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Did this ever happen to you?

You went to get a massage session for a very specific problem, and it was painfully evident that the therapist just did not have sufficient skills or techniques to really help you.

Maybe you yourself have been in a situation where you had a client with a real issue and you wished you had the exact skills needed to really help that person.


There is a big difference between a general relaxing massage and a highly specific therapeutic massage. Those require a much higher skill level and a much greater repertoire of techniques.


shoulder massageThe solution – better skills

The Ultimate Shoulder Massage
course is your best tool to make
sure that you will never have to
worry about a lack of skills for
shoulder work again – guaranteed!


Is this basically Thai Massage?

It is a very advanced form of Thai Massage which goes way beyond standard Thai Massage training.

Traditional Thai Massage focuses much more on the legs than on the rest of the body. A typical session in Thailand consists of at least 70 percent of the time spent on the legs.

As a result Thai Massage has many great techniques from the hip on down, and much fewer techniques from the hip on up, and shoulder techniques are clearly lacking.

In contrast, during my 15 years as a massage therapist, specializing in specific therapeutic work, I have always had more demand for upper body work than leg work. My most frequent requests are back, shoulder and neck work.

Ultimate Shoulder Massage grew out of my 15 years of active massage therapy. This course is very unique. It is Thai Massage, but highly refined and much more sophisticated than you can learn in any Thai Massage school.

This unique approach to therapy  has proven to be very effective. It is based on motion techniques like rotating, rocking, stretching, and circling, and it uses not just hands, but forearms, elbows, knees and feet.

This system is very “therapist friendly” since it replaces direct pressure techniques (which are often hard on the wrists and thumbs of the therapist) with more flowing motion techniques.

Shoulder therapy is an extremely useful skill since many people develop problems in this area. The Ultimate Shoulder Massage course contains the largest selection of shoulder techniques you will ever find. It is the result of over a decade of specialized shoulder massage therapy work. Here is a promise:

This course WILL make you a
shoulder massage therapy expert.

Here’s what our students have to say about our training programs:

“Shama you are amazing! You have such a commitment and compassion for what you do!! I have enjoyed your videos immensely. I am a visual learner so your videos are the perfect way for me to learn. I look forward to continuing with your videos as well as your forum.”
Pamela James, massage therapist and reflexologist

“Shama’s therapy courses are very clearly presented and give practitioners lots of tips to expand their repertoire to work with particular problems. A real gem for serious therapists.  His customer service is also friendly, efficient and second to none.”
Spike Warwick, massage therapist

“Your videos are awesome.  I love your rocking moves, so much easier on the thumbs.  I also like the way you talk so much about how to smoothly get into positions and exactly why you are in those positions.  It has been really enjoyable, and  you have made it all come together by explaining so much. Thank you so much!!”
Julie Rogers, massage therapist

“Shama, I Loved, Loved, Loved your course. Enjoyed every minute!! I was always so excited to receive my next module. All your courses are so awesome, very easy to learn from and very valuable to me.

I am learning so much from you and my clients are loving your techniques as well. You explain everything in such detail that even the most difficult technique becomes easy to learn. You are an excellent instructor.

I highly recommend all your courses to anyone who wants to become a better massage therapist. Thank you so much for all the time and passion you put into your courses.”
Lucia Byrne, RMT

“The course far exceeded my expectations in every way. Fantastic value for money, brilliant teaching, very good quality videos that are easy to access and second to none service in terms of tutor interaction.

You get so much more than you think you are paying for. I really think Shama’s work has revolutionized distance learning and proved that it can be a very effective way of learning when combined with such personal attention and care.”
Sujatha Menon, yoga teacher, massage therapist, Ayurvedic yoga therapist

.What do I receive with the Ultimate Shoulder Massage video course?

    • 5 hours of exclusive shoulder therapy training
    • Nine downloadable video modules
    • Extensive course manual
    • Over 80 shoulder techniques
    • Techniques for supine, prone and side positions
    • Detailed, clear, easy to follow video instructions
    • Access to our interactive massage forum
    • Free advertising of your healing arts events or classes


full supportWhat happens if I need help? Is there any support?
You receive personal support by the instructor via email, forum or skype. We also have the best customer service you have ever seen – we take care of our students.

BadgeIs there a guarantee for your course?

We stand behind our products 100 percent. You have a 14 day
 “Learn Massage Or Dont’ Pay” satisfaction guarantee.
We want this to be a risk free purchase for you.

Are these commonly known massage techniques?

No, many of these technique are totally unique and you will not find them anywhere else.

What style of massage is this?
All techniques are demonstrated in the Asian style on a floor mat, but many of them can be done on a massage table as well. You can either work on fully dressed clients without oil as in Thai Massage, or you can use the techniques in other massage styles.

If I already own some of your courses, will there be any duplication?
If you own the Complete Thai Massage training course, then about 70 percent of the Ultimate Shoulder Massage course will be new to you. Two of the nine modules in the Shoulder course are also part of the Complete Thai Massage course.

saveHow do I receive the course?
The training program consists of one course manual and 9 video modules, each about 30 minutes long. You receive one video module every two days to give you some time to practice without being overwhelmed by 80 techniques all at once. The modules are delivered by email. From there you can download them right to your computer.

Do you offer a certificate for the course?
Yes, you can enroll in Thai Healing Massage Academy’s certification program. There are two kinds of certificates:

  • A Certificate of Completion for our international students
  • US therapists can earn 10 CE hours (NCBTMB) for this course

The details of the certification program are explained in the course manual.

How much is your career worth?

Specialization will reward you greatly in your massage practice with better client retention, more income, and professional status.

This training will give you an edge because it is unique and not available anywhere else. It will easily pay for itself in one or two sessions.

This course is by far the most comprehensive Thai shoulder massage video training course on the market. You are investing in the best.


You don’t have to worry if you are making the right decision. We want to make it easy for you by eliminating all risk with our 14 day LEARN MASSAGE OR DON’T PAY satisfaction guarantee.

Either this course helps advance your massage career or it costs you nothing.
That’s how strongly we believe that our training courses will take your skills to a new level, give you a real edge, increase your client retention and your income.

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