Refund Policy And Subscription Cancellation

Please note: You can read the detailed version in legal language below. If you want to read the simplified version in plain English, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Please review these policies carefully since they are the terms of sale that govern your purchases from Thai Healing Massage Academy. They set out your rights and obligations with respect to your purchases, including important limitations and exclusions. This refund policy is subject to change or modification at any time without prior notice. 

Your placement of an order at Thai Healing Massage Academy constitutes your agreement that these policies apply to the order, so be certain you understand them before you place your order.

For the purposes of this document, ‘we’, ‘our’, and ‘us’ refers to Thai Healing Massage Academy which is selling and marketing massage online training courses through the following websites: and

All Thai Healing Massage Academy courses are covered by a satisfaction guarantee. This means that the buyer has a certain number of days (depending on the course) to review the course and decide if it is suitable for his or her purposes.

Thai Healing Massage Academy will honor refund requests without requiring explanations or reasons for the refund request. We may, however, ask for voluntary information about the reasons for the refund so that we can improve our services and products.

How do we process refund requests? As soon as we receive an email from the buyer requesting a refund, we will refund 100% of the payment to the account from where the funds came from originally. In most cases we will process refunds within 2 business days.

All our purchase transactions are currently processed by Paypal or Stripe. Refunds are processed through the same payment processor where they originated. We will not process refund requests in any other way, like cash, or sending checks or money orders.

Please note that there may be limitations to your right to obtain a refund for products.

Limitations of refund requests

There are certain limitations on refund requests. Our unconditional satisfaction guarantee covers only the first course which the buyer purchased. We may honor refund requests for more than one course at our discretion, however we are not obligated to do so.

The following types of refund requests are not covered by our satisfaction guarantee and will NOT be honored:

1. Multiple Refunds:  If a buyer purchases several courses (two or more) over any time frame, we will allow for the refund of one course only. We do not allow multiple refunds. We will only honor the refund request of the first course purchased, but not for any subsequent courses purchased.

Our websites,, as well as our youtube channel,, offer many examples of our teaching method and the content of our courses.

We also offer a free introductory Thai Massage video course. Therefore it is easy for the buyer to make an informed decision about purchasing our courses. We also provide excellent customer service and are always available for pre-purchase questions.

2. Multiple refunds from related purchases: If one or a combination of the following scenarios apply, namely if several of our courses are purchased under similar names, and/or from identical or similar email addresses and/or from similar locations, and/or from the same IP address, and/or from family members or friends, and we receive refund requests for more than one course, we may assume at our sole discretion that the buyers purchased the courses with the intention of refunding them or obtaining a part or all of the content for free.

In such cases we will honor the refund request for the first purchase, but we will not honor the refund requests for any subsequent courses.

3. Accelerated delivery requests: If buyer purchases one of our multi-module online courses which are delivered gradually over a period of time (Complete Thai Massage, Thai Rocking Massage, Heavenly Head Massage, Ultimate Shoulder Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Thai Back Massage, Thai Massage For Sciatica, etc.), and requests to obtain several or all of the course modules at once, we may honor this request.

However since the buyer will in this way come into the possession of most of the course or the entire course before the guarantee period has expired, this type of request by the buyer, if granted by us, will void the refund guarantee. If buyer requests accelerated or immediate delivery of a part of the course or of the entire course at once, and then requests a refund, we will not refund the payment.

4. Frivolous or suspicious multiple refund requests: If buyer purchases multiple courses either by him/herself or in combination with one or several other persons, and then the buyer or several or all of the related parties request refunds based on unreasonable or frivolous or otherwise suspicious demands, we may, based on our sole discretion, not honor such refund requests.

In such cases, we will only refund the first course purchased by the buyer or by one of the related buyers, but not all the other courses.

5. Installment payment failure: If buyer purchases one of our courses via an installment plan, and the second or any subsequent payment cannot be collected, the course delivery will immediately be terminated and the buyer is not entitled to any more course material until the installment payment is received by Thai Healing Massage Academy.

If buyer has previously defaulted on an installment payment, and then purchases another course, and wants to refund it, we will not honor this refund request. Payment defaults (unless they are rectified by the buyer) render all refund guarantees for all our courses void for this particular buyer, since he or she has demonstrated that they are not willing to follow through on their financial obligations to us.

In plain English, if you buy a course from us, and you don’t pay us, we don’t trust you anymore, and you can’t buy more courses and refund them.

6. Refund requests after the guarantee period: The buyer is only entitled to a refund within the stated guarantee period. Refund requests after the guarantee period has expired will not be honored. The length of the guarantee period is stated on the respective sales pages of all our products.

7. Refund requests for discounted packages: At our discretion we may offer a buyer several courses combined into one package at a discounted price. As an example, a buyer wants to purchase 3 of our courses. The full retail value of these courses is $650. We discount the 3-course package to $550.

If the buyer subsequently requests a refund for the entire package, we will not issue a refund for the package. We will only issue a prorated refund (based on the discounted price of the product) for one of the courses which are included in the package. We will determine which course we will refund based on which course the buyer received access to first. 

Another example is if someone buys several courses at once and is offered a free course in addition to the paid course(s). Once the buyer owns the entire package with the paid and free courses, we will not issue any refund for any course in this collection of courses.

8. Subscription cancellations: If a buyer enrolls in a course which has an installment plan, and cancels the second or any subsequent payments, buyer will lose access to the membership site and the course materials.

If buyer cancels the subscription before the refund guarantee period expires, buyer can request a refund for the first installment. However buyer must make the refund request in writing via our support email or help desk. Just cancelling the subscription does not constitute a refund request.

In other words, if you don’t want to make the second payment, and you want a refund, it is not enough to send us the subscription cancellation notice. You have to tell us that you want a refund. We will issue the refund as long as the refund period has not expired yet.

If buyer cancels the subscription after the refund guarantee period has expired (this can happen after the second payment failed), buyer is not entitled to a refund and will lose access to the membership portal.

In the case of subscription cancellations, buyer has the option to download the course materials which have become available up to that point before cancelling. This is buyer’s only option before losing access to the membership portal.

The plain English version: Now you have heard the legal speak. For those of you who would rather have it stated in plain English, here it is: We at Thai Healing Massage Academy are good, honest and honorable folks.

We try very hard to provide excellent online massage training courses. We want you to purchase risk-free, and we want to be fair. So if a course really is not right for you, you can tell us, and we will happily refund your money right away and thank you for trying the course.

However, we have to have some way to protect us from people who are taking advantage of our guarantee. You can’t buy several courses and then ask for refunds for most or all of them. For those rare cases when we feel that someone is taking advantage of our satisfaction guarantee, we have to protect ourselves by writing all this legalese.

Check the courses out before you purchase. There is plenty of free information on our website and on our youtube channel. You can read what other students have to say about the courses and you can follow their progress reports in our forum. If the course is really not right for you, we will give you a hassle-free refund, but only for the first course purchased. You can’t keep buying courses and asking for refunds.

This refund policy is subject to change at any time at our discretion. It has been updated in July 2019.

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