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The importance of specialized skills

knee painIf a client came to you with a knee problem, would you feel knowledgeable and confident to work on it?

Do you know plenty of techniques which work really well for knee issues?

Or would you feel unsure how exactly to help such a client?

There are plenty of massage therapists, but there are not many who have specialized, whose knowledge is way above that of a general massage practitioner and who can work effectively and therapeutically on specific areas, like the knee for example.

Good reasons for specialization

We all know who has a higher income: A brain surgeon or a general practitioner?

Obviously the brain surgeon! Why? Because he or she knows something that only very few people know, and which some people desperately need.

The same principle applies to massage therapy as well. Those therapists with highly specialized knowledge have clear advantages:

    • They are more in demand since there are fewer of them
    • They don’t have to worry about competition
    • They can charge higher fees
    • It is easier for them to retain their clients

What can go wrong with the knee?

knee issuesThe knee is an area of the body that only very few therapists know how to treat effectively. Most massage schools do not offer much training on knee therapy, if any at all.

However there are plenty of people with knee problems. It is easy to sustain knee injuries by running, dancing, skating, jumping, soccer, falling, twisting the leg, and even by overdoing yoga poses.

The ligaments of the knee can tear, the tendons can swell up, osteoarthritis can  develop, and even plain everyday wear and tear can ruin a perfectly good set of knees.

So there is no question if there is demand or if there is any use for effective knee massage therapy.

The training solution

knee massage1The question is how to get the right training for effective knee therapy which gives you the skill and confidence to help those clients who really need it.

This is where Thai Healing Massage Academy offers a highly specialized and effective training program:


Thai Massage Knee Therapy
Online Training Course

The “Thai Massage Knee Therapy” course will give you
all the training, skills and confidence you need.


As a 20 year veteran of therapeutic Thai Massage work and as the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy, I have plenty of success stories. Let me tell you one of my own experiences with this Thai Massage Knee Therapy work:

Case study:

I once had a client who ran a successful river rafting company and needed to be very active. But she had a nagging and painful knee issue that had been bothering her for several weeks.


She could not afford this condition in her high energy business, but she had not found anyone who could help her. Then a friend told her about my work.


I worked on her with the exact same techniques which you will learn in this course. After the session she told me that her pain was 90 percent gone. When I talked to her a week later, the pain had not returned.


I have several such success stories from my clients with knee problems. These techniques do work and they are all shown in great detail in this course, with precise explanations in close-up videos.

What will you learn from the Thai Massage Knee Therapy course?

    • An overview of the anatomy of the knee
    • Several causes of knee problems
    • Clear explanations how and why this therapy can help
    • A highly effective repertoire of dozens of knee massage techniques
    • A unique skill set which you will not find anywhere else
    • How to release blockages, pain and trauma in the knee

 What will you receive with this course?

    • 5 downloadable video modules (instant access via download)
    • 2 hours and 30 minutes of training
    • Professional and high quality videos
    • Unlimited access to online support by the instructor
    • Interactive training through our forum and private facebook group

How is this course delivered?

saveYou will receive your first video module instantly via email when you sign up. Then you can download it to your computer.
From then on you receive one video module every two days so that you have time to practice and absorb the material.

What is unique about this course?

    • A highly specialized therapy application of Thai Massage, this is a real gem!
    • This course is unique and is not included in any of our other courses
    • This therapy can be applied within other massage modalities as well
    • Includes dozens of techniques which have proven effective in knee treatment work

The vast majority of the techniques in this course are not taught in any Thai Massage or other massage school. They really are unique.

Normally, if you purchase a massage DVD for home study, there is no support at all. However with our online training you have direct access to  the instructor via our forum and facebook group. So you will always be able to get any questions answered.

How many instructors of online training programs do you know who are personally available to their students every day?

What if I don’t like the course?

BadgeWe only want you to own this course if it is right for you and if it proves useful for your practice.
That’s why we offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. You can watch all the videos for 14 days. If you feel that this course is not right for you, we will refund all your money – no questions asked.

Do I need to know Thai Massage to use the techniques?

These skills are not limited to only Thai Massage. You can use them for other modalities as well. The techniques are shown on a floor mat, but most can be adapted to table work as well.

Our students in their own words:


Shama you are amazing! You have such a commitment and compassion for what you do!! I have enjoyed your videos immensely. I am a visual learner so your videos are the perfect way for me to learn. I look forward to continuing with your videos and forum.”
Pamela James, massage therapist and reflexologist

The first two modules of the Knee Massage therapy course have already helped my clients. Yesterday, a client came in with knee pain, thinking he was doomed with arthritis, and left with no pain. Amazing!” Barrie Robbins, massage therapist

I have been enjoying your videos a lot. I love how you explain your techniques so nicely and in a simple way. It makes it very easy to learn!” Lucia Byrne, registered massage therapist

I own the Knee Therapy course and practiced some moves on a client recently who had twisted her knee at a dance class. She said the pain had completely gone afterwards!”
Spike Warwick, massage therapist

I appreciate the regular contact you give your students, it is an enjoyable way to learn. I feel your presence in every video, email or comment.” 
Lynne Grieves, massage and Ayurvedic therapist

My massage work is shifting because of the things I am learning in your course. I feel renewed and inspired as a therapist – thank you!”  Nina Beal, massage therapist

Your videos are great Shama. I can easily see how you place your hands and hold yourself in each move, and the explanations are fantastic.” Kyle Glassford, yoga teacher & energy worker

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. Your courses are world class and I will treasure all the knowledge you have given me.” Sujatha Menon, yoga teacher, massage therapist, Ayurvedic yoga therapist

I truly love your videos and am using quite a few techniques in my sessions. I’ve seen great improvements and it is so exciting. Thank you for all your assistance and for sharing such wonderful techniques!”  Marci Talbot, massage therapist


What’s the investment in this training?

The course costs less than a one hour massage session, yet it will give you a valuable skill for life.

Maybe the more important focus might be this:

    • How much confidence could you gain for working on potential clients who need really effective knee work?
    • How much can you gain, both financially and in professional status, if you become known as an expert in providing effective knee therapy?
    • How many more people will you be able to help effectively?
    • How much client satisfaction will you generate?

Thai Knee Massage is one of our more popular courses in the “Thai Massage Therapy” series. Now it has been completely re-recorded with plenty of new content, a greatly improved presentation, and with lots of close-ups.

It will give you the ability to specialize in an area which is often totally neglected in massage therapy. It will add to your income, your professional status, and your confidence. It will give you truly unique skills.

Your investment is US $47

It’s a guaranteed investment since you won’t have to pay anything if the course does not deliver exactly as promised.

Sooner or later you will encounter a client who really needs good knee work. If you are prepared with 2.5 hours of (in the words of our students) “world class knee massage training“, your small investment will come back to you with your first knee therapy session, and then many times over.


This course will boost your confidence, improve your skills, add to your income, attract more clients and give you a competitive advantage – all for less than the cost of a 1 hr massage.


You can download and watch your first
video training module in just a few minutes.

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