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Massage is not only practiced by professionals in clinics and spas. Lots of massages in the world are done by non-professionals and not by licensed therapists. For example:

Mothers stroking their babies
Spouses and lovers massaging each other
In some countries it is normal that children massage their parents (Thailand being one example)
In many developing nations every village has a local massage therapist/healer
Massage has been used as a traditional healing therapy for thousands of years

8 ways to generate health, joy, and relaxation with massage

Massage can be a wonderful, useful, beneficial hobby. It will enrich your life, improve your relationships, build your self esteem, establish trust, and bring a sense of joy and satisfaction to your life that comes from being able to help others.

1. You can help people around you with their aches and pains
2. You can help people relax (pretty much everyone needs that)
3. You can help your children when they don’t feel well
4. Massage can be a fantastic tool to improve relationships
5. You can give massage sessions as presents (birthdays and other events)
6. You can help people with their stress, anxieties and busy minds
7. Massage skills will help your self esteem and sense of purpose
8. You can develop real healing skills

How Massage Can Improve Your Relationships

I can personally testify that massage has been and is to this day playing a major role in my marriage. Although my wife and I are both professional therapists since over 20 years, we both work on each other almost every day.

Those are not professional sessions, but enjoyable, helpful and easy going sessions which might happen while we are watching a movie, for example.

There are a number of settings which work great for impromptu massage sessions, and you will learn many of them in this course.

One scenario from my life is when we are going on motorbike tours in the scenic mountains of northern Thailand and she sits behind me and gives me a neck and back massage while I am driving. To see this in action, just watch the video below.

Here is a preview of what you will learn in the
Thai ‘Massage For Friends And Family’ course:


different from professional massage?

Professional massage courses are often part of a curriculum that leads to a massage license or they fulfill requirements for continuing education.

They teach students how to do full body sessions (at least 1 hour), they might include anatomy, ethics, and have to fit into the legal framework of professional massage practice. The purpose is to earn money with massage.

Thai Massage For Friends And Family is designed to be a hobby, a labor of love, a way to help people you care about, and a tool to improve your relationships.

  • It is easy and fun to learn. There are no difficult techniques.
  • It is designed to be done in everyday life in a variety of settings
  • You don’t need a massage table or massage oil
  • It can be done fully dressed
  • There is no difficult anatomical language
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  What do I get with the THAI MASSAGE FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY course?

The course is delivered online. You can access it instantly and download it to your computer. There are 5 video modules with a run time of over 2 hours.

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What if I find that this is not for me?

You are covered by our 14 day, no-questions-asked satisfaction/money back guarantee. We want this to be a risk free purchase for you.

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If I need help, is there any support available?

Certainly, we offer prompt, friendly and efficient support. You can contact us via email or our support forum, and we will assist you.

You will love your new skills. Here is what you can look forward to:

Add a skill to your life which everyone will really appreciate and thank you for
Improve your relationships
Help people to feel better and get rid of their aches and pains
Make a real contribution to the well being in the life of the people you care about

How many hobbies are there that can do all that for just $37?

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