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The Story Behind A Unique Thai Yoga Massage Course

Thai Massage class in Thailand
Thai Massage class in Thailand with Shama Kern

Some years ago I was invited to teach a Thai Massage weekend course to a group of students who had just graduated from a 3 month yoga teacher training.

The location was on a beautiful tropical island in southern Thailand.

Since it takes a lot more than one weekend to learn the complete system of Thai Massage, I was wondering what might be the most useful learning experience for this group of yoga teachers. 

Then I had the insight that teaching a course about maintaining and improving spinal flexibility would be a perfect fit for yoga teachers and of great value to them.

This turned out to be true – the spinal training was a big success with this group since they could apply it so easily to their yoga classes.

Later on this course became the inspiration for making this unique material widely available as an online training course:

7 Ways to Move The Spine With Thai Massage

Thai Massage back stretch

Thai Massage has a large variety of spinal techniques. It is called Thai Yoga Massage or Applied Yoga for good reasons.

Thai Massage and yoga are an excellent combination. Many students of Thai Healing Massage Academy have improved both their Thai Massage and their yoga teaching with this training.

What will you learn in 7 WAYS TO MOVE THE SPINE?

A complete spinal movement workout
Forward/back/side bending stretches, spinal twists and traction
Advanced techniques to restore spinal flexibility and postural alignment

7 WAYS TO MOVE THE SPINE is different from a massage system with the receiver lying down and relaxing or drifting off.

Instead it is a spinal therapy system, designed to correct imbalances in the spine which result from harmful lifestyle habits or from injuries.

When is this course right for you?

This course is ideal for yoga practitioners and teachers, or for experienced Thai Massage therapists who are in good shape with a decent degree of flexibility.

This course is not designed for new massage therapists or therapists with no Thai Massage or yoga experience. 

Some of the techniques are quite advanced and require good balance and flexibility from the practitioner.

PLEASE NOTE: The techniques in this course are also included in our Thai Massage Back Therapy course.
If you own our Thai Massage Back Therapy course (or plan to buy it), you already have access to the 7 Ways To Move The Spine With Thai Massage course.

What is included in this course?

thai massage side bend stretch

You will receive two video training modules with a total run time of about 1 hour, personalized teacher support, and access to our facebook group.

Please keep in mind that this is advanced specialized training and is primarily designed for experienced Thai Massage therapists or yoga teachers.

If you are new to massage, or do not have a yoga background, then you should start out with our Complete Thai Massage online training.

Teacher credentials: Shama Kern

Image of the author, Shama Kern
  • Founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy (established 2001)
  • He has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for 20 years
  • Creator of 20 Thai Massage online training courses
  • NCBTMB approved continuing education provider
  • He has trained 1000s of students in the art of Thai Massage
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How do I receive this course?

You access this course from your own membership portal. You receive instant access to the entire course as soon as you purchase.

excellent support by the massage instructor

What if I need support or have questions?

You can interact directly with the instructor via our forum, skype or email, and you will get prompt assistance within 24 hours or less.

Our 7 Ways To Move The Spine course comes with a satisfaction guarantee

This is a risk free investment. We guarantee your satisfaction.
You can watch the videos for 14 days.

If you are not convinced that you received excellent value for your money, just let us know and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

These unique skills are the gold standard for spinal therapy in Thai Massage.

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