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Did you ever receive a massage that made you feel like you walk on clouds, went to massage heaven, that clears your mind, makes you feel happy and content, and puts a big smile on your face?  If not, you are really missing out on a magical experience.

On the other hand, did you ever receive a massage that felt mechanical, clinical, soul-less, where you felt that your money would have been better spent elsewhere?

Here is the question:

What separates a massage that feels average from one that feels heavenly? 

Is it that the therapist needs to. . . .

    • Learn a dozen new techniques?
    • Attend one more seminar?
    • Study more anatomy and physiology?

. . . .Or could it be the fact that the therapist was never taught in any of those courses and seminars how to develop a magical touch?

If someone were to ask you what exactly it is that makes a massage touch magical, would you be able to answer?

Would you be able to explain it and list specific steps how to develop this?

Maybe you are one of those therapists who has intuitively learned how to develop a wonderful touch that takes your clients into massage heaven. If this is the case, you might not need this course.

But, if you think that your massage could benefit from a more magical touch,
the good news is that this is a learnable skill. HERE IS HOW:

*** If the video does not play smoothly, pause it for a minute to give it time to load.

The MAGIC TOUCH SECRETS FOR MASSAGE video course will teach you:

    • 24 specific methods to improve the quality of your touch
    • Powerful exercises for perceiving and transmitting energy
    • Skills to turn your hands into sophisticated listening tools
    • How to move energy instead of only moving body parts
    • A clear road map for developing a magical touch

Magic Touch Secrets for Massage is not about technique. You will not learn any massage techniques. But you will learn how to improve and transform any massage techniques that you already know or that you will ever learn.

This course is about the essence of massage.

If you believe that massage is primarily about clinical education, correct techniques, lots of knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and has nothing to do with energy, then this course is probably not for you.

What’s behind this training:

    • My personal passion for developing and improving better massage tools, based on 35 years of experience with yoga, massage, meditation, Qigong, and energy healing.
    • Ancient and highly effective methods for moving energy based on Asian traditions which have stood the test of time (over a thousand years!)

Here is what some of our students and clients have to say:

“I have taken many different massage courses over the past 12 years, including medical massage courses. But, none of the other instructors focused on the importance of the quality of touch.
Shama, I really love and value your “Magic Touch Secrets for Massage” course because it is so UNIQUE.”

“It is amazing how you explain and show so clearly technique, body mechanics and the importance of mind connection. Your approach to connecting with your client’s energy really brings the massage experience to a deeper level.”

“This is a MUST watch video if you really love massage, care for your clients and want to connect to them energetically!! Thank you so much Shama for the awesome job you do with your videos!! Love all of them!!!”  Lucia Byrne ~ RMT

“I have tried many different styles over the years but nothing like this – an hour of total bliss. After the session I could hear Shama walking around the room, yet I could still feel his hands on my head – amazing. Somehow his energy was still there.”
Bruce Herbert

“Shama’s use of traditional massage as well as his more spiritual body/mind awareness led me to a very out of body experience at the end, where I felt above and beyond my body, on the ceiling almost, yet more grounded and vibrating on the physical realm than I have ever felt with body work before.“ Candace May

Who is this course for?
If you can relate to practices like yoga, meditation, Qigong, energy healing, or principles of traditional Asian  medicine, then this course will open your eyes to a new dimension of touch. It will give you a road map how to develop a magical touch.

Who is this course NOT for?
If you are a strict believer in the idea that reality is only what you can perceive through your five physical senses, and that a subtle, invisible life force is nothing more than a far-fetched ‘new age’ idea, then this course is probably not for you. But then again, it might open your eyes to a new world.

Please note: If you already own our Complete Thai Massage training course, you do not need to buy Magic Touch Secrets, since it is included as a bonus module with Complete Thai Massage.

How do I receive the course?
The course is delivered via email as an instant download to your computer. There are two video modules with a total play time of 1 hour and 25 minutes.

What happens if I need ASSISTANCE? Is there any support?
You receive personal support by the instructor via email, forum or skype. Our customer service is the best there is – we take care of our students.

Is there a GUARANTEE for this course?
We stand behind our products 100 percent. We want it to be a risk free purchase for you, and we only want satisfied students. That’s why you are covered by our 14 day satisfaction or money back guarantee.

How much does Magic Touch Secrets for Massage cost?

You can learn 24 ways to heighten your sense of energy, greatly improve the quality of your touch, take your massage skills to an entirely new level, and transform your practice for about what you would pay for half an hour of massage: US$ 37

The key to success in massage therapy

These unique methods and skills are never taught in massage school, but they make the difference between an average and an excellent massage therapist.

How much is the quality of your touch worth in your profession? This course might be one of the best investments you ever made in your massage career.


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