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What’s your Thai Massage skill level?

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Thai Massage can be done on many levels. Normally it starts out with learning a sequence of techniques – a fairly fixed routine, and then treating clients with this routine. That’s a basic level. It all starts there, and that’s a good foundation.


Many therapists stop there. They follow this same sequence in all their sessions with only a few variations. Kind of like a one-size-fits-all session.

Therapists who limit their skills to a sequence of techniques are missing out on the true art of Thai Massage.

Knowing a full body sequence does not equal knowing Thai Massage well.

While a sequence is necessary when you first learn it and is a good foundation, it really is just the starting point for the true potential of this healing art.

Why you should go beyond Thai Massage sequences

Using only sequences is not a very inspiring way to practice Thai Massage, and it’s not the most effective way either.

However going beyond routines, sequences, and a more mechanical way of working is a more advanced level and has many benefits:

It enables you to stand out as a unique therapist
Your clients will think of you as “this amazing therapist”
It will be easier for you to get or convert clients to Thai Massage
Your clients will have more reasons for falling in love with Thai Massage

Moving up: Advanced Thai Massage training

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There is a higher level where the therapist is able to intuitively and creatively combine hundreds of techniques into a treatment which is perfectly matched to each client’s needs.

At this level practitioners know how to use their bodies in the most effective way while using the least amount of effort.

They know how to modify techniques to adjust them to different sizes and weights of clients. And they are naturally inspired. Why?

Results for therapists with greater Thai Massage skills

better results
They see much better therapeutic results
Their clients greatly appreciative their work
Repeat business and referrals come easily
Both income and reputation increase
They enjoy their work more

The roadmap to a higher level in Thai Massage

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The Advanced Thai Massage Skills course is providing more in depth, more creative, and more profound Thai Massage training.

At this level the training is not about sequences anymore. Instead the focus is on creatively and intuitively combining techniques for specific results and client needs.

Is the Advanced Thai Massage Skills course for you?

  • Would you like to become more creative and inspired in your Thai Massage work?
  • Could you use skills that give you more power with less effort and no strain?
  • Are you a small therapist and need to learn how to be more effective on large clients?
  • Want to know how to best use props and pillows to support your Thai Massage work?
  • Would you like to know how to do therapeutic sessions focused on specific areas?
  • Want to learn to modify one technique into many variations to fit different body types?

With the skills presented in this course, you won’t have to worry about competition anymore, you will easily attract and keep clients, and you will feel supremely confident and inspired about your work.

Please note: This course does not teach basic Thai Massage. To benefit from this material you need to be an experienced Thai Massage practitioner. This is advanced training and is not suitable for beginners.

What’s in the Advanced Thai Massage Skills course?

This course teaches creative concepts, not sequences. There are 10 modules (12 videos) with 5 hours of training. Here is some of the training which is covered:

Learn how to modify techniques to perfectly match your client’s needs
Turn working with forearms and knees into an effective and creative art form
Master unique Thai Massage techniques for traction and spinal twists
Improve your results by using props correctly
Learn the secrets of the ‘power of softness’
Using body contact in Thai Massage for better results

PLEASE NOTE: This course is included as a bonus in our Complete Thai Massage program.
If you own the Complete Thai Massage course or plan on purchasing it, you do not need to buy The Advanced Thai Massage Skills course.

How is Advanced Thai Massage Skills delivered?

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The course is accessed in a membership portal with permanent access. You don’t have to keep up with the course. It is always available to you.

Course modules are released gradually at the rate of one video every two days to prevent overwhelm and to make sure that you have enough practice time.

question_mark_bookshelf2What is this course and what is it not

The purpose of this course is not to add all new techniques to your repertoire (although there will be some), but to bring your Thai Massage skills to a higher, more creative, more specific and more therapeutic level.

This material will take you from the “follow-the-book, what’s-the-next-move” mechanical way of working to the level of a creative, inspired therapist who is a true healing artist.

support icon2Is there any support if I need help?

All our courses include unlimited support by the instructor. All your questions are generally answered within 24 hours. We believe in fully supporting all our students.

Student feedback for our courses

“Thank you so much for the informative, brilliant videos…It’s been really helpful in giving massages to my clients in our yoga sessions. I have taken several online courses but found your videos & explanations the clearest, most thorough and helpful.” Suzan Altay, yoga instructor

“I really enjoyed your massage course. It was quite different from any other courses that I have taken. As for online courses, this was by far the best one that I have ever taken.”  Milt Kreiser, LMT

“I would like to thank you for all your efforts you made for these wonderful courses. You cannot imagine how much they helped me to understand the real Thai Massage. But most important for me is that I now have in my hands the power to help people to overcome health problems and make their life easier. Thank you so much Shama!” Vangelis Dimou, massage therapist

“So much to learn – thank goodness I have your videos to reference back to. What a bonus! I am really enjoying and learning so much from your course. Your videos and explanations are excellent! I am loving the foot reflexology lessons and blending them for ultimate relaxation and stress relief.” Terrylynn Guest, Foot Reflexologist

“This was an amazing course and you are an outstanding teacher. It is very apparent that you put your heart and soul into making these videos and that you really care about the quality of the class and want your students to succeed.” Lea Holmes, massage therapist

Is there a guarantee for this course?

satisfaction guarantee icon

Yes, this course is backed by our 14 day satisfaction guarantee.
If for any reason the course is not right for you, we will refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

We only want satisfied students! You shouldn’t have to pay for something if it’s not working for you. This is a completely risk free purchase.

Benefits and cost

thai massage hip flexor stretch

This course will have a major impact on your Thai Massage skills. It will change your thinking, boost your creativity, and set you apart from average therapists.

Your therapeutic abilities will increase and your clients will notice that your work is different and inspired.

Please keep in mind that you will only benefit from this training if you already are an experienced Thai Massage therapist.

Your investment for Advanced Thai Massage Skills training is $79.

For your protection, this is a risk free purchase. You can check it out for 14 days to see if it is a good fit for you.

You cannot lose – either this training brings your Thai Massage skills to a higher level or you get your money back, no questions asked.

Take Thai Massage To The Next Level
With Advanced Skills

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