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Certification Forum
Posting Check List

In order to receive your certificate, please make sure that your certification forum posts comply with the following checklist.

To keep the forum posting and the certification process organized, and to set a standard of minimum requirements, please follow these steps:

1. Forum profile

==> Complete your forum profile.

==> Use your actual first and last name. This needs to be the same name as in your certification registration so that we can match up our records.

==> Your forum display name has to be your actual name, not something totally unrelated like “yogibear37”.

==> Use the same name – your real first and last name – for (1)certification registration, (2)forum profile display name, and (3)topic title!

==> Fill out your biographical information to help us relate to you. This should include the following:

  • Your massage and/or yoga experience (if any)
  • What you do for a living
  • In which country and state you are living
  • What your native language is (if not English)

2. Post in the correct forum

Your certification forum posts need to be in the Thai Massage Certification Forumnot in any other forum.

Thai Healing Massage Academy forum

3. Choosing your topic title

The topic title has to include your first and last name AND the name of the course which you are taking.

Examples: “Debbie Smith’s Complete Thai Massage course notes” (or course experience, or progress notes, or something like that)

forum thread topic title

4. Numbering your posts

Every post has to include the module number for easy reference:

forum post module number

5. Keep your modules/posts separate

Each course module has to be addressed individually. Modules cannot be combined. There needs to be one post for each course module.

number of modules in forum posts

6. How long should your posts be

You need to write several sentences. One sentence is not enough.

forum post length

7. What you should write in your posts

Do NOT only list the content of the module. Instead write about your experience with it, your practice, feedback from practice partners, how people react to Thai Massage where you live, what kinds of problems you are trying to help people with, or ask questions, if you have any.

First, only listing the content of a video does not show that you are working with the material. And second, it is dry and boring to read!

forum post content

8. How to organize your forum posts

All your forum posts have to be under the same topic. Do not start a new “topic” for every post. Only “Reply” to each post.  In this way all your posts will stay together and can be found easily.

If you are not sure what this means or how to implement it, please read this explanation: How To Keep Your Forum Posts Organized or watch the video on the Certification Tutorial page (Access it by clicking on the ‘Certification Information’ tab in the sidebar of your membership portal).

certification information tab

And finally…

Here is an example how a correct certification forum post should look like. This post is just long enough to be acceptable, and it includes the student’s experience with the module and her partner’s feedback.

You can write a longer post, but the post below is the minimum standard.

This makes it obvious that the student is actually practicing the material, and that’s what the certification forum posting is meant to demonstrate.

forum sample post

You can find the complete Certification Tutorial with step-by-step guidance by clicking on the ‘Certification Information’ tab in the sidebar of your membership portal.

USEFUL TIP: Here is a short, but important tutorial. It shows you how to make sure that you never lose any of your forum posts:

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