This page contains the guidelines for your CE certification test, and the registration form to the test questions (at the bottom of this page).

Please note: The registration on this page is for the CE test questions only. It is different from the registration which you submitted to enroll in the certification program.

Please bookmark this page. You can access your test questions right on this page throughout the entire course duration. If you forget how to access it, there are two places where you can find it:

  1. The access link is provided in the CE certification section of your course manual.
  2. There is a colored box on our certification tutorial page which contains all CE test question access links. You can find the certification tutorial in the drop down menu below the “certification” link in the main navigation menu of our website.

Where are our CEUs valid?

This depends on the laws of the state you live in. States may distinguish between different categories of CEUs, like ‘live’, ‘homestudy’ or ‘online’. They may require a certain number of CEUs from live or hands-on classes, and they may limit the number of CEUs from homestudy/online courses. 

All states have their own laws regarding CEUs. Those laws can change at any time, and it is your responsibility to research what the requirements are in your state.

For your convenience, here is a useful tool which is published by the ABMP (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals). We don’t know how accurate this list is and how often ABMP is updating it, but it is a good starting point for research:

State Map for CEU requirements

NCBTMB requires all CE providers to list the applicable type of CEUs on the certificate. Thai Healing Massage Academy’s certificates list the type of CEUs as “online”.

The certification process 

Thai Healing Massage Academy’s certification process includes two separate steps:

1. Forum posts
2. Test questions

1. Forum posts (progress reports)

For specific information how to do the forum posting, please

  1. Read the certification section in your course manual
  2. Make sure to read our Certification Tutorial and watch the video on that page:

CLICK HERE to access the Certification Tutorial and video

2. Test questions

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $10.- for the CE certification test.

How to answer the test  questions:

The test questions are not general massage questions, but only apply to the material which is covered in one particular session. Every question in this test is clearly answered in the corresponding video session and transcript. If you watch the video or read the transcript, you will find the correct answers easily.

Every set of multiple choice questions has only one correct answer. If you feel that there might be two correct answers, remember that the questions are session specific, meaning they are only related to the content of one particular session. You should choose the answer which is clearly spelled out in the video.

When to answer the test questions:

The best way to work with this test is to answer the questions right away when you watch a particular session for the first time. Then it will just take a few minutes.

If you wait with the test questions and let them accumulate over a few weeks, you might not remember the answers anymore and you will have to re-watch the videos or re-read the transcripts again. This will obviously take more time.

Test expiration:

The test will remain open until the very last question is answered. Then you can click on the “grade” button. In other words, the test will remain open throughout the entire course training period, or up to a maximum of 1 year. After that the test will expire.

Passing the exam:

You need a passing score of 80 percent. If you just watch the videos, or read the transcripts, it should be very easy to get the answers right. However if you do not get a passing score of 80 percent, you can retake the test two more times.


In conclusion, if you do your regular forum posts, and answer the questions for each video module as soon as you watch it the first time, the entire process should be quick and easy. As soon as you complete all the testing requirements, your certificate will be sent to you via email.

I wish you success, inspiration and fun while going through this training. I hope it will be life changing for your career and your income. If you ever need assistance, you can contact me at any time at

Exam access and login

The form at the bottom of this page is your access to the ExamProfessor CE test question software. It is embedded on our site and you can always access it from this page.

PLEASE NOTE: Your user name and password for the CE test has nothing to do with your user name and password for the forum. They are two unrelated registrations. Your forum login credentials will NOT work for examprofessor.

This means you cannot try to log into examprofessor as an ‘existing student’. If you have never used examprofessor, then you have to choose the option to register as a ‘NEW student’. To find the New Student registration, scroll ALL THE WAY down the page.

If you have used examprofessor before for another one of our courses, then you need to use the “existing student” option. Examprofessor will recognize you as long as you use the same email as before.

If you scroll all the way down on this page, you will find the registration form. Here is a screenshot of what you should see. If you don’t see this, you did not scroll down all the way.

Support for the exam software:

Since this is third party software, if you have any issues or questions, you can contact ExamProfessor directly via email: This is the fastest way to get an answer.

Below is the registration form for the CE test questions:
==> If you see a slider bar on the right,  you might have to scroll down to see the “New Student registration” link.
==> If your internet connection is slow, this form might take a few extra seconds to load.

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