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This overview gives you an idea how our certification program works. It shows you what is required to obtain a certificate from Thai Healing Massage Academy.
Once you are enrolled in a certification course, there is step-by-step guidance available in text and video format.

We offer two certification programs:

  • The International Certification (international students including US)
  • The Continuing Education(CE) Certification (for US therapists only)

At Thai Healing Massage Academy we only issue certificates to students who demonstrate that they are practicing the course material.

===> Just purchasing a course does not entitle the purchaser to a certificate.

How does the certification program work?

Since this is an online training course, we cannot physically see if you are actually practicing the material.

However we can see if you actively participate in the forum. If you regularly post your questions, your progress report and your experiences in the forum, we accept this as evidence that you are studying the course material and practicing the techniques.

Why forum posting?

  • Proof – The forum posts establish a public record which proves that you worked with the course material. They make your online certificate a verifiable document.
  • Integrity – The forum posts establish the integrity of the certification process by showing that all students of Thai Healing Massage Academy actually earned their certificates.
  • Interactive learning – Forum posting is what makes the learning experience interactive since this is where you can interact with the instructor and get your questions answered.

Requirements and fees

  • International Certification program:
    The only requirement is  to do forum posting in order to qualify for a certificate.
    There is no fee for the International Certification program.
  • CE certification program:
    Students need to do the same forum posting, however in addition they are required by the NCBTMB to answer test questions to qualify for the CE credits.

There is a separate fee of $10 when you register for the CE test questions which is paid to the provider of the testing software.

How To Access The CE Test Questions

Once you are enrolled in a course, you can access the CE test questions from within your membership portal.

Please note: The test questions are ONLY required for the CE certificate, NOT for the International Certificate.

How the forum posting works

Where to post:
We have a Thai Massage Certification Forum where students post a progress report about each course module.

How to use our forum:
There is a support page including a video tutorial which walks you through the process of using our forum. Support is also available via email, skype, or facebook.

Forum registration:
The first step is to register so that you can to use the forum. The forum is private and only available for our student community. You will get a username and password which is different from your username and password that you are using for our membership site

Forum Posts:
To obtain a certificate, course students are required to write a progress report about each training module to demonstrate that they are practicing the material.

This also gives them the opportunity to interact with the instructor and get all their questions answered. So the forum posting is an interactive process between student and instructor.

How often to post:
Course students should post regularly, ideally every time when they receive and practice a new module.

How long does it take to complete the certification program?
This depends on the course. Here are the minimum times required for completion:

  • Complete Thai Massage – 3.5 months
  • Thai Massage Back Therapy – 2 months
  • Heavenly Head Massage – 5 weeks
  • Thai Foot Massage – 5 weeks
  • All other certification courses – 2 to 3 weeks

Maximum time allowed for certification:
The certification program does not start when a student enrolls in the course, but when the certification registration is submitted.

This means that a student can start the certification process at any time after they enrolled in the course, even one or two years later.

Once a student starts the certification program for a course, the maximum time period allowed to complete the certification program is as follows:

  • Complete Thai Massage – 1 year
  • Thai Massage Back Therapy – 6 months
  • Heavenly Head Massage – 6 months
  • Thai Foot Massage – 6 months
  • All other certification courses – 3 months

After the end of this time period the certification period expires and a certificate cannot be issued anymore.

How do course students receive their certificates?

Upon completion of the certification process, i.e. completion of all forum posts for the International Certificate, and forum posts as well as test questions for the CE Certificate, certificates are emailed to students to be downloaded and printed out.

We do NOT send out certificates via postal service.

Putting it all together

The purpose of Thai Healing Massage Academy’s certification program is to help you earn a meaningful certificate which you can be proud of and which results in your being a better therapist.

To ensure the quality and integrity of our certificates we require that students follow the process of forum posting for certification for our online programs. Certificates are only issued if these requirements are met.

The specific details of the certification program are available to enrolled course students as part of their course materials.

To enroll in our Thai Massage certification courses, browse our extensive course library:

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