energy flows freely again
Flexibility is being restored through stretching
Breathing becomes deeper and relaxed
The body gradually restores its potential range of motion and spinal flexibility
Muscle tone becomes relaxed, painful tension vanishes, and stiffness disappears
A deep and profound feeling of well being is experienced
The body becomes more resistant to injuries and disease, and energy levels increase

How can Thai Healing Massage help you?

This ancient healing system can benefit you in many ways if you

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Want to maintain your body in top condition for sports, dancing,
or  physically demanding work
Have restricted range of motion, muscle pain, or tightness
Overused muscles or joints by running, dancing, exercise, etc.
Have injuries which restrict full and free functioning of your body
Want to restore flexibility, vibrant energy and feeling of well being
Want to improve your ability to relax your body and mind
Want to learn a time tested and effective therapeutic system
Want to use Thai Massage as a lucrative and fulfilling career

If you are interested in learning this system, you can do so through one of our convenient Thai Massage online training courses.

“Your sessions are a true inspiration. Your presence, attunement to client, and emphasis on the power of gentleness are wonderful to experience.” – Kate Peros

How is Thai Healing Massage done?

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A great convenience factor is that it is done fully dressed, and no oil is used. Therefore it doesn’t require total privacy.

Aside from a treatment room it can easily be done in the living room on a mat or folded blanket, in the park or even on the beach.

There is no need for a massage table. In fact, Thai Massage can be done more effectively on a floor mat.

The therapist moves with the recipient in a gentle, flowing way which could be compared to a graceful dance.

The tools of the massage therapist are thumbs, hands, elbows, forearms, knees, and feet. Movements consist of stretching, rocking, pressing, massaging, and holding.

“I feel fortunate to have viewed Shama Kern’s comprehensive and informative Thai Massage instructional video series. The series is well designed, thorough, and inspiring. The classes are flawlessly presented and elegantly executed.”
Ariana Vincent, LMT, MTI, NCTMB, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist & Instructor – Austin, TX –

Applications of Thai Healing Massage

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Thai Healing Massage is much more than just another style of massage. It is a family of related healing arts systems which work together to create a highly beneficial, therapeutic and effective treatment system.

It is especially suited for specific therapeutic work like on shoulders, hips, legs, neck, or back.

This type of body work has been successfully used for hundreds of years in Thailand. It is a time tested solution for many physical problems.

The effectiveness of Thai Massage can be significantly increased by combining it with other members of the Thai Healing Massage system:

  • Heavenly Head Massage is a truly heavenly way to enter deep relaxation. It’s the perfect way to end any session – Thai Massage or any other kind of massage
  • Abdominal Massage works on the internal organs and the energy system of the body. It’s a highly therapeutic and effective addition to Thai Massage, or it can be used as a stand-alone system.
  • Thai Rocking Massage takes Thai Massage to an entirely new level. It greatly expands the therapeutic potential of Thai Massage

Visit Thai Healing Massage Academy’s online training library with 20 Thai Massage courses for all your training needs and all levels of skills.

“I cannot express how excited I am about finding this course, getting started and learning from Shama! Thank you, Shama, for all of your wisdom and willingness to share it with us in this wonderful course.”
Brenda Ross, Yoga instructor and massage therapist