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Help with downloading and playing videos

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Our videos can either be viewed online or in many cases they can be downloaded and viewed locally on your device.

If a video can be downloaded, you will see a download button below the video module. What happens when you click on this button depends on which browser you are using:

Typically, when you left-click on the button, the video will open in your browser instead of downloading. That’s what you don’t want to happen since you want to download it.

If you right-click on the button, you will generally see a pop-up box opening with download options. That’s what you do want to see.

Since this can vary from browser to browser, there is no one guaranteed method. The main thing is that you need to see the download pop-up box when you click on the button. From there you can save the video file to your device. Here is an example of a download button.


When you click on a download link, you should be seeing a pop-up box which gives you the option to save the video. When you click on ‘save”, you should be seeing something like this (it depends on which browser you are using):

There is no one single correct way of doing this since not all browsers or membership sites are configured in the same way. First, try the right-clicking and then the left-clicking – one of them will work.

Common download issues and solutions

1. “The downloaded video doesn’t play right on my computer. It starts and stops and doesn’t look right.” This is almost always caused by one of the following issues:

Issue #1: You did not download the video but are playing it in your browser. Your internet connection is probably slow.
Solution: Download the video to your computer and watch it locally on your device.

Issue #2: You downloaded the video to view it locally, but you are using a media player which is not compatible with the mp4 files that you are trying to play, or it is not configured correctly.
Or you are using an old version of a media player which has not been updated for quite some time.
Solution: Download the free VLC media player which will play the videos perfectly. You can get a Windows or a MAC version here:

Issue #3: You thought that you had downloaded the video. However, the video did not download all the way. This can happen if there is a disruption in your internet connection during the download process.
Solution: Download the video again. Here is how you can check that: Open the downloaded video file in your media player. Then grab the slider bar with your mouse and move it almost all the way to the right, to the end of the video. If no image shows up in the video, i.e. you just get a black screen, then the video has not downloaded all the way.

2. “I cannot download the videos”

Please be aware that this is not an exact science. Operating systems (Mac, Windows, etc) as well as browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc) all look a little different and may have different settings. 

Downloading files:

download icon

The typical process for downloading files is this: (this will look a little different depending on which browser you are using)

  • RIGHT click on the file name with your mouse or on your touchpad
  • LEFT click on “save target as” or “save link as” or “save as”
  • Make sure it is being downloaded to a folder of your choice
  • LEFT click “save”.
  • Please note: When you see the pop-up screen, choose to “save” the file – DO NOT click on “open”

Other reasons why a video might not download

chrome browser icon

Sometimes the issue is with your browser. Here are some options to deal with this:
1. Clear cache and cookies in your browser, then close it and re-open it. If you don’t know how to do that, here is an article that explains how to do that.

2. Make sure that your browser is updated to the latest version. You will generally find an “update” link in the HELP section of the browser toolbar.

3. Use another browser. You can download Chrome or Firefox. They are free and very easy to install. Many times something that did not work in one browser will work just fine in another browser.

Here is the link to download Mozilla Firefox.

Here is the link to download Google Chrome.


4. Server issues. A server is a huge computer that can host thousands of websites. Servers are just machines. They do have problems sometimes, or they might be undergoing maintenance.

In pretty much all cases those issues are fixed very quickly by the server administrators. But while there is such an issue going on, you might not be able to access a particular website.

The server in question might be the one of your ISP (internet service provider), or the server of the company which hosts our membership site, or the server where the videos are hosted. 

In the cyber world there is no such thing as perfection. Server outages are rare, but they can and do happen.

In such a case there is nothing you or we can do except wait until the server is back to normal again. This is in most cases a matter of a few minutes, but in rare cases can take longer.

What to do if you have a Mac and the videos only play in the browser, but do not download?

Hold down the “control” key and at the same time click on the link. The video should download.

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