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Some massage therapy modalities, like Thai Massage, are known for their use of hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet. This is a big advantage for massage therapists since they can work with other body parts besides their hands.

Especially small therapists are well aware that working on big and heavy clients with only a few basic hand techniques can be very stressful and potentially harmful for their wrists, thumbs and hands.

Learning how to use your body more effectively increases your skills greatly, turns you into a true healing “artist”, and can be a life saver for your massage career.

Until now there hasn’t been one place where you could learn all the ways to use your hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet effectively, safely and therapeutically.
This course provides a complete solution!

In Body Mastery For Massage you will learn:

    • Over 20 methods to use your hands
    • 7 ways to use your forearms
    • 5 methods to use your elbows
    • 7 ways to use your knees
    • 7 ways to use your feet

What Body Mastery For Massage will do for you:

    • It will significantly expand your skill level with your own body
    • It will enable you to work on heavy clients without stressing your hands
    • It can preserve your health, and extend or even save your career
    • Learn to use better leverage and be more effective with larger clients
    • It will show you how to have more power with less effort

Body Mastery For Massage teaches you 50 methods of using your hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet. You will learn how to use your body more effectively and skillfully while using less effort and reducing strain on your hands.

Please note: this course does not teach a particular massage style or sequence, but it teaches you skills which you can apply to many massage systems.

Is this course only applicable to Thai Massage?

Many techniques can be used for other massage modalities as well. In order to take advantage of ALL the techniques, you would need to work on a floor mat like in Thai Massage or Shiatsu. However the majority of the techniques can also be used for other modalities and on a massage table.

Here is the breakdown: All hand, forearm, and elbow techniques can be used either on a floor mat or on a massage table. The knee and feet techniques are only suitable for floor work.

Who can benefit from this course?

This course assumes that you practice and have experience with some kind of massage. It is not meant for total beginners. Body Mastery for Massage will teach you how to fine tune and greatly increase your body skills for massage. It will increase your confidence, your creative expression and your effectiveness.

Please note: If you already own our Complete Thai Massage or Hands Free Massage training courses, you don’t need to buy Body Mastery For Massage since it is included as a bonus module with both of those.

What exactly do I receive?

 2 video modules with 1.5 hours of in depth training
 The course is instantly downloadable and is delivered digitally by email

If I need assistance, is there any support?

You receive personal support by the instructor via email, forum or skype.
We have the best customer service you have ever seen – we do take care of our students.

Do you offer a guarantee for this course?

All Thai Healing Massage Academy courses are backed by our “Learn Massage Or Don’t Pay” satisfaction guarantee. We fully stand behind our products. You can take 14 days to decide if the course delivers what it promises. We want to make this purchase totally risk free for you.

What Is The Investment For Body Mastery For Massage?

These 50 ways to transform your massage techniques, increase your therapeutic skills, and preserve your health and career should be part of every massage therapist’s repertoire.

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