Help With Playing And Downloading Our Free Video Series

Our free Thai Massage video series is designed so that you only have to click the play button, and everything should work fine. However in the cyber world of the internet unexpected issues can prevent that from happening.

Problem: Video does not play right

We try our best to make sure that everything is working:

  • All videos are tested regularly and are definitely working correctly. Under normal circumstances they will play, and they do so every day for our many subscribers.
  • If a video does not play properly, then most likely there is an issue with your internet connection or your browser. Let’s take a look what might cause such a problem.

The following is a list of possible causes why a video would not play right and the solutions. This trouble shooting tutorial is mostly meant for people who use a computer or laptop. If you are using a tablet, check if everything is up to date in your settings.

1. You might have an issue with your browser. You might not have updated your browser for a while. Anyway, sometimes browsers can do strange things.

Solution #1: Update your browser. Generally you find a link to do that in the “Help” menu of the browser. Most browsers auto update, but if something got stuck, you can do it manually.

Solution #2: If updating the browser did not resolve your issue or if you could not figure out how to do that, just try playing the video in another browser, e.g. if the video does not play in the Opera browser for example, try playing it in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Many times just switching to a different browser will resolve your issue. If you do not have another browser, you can download and install one. This is very easy to do.

Here is where to download Mozilla Firefox.

Here is where to download Google Chrome.

2. You might have an internet issue. This could be a very slow connection, a bad connection, a problem with your ISP (internet service provider), or a setting in your device.

If you have an internet issue, the video might not play at all, or it might take a long time to load, or it might start and stop, or it might start but then hang up at a certain point.

Solution: Try to play the video on another computer or device which is connected to a different internet provider. If it works there but not on your machine, then the most likely culprit is an internet issue at your end.

Sometimes internet problems can resolve themselves. For example if you try to do something during a time where lots of users are online, you might experience a very slow connection. During a low usage time, you might get better results.

In some cases there might be an internet issue which the ISP has to fix, or there might be a setting on your device which needs to be changed.

3. The server (the data centers where websites are stored) might be down either at your end or at our end. This does not happen a lot, but if it does, those websites which are hosted on this server will not work, even if your internet connection is perfect.

In such cases there is nothing you or we can do except wait until the server is working again. Server downtime is just part of the internet world.

4. Here are two more tips for dealing with the problem. One is to clear cookies and cache in your browser. Often websites are cached which means that you are not seeing the real live version of it, but an older version which is in the memory of the internet (that’s called “cache”).

Clearing cache and cookies makes sure that you play the latest and cleanest version of the video. Here is an article which explains how to do that.

5. Here is the second tip. If you want to find out if the problem is at your end, just use another device. For example if the video does not play on your computer, try opening it on your smart phone or tablet, if you have one.

Or go to a friend and open it on their device. If it works on their device but not on yours, then you know for sure that there is something wrong at your end.

6. You might have a virus or malware on your machine. This can cause all kinds of problems including videos not playing correctly.

Solution: Run a virus check and a malware check on your computer. There are lots of programs which do this – some free and some paid.

If you want to specifically check for malware, here is a free program which has a good reputation:
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (click on the free version link)

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