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Thai Foot Massage

Imagine This…..

Have you ever experienced the pleasure of sitting in a comfortable recliner and receiving a wonderfully relaxing, healthful, invigorating foot massage while you dreamily drift between wake and sleep state? And after the session you feel like you are walking on clouds?

I am fortunate to live in Thailand which is probably the best place in the world to receive excellent foot massage. It is common to  see a row of recliners set up on a sidewalk, at the entrance of the mall, in the middle of a busy market, in massage shops, at temple grounds, along exercise trails, at festivals or exhibitions.

May I Introduce Myself:

My name is Shama Kern. I have had a love affair with Thai-style massage for a long time. Actually I have been practicing it and teaching it for 14 years. I am also the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy.

This is one of the largest institutions dedicated to teaching Thai Massage and its related branches like Thai Foot Massage through high quality online video training courses. Hundreds of students have received a quality education and certification through our training.

foot massage 800pxAre you a reflexologist already?

Thai Foot Massage will add many additional techniques to your repertoire. And more importantly, it will do so while reducing the stress on your hands and thumbs.

Thai Foot Massage uses a unique system of techniques which are not known in the western world. 

This system will help you in many ways:

    • It is much easier on your body
    • It will allow you to get more power with less effort
    • It will preserve your health and prolong your career


foot massage in the city park500pxNot using foot massage yet?

If you do not offer Thai Foot Massage as part of your practice yet, you are missing out on a great opportunity to attract lots of clients with this unique service, grow your business, and create gratitude, healthfulness and well being for many people.

Once your clients experience the Thai Foot Massage system, they will love it. This unique service will be in high demand. Just see what our students have to say later on this page.

However chances are that you don’t have easy access to affordable, quality training in the complete, authentic Thai Foot Massage system.

The good news is that you are only minutes away from being able to learn this amazing system for less than the price of a two hour massage session, without having to leave your home, and through the best quality in-depth video training you have ever seen.

What Exactly Is Thai Foot Massage?

There are two styles of Thai Foot Massage:

    • One style is part of the Thai Massage system. It is done without oil and consists of pressure points, foot manipulations and stretches, and it is generally the opening part of a Thai Massage session.
    • The second style is Thai Reflexology. This is done with oil or lotion and it is a stand-alone massage modality.


In this video training course you will learn BOTH styles.
You actually receive two complete training courses in one package.


 What Will You Be Able To Do With This Training?

    • Give a one hour quality foot massage session
    • Perform many manipulations and stretches for feet and ankles
    • Work therapeutically on people with foot and ankle problems
    • Apply excellent ergonomic practices, work with your body weight and preserve the health of your hands and wrists
    • Master a step-by-step system for complete foot and ankle massage therapy
    • Effectively use your thumbs, knuckles, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet
    • Achieve expert status at Thai Foot Massage and Thai Reflexology

How Will I Receive My Thai Foot Massage Course?

This is an online training course. You will receive all video sessions via email. From there you can download them to your computer or tablet.

The training modules arrive in your inbox every two days so that you have time to practice and don’t get overwhelmed by too much information at once.

This course is not a one time purchase of a big DVD with lots of information which you have to figure out on your own. This is a totally unique training compared to any other massage home study course.

The only Thai Foot Massage video training on the market with all these features:

    • A structured and gradual learning process without information overload
    • Interactive training in our forum and private facebook group
    • Constructive learning environment with personal support and instructor feedback
    • Follow other student's progress in the forum and interact with them in the facebook group
    • Certification program

Our students in their own words:

“Thank you so much for all your help and guidance.  Your courses are world class and I will treasure all the knowledge you have given me.
Sujatha Menon, yoga teacher, massage therapist, Ayurvedic yoga therapist


“I’m so happy to have taken the Thai Foot Massage Course. It is really well done. I love the many techniques, manipulations and stretches you teach in detail. I think the close up shots are excellent to see better the techniques. My clients love my new way to massage their feet and that’s thanks to you!!”  –  Lucia Byrne, massage therapistLine-6

“Great course! Worth every cent and much more. Love your teaching style Shama, I find it easy to slot in with the rhythms of the modules, and the video presentations are great. Especially the close ups in the Thai Foot Massage Course. Will be continuing on in the future, learning as much as I can from your wonderful teaching.” – Lynney Grieves, massage therapistLine-6

“I absolutely loved the Thai Foot Massage course. The last module was my favorite because I practice on a table; my clients are equally excited . They have begun requesting 1 hour foot massages! Thank you Shama! I learned so much from your Thai foot massage video course! Loved it!!”
LyndaLee Smith, massage therapistLine-6

“I was overall impressed with the Foot Massage course. The course was certainly worth the nominal fee you charge, for a reference I can go back to  over and over. I’m looking forward to taking more of your classes in the future.” – Peter Salm, massage therapistLine-6

“My massage work is shifting because of the things I am learning in your course.  I feel renewed and inspired as a therapist – thank you!”
Nina Beal, massage therapist


I have found the Thai Foot Massage course excellent. I learned how to work without stressing my hands and thumbs. This is very valuable to me because I have carpal tunnel  syndrome  in both hands.The new to me moves are luxurious to clients.
Mona Frisbee, foot reflexologist


What Is Included in This online Training?

    • 10 high definition video modules
    • 5 hours of in-depth video training with lots of close-ups
    • Detailed, step by step, easy to follow instructions, just like in a classroom
    • 15 page course manual
    • Free advertising of your massage business and services on our forum
    • Certification program (all countries) and NCBTMB CE credits* (US therapists) * separate fee for online testing required


 What If I Need Help With The Training Material?

This is one of the advantages which make Thai Healing Massage Academy’s online training courses unique. By investing in this training you receive unlimited support by the instructor via email, forum support, skype, or our private facebook group. You are never on your own.

If you visit our forum, you can see that there is lively interaction between the students and myself happening. How many instructors of online training courses do you know who are personally available to their students every day?


Do You Offer A Guarantee For This Course?

We stand 100% behind our products. Invest with confidence with our Learn Massage Or Don’t Pay satisfaction guarantee.
You can try this course out for 14 days. If you decide for any reason that it is not for you, just send an email to, and you will get a prompt, courteous refund of every penny you paid, no questions asked.


Why Invest In The Thai Foot Massage Video Course?

    • Offer a unique service which is in high demand
    • Expand your practice and attract new clients
    • Become a certified Thai Foot Massage therapist
    • Obtain CE credits (US therapists)
    • Generate a new lucrative income stream
    • Offer your clients a highly beneficial and very enjoyable experience

The course includes 2 complete training systems:

    • Thai Foot Massage
    • Thai Foot Reflexology

This training will easily pay for itself may times over for years to come with more income, more clients, increased satisfaction and better skills.

Your purchase is risk free with our LEARN MASSAGE OR DON’T PAY guarantee.

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