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Thai Rocking Massage As An Upgrade Of Thai Massage

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When you learn Thai Massage, you might find out that most schools or courses teach a style that can be hard on the body of the therapist and intense for the client. Why is that?

Lots of thumb pressure can wear out the thumb joints
Direct linear pressure techniques can be painful
Linear stretches are sometimes too intense for clients

Thai Rocking Massage is a perfect solution for these issues, and it is loved by both therapists and clients for its gentleness and therapeutic effectiveness.

Thai Rocking Massage Demonstration

This system is a modification of Thai Massage and takes it to an entirely new level by adding a new and unique way of applying the traditional pressure and stretching techniques.

Here is how this came about.

After I had been studying the traditional style in Thailand over 20 years ago, I worked on lots of clients and noticed certain patterns and reactions in them.

A better approach for Thai Massage clients

I discovered in my massage career that while most of my clients loved Thai Massage, some of them had a hard time with the direct linear pressure and the type of linear, one-directional stretching that is used in the traditional style.

They included people who are very pain or pressure-sensitive, are very stiff, have conditions that do not permit strong manipulations, and some who just prefer a gentler approach.

This inspired me to develop a system that uses alternative techniques that blend in perfectly with Thai Massage but eliminate potentially painful pressure and stretching moves. The result was Thai Rocking Massage.

How does this system work?

Whereas Thai Massage mostly uses linear pressure on a specific point, Thai  Rocking Massage distributes that pressure over a larger area by using circular or rocking movements.

This makes it more pleasant to experience even for very sensitive persons. Not only does this system make stretches much easier to handle, it also makes them more effective.

A career saver for therapists

Stress on hands and wrists is a major challenge for massage therapists. This is where this system is especially valuable.

It enables the therapist to avoid such stress since all the movements are flowing without any of the direct linear pressure that typically causes problems with your joints.

Differences between traditional Thai Massage and Thai Rocking Massage:

Traditional Thai Massage

  • Uses mostly linear pressure which is applied to specific points
  • The traditional system applies and holds a stretch in a static way
  • Is sometimes perceived as painful or intense
  • Works on and affects mostly one part of the body at a time

Thai Rocking Massage

  • Distributes that pressure over a larger area by using circular or rocking movements
  • Rocking keeps the body in constant motion without ever holding a stretch
  • Uses gentler, pain-free, and flowing techniques
  • The motion techniques affect much more than one specific area

Uses and benefits of Thai Rocking Massage

  • It can be used as an addition or refinement to regular Thai Massage
  • It can be used as a complete stand-alone modality
  • It is ideally suited for specific therapeutic applications
  • It can be used for sensitive clients to modify Thai Massage into a gentler, more flowing system
  • It eliminates stress on the hands, thumbs and wrists of the therapist

How you can learn this system

Thai Healing Massage Academy is offering a 5-hour online training course that teaches you the Thai Rocking Massage techniques step by step – just like in a real classroom.

Like all our courses it is backed by the instructor’s full support and by an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.