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hamstrings musclesThe hamstrings are a group of large muscles. Here are some facts about them:

  • Many of your clients will have tight hamstrings – it’s a very common issue
  • It can be very hard to work on them effectively with your hands, especially if you are small and your client is large
  • Tight hamstrings can cause lower back tightness and problems
  • Tight hamstrings limit range of motion and increase the risk of sports injuries


Thai Massage leg stretchThai Massage is famous for it’s amazing leg work – both working on the muscles and many yoga-like stretches.

At least half the time in your typical session in Thailand will be spent on the legs.

Thai Massage is highly effective for hamstrings work and offers a large range of techniques which are ideally suited for working on this muscle group.

Here are some of the advantages of Thai Massage hamstrings techniques which will make your job much easier and more effective:

    • You learn to work with your hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet. That takes the stress off your hands.
    • You will have more power with less effort. Even small therapists can use the Thai techniques to work on large clients with excellent results. 
    • This system includes techniques for working on the muscles and for stretching. The effect is like a massage session and a yoga session combined.
    • Thai Massage is highly therapeutic and results oriented. Good hamstrings therapy can also help relieve problems in the pelvis and the lower back


The Hamstrings Massage Therapy home study training course consists of 4 video modules with a total run time of 2 hours. There is a bonus section included for calf massage.

Please note: If you already own our Complete Thai Massage course, you will learn more in depth and additional techniques, but there will be some content duplication between the two courses.

Access to Thai Massage Hamstrings course is via download.

The delivery method is direct download to your computer or device.

You receive instant access to the course as soon as you purchase.


excellent support by the massage instructor.
Need help with the material or have questions? We take care of you!

You can interact directly with the instructor via our forum, skype or email, and you will get prompt assistance within 24 hours or less.


What will the Thai Hamstrings Therapy course do for you?

    • It will give you the skills and confidence to work on tight hamstrings effectively
    • You will learn a complete workout for the hamstrings
    • These techniques are the best equalizer for therapists who work on larger clients. You will be amazed at the power you can generate with the Thai techniques.
    • The Thai Massage techniques will help preserve the health of your hands and wrists. Never worry again about burning out your hands.


Our Thai  Massage Hamstrings Therapy course is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.
This is a risk free investment. We guarantee your satisfaction. You can watch the videos for 14 days.

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