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Certification Tutorial Line-4

Please make sure to read the content of this entire page!

It explains how the certification program works. Please read the text and watch the video. This is information which you need to know to successfully complete the certification process.

At Thai Healing Massage Academy we take our certification program seriously and we only issue certificates to students who demonstrate that they are actually practicing the course material. At the same time it is a fun and educational process.

We offer two certification programs:

  • The International Certification (international students including US)
  • The Continuing Education(CE) Certification (for US therapists only)

In order to issue a meaningful certificate, we need to verify that students are following the course and are practicing the material. Since this is an online training course, we cannot physically see if you are actually practicing the material.

However we can see if you actively participate in the forum. If you regularly post your questions, your progress report and your experiences in the forum, we accept this as evidence that you are actively involved in the course.

Why forum posting?

  • Proof  –  The forum posts establish a public record which proves that you worked with the course material and practiced the techniques. The forum posts make your online certificate a verifiable document.
  • Integrity  –  The forum posts are your official record that you have earned a meaningful certificate. They establish the integrity of the certification process and demonstrate that ALL students of Thai Healing Massage Academy actually earned their certificates.
  • Interactive learning  –  Forum posting is what makes the learning experience interactive since this is where you can interact with the instructor personally and also with other students. It helps you to think about the content, organize it in your mind and formulate it in writing.

Requirements and fees

  • International Certification program:
    The only requirement is  to do forum posting in order to qualify for a certificate.
    There is no fee for the International Certification program.
  • CE certification program:
    Students need to do the same forum posting, however in addition they are required by the NCBTMB to answer test questions to qualify for the CE credits. The links to those test questions are in your course manual or you can access them from the links in the box below.

There is a separate fee of $10 when you register for the CE test questions which is paid to the provider of the testing software.


The forum posting is actually quite easy and fun, and I am personally in the forum every day. If you have any difficulties I will help guide you along. Most students are doing it right intuitively. If you just look through some forum topics of other students, you get a pretty good idea how to go about it.

Please make sure to read the following tutorial which explains the requirements for forum posting during the certification process.


Certification Tutorial

FIRST watch the video.
THEN read the more detailed explanations in text format below the video.

The following are guidelines and requirements
for forum posts to be acceptable for certification:

Where to post:
There are several sub-forums. Only one of them is meant for the certification program.
You need to post in the THAI MASSAGE VIDEO COURSE FORUM here:

Not sure how to use a forum?
If you need guidance on how to use the forum, please visit this support page:

Forum registration:
When you register in our forum you will need to complete your forum profile.

  • For your forum profile you need to fill in your actual first and last name.
  • For your forum display name, again use your actual first and last name.
  • Please make sure to fill out the section for your biographical information.

Your biographical information should contain the following elements:

  1. Your professional background (are you a massage therapist, yoga teacher, other…)
  2. Your massage or yoga experience is, if any
  3. Which part of the world you live in
  4. If you have any experience with Thai Massage or not.

Your forum profile information has to match the information in your certification registration
, otherwise it is too difficult to find you and match up our records.
In other words, if you are John Smith, your forum display name needs to be John Smith, not “happyyogi” or something like that.

Once your profile is complete, there are only two steps which you need to understand before you post anything:
1. Forum Topic titles
2. Forum Posts

Let’s go through these two separately. You can either read this or watch the video a little further down.

1. Topic titles

A topic title is the main description of what you are doing. If you compare your certification posts to a book, the topic title is like the cover page of the book. It tells us what someone’s forum posting is all about and what the name of that person is.

You only create your topic title one time for one course which you are taking. The forum uses an icon for the topic title which is called “Add Topic”.
===> The thing to remember is that you need to click on “Add Topic” one time only.

The only time you would create a new topic is if you start a new thread (“book”) about a different course. If this is not clear to you, please go to our help page for an explanation:

How to choose your topic title:

Your topic title must include two items: your first and last name and the name of the course which you are taking.
Examples:John Smith’s Foot Massage progress report“, or “Jane Doe’s Complete Thai Massage course notes

2. Forum Posts

If the topic title is like the cover page of the book, the posts are like the various chapters in the book. The forum language for creating a new post is “Add Reply”. This is the button which starts a new post (“book chapter”).

All posts regarding one particular massage course should go under the same TOPIC.

Do NOT click on the “ADD TOPIC” button every time you post something, because then all your posts will be separated under different topics, and nobody will be able to follow your posts. Instead click the “ADD REPLY”  button under your topic.

How posts should look like:
Every post must have a heading which identifies the specific video module you are talking about. This is like the headline in the chapter of a book which tells you what the chapter is about. Without this header it can be too confusing to know which module you are talking about. It also shows that you are going through each module.

forum posting-a

How much to post:
You should write several sentences about each video module.
One sentence is not enough.

Here is an example of a post which is not acceptable:
“I practiced the shoulder module and I like it.” Such a post does not tell me anything. It is not specific enough and not long enough.

What to write about in your posts:
Be specific and write about your experience with the course, the progress you are making, the feedback you are getting from practice partners or clients, any questions you might have, how you relate to the material, or any success stories you had.

What NOT to post:

It is not acceptable to just list the content of a video.

The purpose of the forum posting is to demonstrate that you actively participate in the course, that you are working with practice partners, and that you write about your experiences.

Here is an example of a post which is not acceptable :
This module is about stretching the back, working the erector muscles, and palm pressing the back.”

This is just a listing of the content, and nothing about your experience with it.

It is not acceptable to  combine several modules in one post.
You need to make one separate post for each video module.

Here are two examples of combining modules in posts which are not acceptable:

  • I was busy for the last two months, but now I watched the last four modules and it is going fine” –  (each post needs to be addressed individually)
  • Modules 4,5,6
    I practiced all the techniques and….”
    –  (you cannot combine posts)

The idea is to demonstrate that you are working with the course material, not that you can watch the videos, make some quick comments or simply list the content.

How often to post:
You should post regularly as much as possible, ideally every time when you receive a new video and practice it.

Of course sometimes there are circumstances that can prevent you from posting or even practicing regularly. In this case please include a short explanation in a forum post so that I know you are still in the program.

Expiration of the certification program:
The maximum time period allowed to complete the certification program is as follows:

Complete Thai Massage – 1 year
Thai Back Massage – 6 months
Heavenly Head Massage – 6 months
Thai Foot Massage – 6 months
All other courses – 3 months

After the end of this time period the certification period expires and a certificate cannot be issued anymore.

Please note that the time to expiration starts when you submit your certification registration form, NOT when you purchase the course.

If there are circumstances that made it impossible for you to complete the certification within this time period, like sickness or an accident, please inform me at and I can extend the expiration date.

Putting it all together

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you earn a meaningful certificate which you can be proud of and which results in your being a better therapist. To ensure this there are minimum standards of forum posting for certification in Thai Healing Massage Academy’s online programs.

To preserve the meaning and integrity of the process, a certificate will not be issued if those standards are not met. However we really don’t want to be in a position where we have to deny a certificate. Therefore please be aware that the following scenarios are not acceptable for certification:

  • Posting only a list of content of the videos instead of your personal experience with them
  • Not posting about each video module or only writing one sentence
  • Combining two or more videos under one heading instead of writing about each module separately

We really want you to have a certificate which is not just a piece of paper, but a meaningful and verifiable document which showcases a step in your journey towards continuing improvement in the healing arts.

We are happy and proud to be a part of your journey. Our high standards preserve the integrity of Thai Healing Massage Academy and act in your best interest by guaranteeing you a high quality certificate.

If you stay actively involved in the forum as outlined in this tutorial, we will accept this as evidence that you completed the course, have practiced the lessons and have understood the principles of it.

Then you will receive an official signed certificate of achievement from Thai Healing Massage Academy.