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Interesting Arm & Hand Massage facts

    • You can do an entire session on them (if you have enough techniques) and put your clients into massage heaven
    • Working on the hands affects the entire body since they contain many reflex points. (Reflexology can be done via the feet or via the hands)
    • Arm And Hand Massage can be conveniently done on fully dressed clients with or without oil
    • Hand Massage is underutilized by therapists and absolutely loved by clients.
    • Adding arm massage to hand massage is a natural extension and perfect fit.


If you are thinking that 5 minutes on the hands is enough, you are withholding a source of great pleasure and of great therapeutic value from your clients.

Your hands are the most sensitive part of your body!  It’s how you interact with your massage clients, it’s how you feel their issues, it’s how you treat them and make them feel good.

Wouldn’t YOU love for YOUR hands to receive the royal treatment?

And so would your clients!

If you could use more skills and techniques for the hands, our Arm And Hands Massage home study training course will give you the edge you need!

Thai Massage forearm technique for arm massageThis course will teach you a wide variety of techniques for hands and arms. It’s presented in the Thai way, on a floor mat. However you can do it on a table as well.

The Thai Massage system has one big advantage. Aside from your hands you can use your forearms, elbows, knees and even feet. This can be the great equalizer for small therapists working on large clients without wearing out their hands. You have power without the strain.

Is there a need for arm and hand massage? How about these candidates:

    • People who are doing manual labor with the hands
    • Computer operators
    • People with arthritic issues or carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Tennis players and other athletes who stress hands and wrists
    • Yogis who overdo the downward dog pose
    • Post stroke clients with reduced functionality in an arm
    • And last but not least massage therapists


hand massage sandwich squeeze techniqueThe Arm And Hands massage course will teach you how to relax, de-stress and energize arms and hands.

Learn to use your body in the most effective way so you can work on any size client without stressing your own hands.

Arm and hand massage can help to improve or prevent many conditions like carpal tunnel, spasticity, arthritis and involuntary muscle contraction.

Arm and hand massage is also an important part of shoulder therapy since blockages in the shoulder often result in arm issues as well.

Even if there are no problems, arm and hand massage feels absolutely wonderful – provided you have a good repertoire of techniques available.

Our Arm And Hands home study training course consists of 2 video modules with a total run time of 75 minutes.

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excellent support by the massage instructorIf you need help with the material or have questions, we will take care of you.

You can interact directly with the instructor via our forum or via skype or  email, and you will get prompt assistance within 24 hours (often within hours).


Our Arm And Hand Massage course comes with a satisfaction guarantee.
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