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Thai Foot Massage

Authentic Thai Foot Massage is one of the most enjoyable and healthful aspects of visiting Thailand.

It is a true pleasure to enjoy a wonderfully relaxing and beneficial foot massage while watching the world go by from a comfortable recliner chair.

Thai Foot Massage is a unique blend of foot massage and reflexology.

For therapists, this can be a highly useful addition to their repertoire and an entirely new income stream. This enjoyable massage system is very popular in Thailand, but unique in the Western world.

What exactly is Thai Foot Massage?

There are two main styles of Thai Foot Massage.

The first style is part of the whole-body Thai Massage system.

Thai Foot Massage with knuckles

Traditionally Thai Massage sessions start with a foot massage, and then the therapists work their way up the body.

These sessions are generally done on a floor mat, with the client fully dressed, and without application of oil.

Since working without oil largely prevents sliding or stroking movements, the techniques consist primarily of pressure points and various foot manipulations and stretches.

Therapists use their thumbs, forearms, elbows, and even knees and feet to work in the supine, prone, and side position.

The second style is not used as part of a whole-body massage but is mostly focused on the feet only. This is generally done with the client sitting in a comfortable recliner with the feet resting on a stool.

The therapist is sitting on a small stool or chair while working on the feet. Since oil or lotion is used for this type of foot massage, the techniques are mostly stroking moves with thumbs, knuckles, or the entire palm.

This style is the Thai version of foot reflexology.

Thai Foot Massage on the calves

It is not a pure reflexology style, but is blended with general foot massage work and can also include work on other parts of the body.

Generally this type of foot massage also includes working on the calf muscles.

Often neck, shoulder, arm, and hand work is also offered to the clients as a final phase of the foot massage session.

Then the client sits on the stool where the feet had been resting previously and the therapist is standing up.

Although these are two separate systems, they are part of the same family of bodywork.

Most foot massage therapists are also trained in Thai Massage, and there is some overlap between the two systems.

For example, the therapists will often include some foot stretches in the reflexology session.

Here is a chart comparing Thai Foot Massage with Thai Reflexology:

 Thai Foot MassageThai Reflexology
Method of application dry, no oil is usedoil
Setting floor matrecliner chair
Therapist’s tools hands, forearms, elbows, knees, feetthumbs, knuckles, palms
Client’s position pressure points, stretches, manipulationssitting in a recliner
Massage method full one-hour sessionstroking and sliding  moves
Massage style part of a Thai Massage session stand-alone modality
Session length generally about 10 minutes at the beginning of a Thai Massage sessionfull one-hour session

A Flexible System With Many Options

Above are the typical settings that are used in Thailand, however they can be easily modified. For example:

Thai Reflexology can be done with the client lying on a massage table or sitting in a recliner

Thai Foot Massage can be done with the client on a massage table instead of on a floor mat

Both styles are not limited to Thai Massage. They can be blended and used with other massage modalities as well.

Benefits And Enjoyment

In Thailand foot massage is very popular, and for good reasons.

From a health point of view, working on the feet is not only beneficial for the feet, but it affects the entire body.
This is the primary concept of reflexology.

From an enjoyment point of view, foot massage takes top credit. Many of our students are reporting that as soon as they introduced Thai Foot Massage in their practice, clients began requesting full sessions.

How Can You Learn Thai Foot Massage?

In the Western world, foot massage is not as well known or as widely practiced as in Thailand.

It is a wide-open field with a tremendous opportunity to attract clients, expand your practice, and offer a totally unique service.

Thai Healing Massage Academy is the provider of the most comprehensive and in-depth Thai Foot Massage online training course on the market.
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