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Checklist For Successful Thai Massage Online Training [2019]

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Online Training Choices

When learning Thai Massage, you might have several choices between teachers and schools. However few people realize that there is another option which can be perfect for some – learning Thai Massage online

You can learn almost anything online nowadays – playing the guitar, yoga, building a house, law, and a myriad other things. So why not study Thai Massage online as well?

Factors which determine your success with an online course

There could be a scenario which makes it difficult for you to learn, and there could be a scenario which fits you perfectly. How do you know the difference? Let’s take a look at these question more in detail.

Which scenario would best help you succeed?

If you purchase a Thai Massage DVD with lots of techniques demonstrated, but there is NO support, NO training structure, NO student community, NOBODY to ask any questions, and NO follow-up, then your chances of successful learning are pretty low.

Now imagine another scenario: You enroll in an online program which is set up like a real school – wouldn’t that have a major effect on your chances of success?

How does such an ideal scenario look like, and where can you find it?

Thai Healing Massage Academy logo

At Thai Healing Massage Academy we have lots of experience with providing an ideal learning experience.

We pioneered Thai Massage online training over a decade ago and are the oldest and original online institute with structured training and full teacher support.

You need to know whom you are dealing with. So here is our story, our background, and a close look at what we are offering.

Let’s look at 20 reasons (or more) why learning Thai Massage through our online training might be a good choice for you.

How established are we and how solid is our training?

  • Thai Healing Massage Academy was founded in 2001. That’s a solid long-term track record.
  • We have trained thousands of students since then, ranging from our free introductory Thai Massage training to multi-month online training programs.
  • Our website was first created in September of 2003 – a solid 17 year online track record. You can depend on us for excellent training and reliable support.
  • Our website is the largest Thai Massage online training website on the internet, and we are a leading publisher of free and paid Thai Massage education.
  • We have a forum with about 17000 posts (as of August 2019). The forum was established in November of 2010. The instructor, Shama Kern, wrote more than 7000 of these posts, all in support of our online students.

  • We have an active facebook group with thousands of posts and comments which was established in September of 2015.
    There are over 1500 members in the group – it’s a great source for interesting education and discussions.

  • We have created 20 online training courses with over 100 hours of training videos which are constantly improved and upgraded:

  • We are an official continuing education provider via the National Education Board of the USA:

What kind of training are we providing?

Thai Massage training
  • Our training is gradual and structured, just like in any real school. There is no overwhelm and no pressure. You can conveniently learn at your own pace, right from your home.
  • We truly care! We provide the best and friendliest and most personal support anywhere.
    This support does not come from an impersonal agent in a boiler room somewhere in the world, but from the instructor himself who can communicate in English, German and Spanish. 
  • The instructor, Shama Kern, and his Thai wife, who is also a qualified Thai Massage therapist and teacher, founded Thai Healing Massage Academy.
    They spent two decades living in Thailand, the homeland of Thai Massage, so you can be sure that you receive authentic training with the true spirit of Thai Massage.
  • Some of our larger courses use multi-media formats: video, audio and text. You can watch the videos, listen to the audio on the go, and you don’t need to take notes since you have the written material.

Price and value considerations:

Price and value
  • You receive excellent, high quality Thai Massage training for a fraction of the high price tag of live courses.
  • We don’t keep charging you for more levels. In our Complete Thai Massage training you will learn everything you need to become a competent Thai Massage therapist.
    You don’t have to pay for level one, then level two, then level three training.
  • All support is free. Access to the teacher is free. Our international certification program is free (there is a qualification process).
  • All our courses are backed by an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. This makes your investment totally risk free. If it’s not right for you, you get all your money back.

Additional benefits of our training:

Extra features
  • You don’t have to do this alone. We have a large, friendly, inspiring student community, both in our forum and in our facebook group.
    So if you need company, inspiration, advice, want to network, or have questions – there is easy access to all of this at no extra cost.
  • We have two certification programs – one to confirm that you have successfully completed the training program, and another one for CEU’s (continuing education credits for US therapists)
  • You get to keep all training material permanently. If you forget how something works, you can go back to that lesson and review it.
    You have unlimited access to the training, and you also have unlimited access to the instructor. This is a big advantage over live training where you lose access as soon as the course is over.

What does our online training include:

What can you learn?
  • You can learn the entire system of Thai Massage through our Complete Thai Massage course
  • Once you have learned the entire system of Thai Massage, you can take it to an even higher level by studying very specialized advanced therapy training courses for various parts of the body or conditions like shoulders, back, knees, sacrum, legs or sciatica.
  • You can also learn similar related massage styles like the excellent “Thai Foot Massage” system, or our unique “Heavenly Head Massage” program.
    We also provide a “Massage For Friends And Family” course for those who don’t want to go the professional route.

Who can benefit from our online Thai Massage training?

Who is the training for?
  • Massage therapists who want to add an exciting modality to their repertoire
  • Thai Massage therapists who want to expand their skills
  • Yoga teachers who want to add a new element to their training or add a new service and income source to their practice
  • Chiropractors who want to blend a very compatible bodywork style with their work
  • Physical therapists who want to expand their repertoire
  • Anyone what is looking for a therapist friendly massage system which can make your career easier and more sustainable
  • Anyone who prefers the convenience and the freedom of self-paced learning without having to leave home
  • Anyone who is looking for a cost effective alternative to expensive live training

When is it not for you?

  • You don’t have the self discipline to follow through with the training on your own
  • You have good Thai Massage training facilities near you and can easily afford it
  • You are not a visual learner and need some more ‘hand-holding’
  • You have no previous experience with healing arts or yoga and need some live training to get started.
    However we do have a course which is specifically designed for people with zero experience or healing arts background – Massage For Friends And Family.

Helpful resources:

Resource guide
Student feedback

Now you have a good overview of Thai Healing Massage Academy, our history, our training, and our services.

Hopefully you have found that some of the reasons for learning Thai Massage from us are just right for you. And now, let our students have the last word:

I found the Complete Thai Massage course to be an amazing investment. I am absolutely amazed at how well the course is delivered, and the fact that after only 4 months and with no previous massage training I have the confidence and knowledge to do Thai Massage. My friends, family, and co-workers thank you.
Kyle Glassford

Your Complete Thai Massage course was amazing! More than I could have hoped for. I am thrilled with the Thai techniques and even more so with the teaching on being in tune with body mechanics, breathing and all that you have integrated into your course. I have come away with so much from this course and from you! Thank you, and I will be back for more!
Nina Beal, massage therapist

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image of Shama Kern

The author, Shama Kern, is the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy. He has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for two decades, and he is the author of 20 online Thai Massage training courses.

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