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How To Choose An Online Thai Massage School

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So you are thinking about learning Thai Massage or improving your skills and are researching your options.

What might be factors that would make an online Thai Massage training program attractive to you?

Maybe there are no live schools in your area
Maybe live training prices are a little steep for your budget
Maybe you like the flexibility and convenience of a self-paced online program
Maybe you like the fact that you can start at any time without fixed school dates

Is online Thai Massage training good enough?

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But in the back of your mind, you are wondering if online training can actually be good and effective.

Maybe you are thinking that online courses are inferior to live classroom training?

After all, there is no hands-on experience and no direct feedback. How about that?

How would you find out if learning Thai Massage online is for you or not?

This article gives you a blueprint to answer all these questions, and it gives you a method to evaluate a training program before you enroll.

Is online Thai Massage training right for you?

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Before choosing a school you have to determine if online massage education suits your situation and your learning style.

If you have zero massage training, no healing arts experience, and no yoga teaching background, then live classroom training would probably be a better choice for you – at least in the beginning.

If you already are a massage therapist, yoga teacher, or otherwise involved in the healing arts, then you already have some knowledge of touching, anatomy, and working with your body and others’ bodies.

Online learning

This scenario makes it much easier and more realistic to learn via online training.

It also helps if you are self-motivated. If there is no teacher physically present to tell you what to do, do you have the discipline to follow through with the online course?

After all, even if the course is great, if you don’t work with the material and practice it, nothing will happen.

How to select the right online Thai Massage school

Once you decide that online training might be a good choice for you, the next step is to find out which school offers the best programs.

There are plenty of online massage courses available, but there are important differences that you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

How would you find out if an online school is good or not, or if it is right for you? Here is a list of useful and practical steps that will help you evaluate your options.

How to research teachers and schools

You want to know if the teacher of a particular course is a hobby therapist or a full-time professional. How long has the teacher been doing this?

How much experience does the teacher have? How can you find out? Besides asking the teacher directly, here are some indicators:

  • Google the teacher’s name. Look for social media profiles on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc. Look for reviews and comments. This will give you an understanding of who this person is.
  • Look for other courses and publications of the teacher. This might tell you if the course which you are considering is part of an established training system.
  • Look at the teacher’s or school’s website. Does it look appealing, professional, and informative?
  • Find out the age of the website. There are several tools that do that. One is
  • Is the course or school brand new or well-established?
  • Does the school clearly list the teacher’s credentials and experience?

These indicators might not give you a complete picture, but they will give you an idea about the quality of the training and the professionalism of the school or teacher.

How to evaluate a Thai Massage teacher or school

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Here are some additional methods to evaluate an online Thai Massage school.

These are all questions that you want to be answered either by checking the school’s website or by inquiring directly:

  • Check on customer service. Send the school an email with a question and see if you get a response. Was the information good, the response timely?
  • Is it even possible to contact the teacher directly, or can you only deal with administrative staff?
  • Is the online massage education just a sideline to support a live training program, or are the courses a stand-alone and independent training system?
  • Are there certification options? If you are a US-based therapist, does the course qualify for continuing education credits (CEUs)?
  • Does the school maintain an online community for inspiration and networking?
  • Can you get references or authenticated testimonials?

How to evaluate a Thai Massage online course

Try to get answers to these questions by contacting the teacher or school, or by reading the course listing page:

  • Are the courses complete or do you have to purchase an entire series of different levels in order to get the full training?
  • Are there free video training samples where you can observe the teaching style before you enroll?
  • Is there a satisfaction guarantee for the course, or is all the risk on you?
  • For how long can you access the online training? Does access expire or not?
  • Is there ongoing support, or are you on your own with the training material?
  • Is the course mainly teaching a mechanical sequence, or is it a holistic, energy-based, inspired program that will enable you to actually help your clients effectively?
  • Does the training include ways to preserve your health by applying good body mechanics?
  • Will you learn how to become sensitive and develop a wonderful sense of touch?

Answers to these questions will enable you to sift through the many offerings for online massage courses on the internet. Still, there is no guarantee that the course is right for you.

Therefore a satisfaction guarantee with a refund period is one of the most important elements of an online purchase.

Thai Massage online training advantages

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Online Thai Massage education might not be for everyone.

But it does offer convenience, a much lower price point than live training, and the ability to learn massage from anywhere in the world.

Especially if you already have massage experience, online training might be the ideal, most cost-effective way for you to add to your skills.

Thai Healing Massage Academy credentials

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Thai Healing Massage Academy is an established school that specializes in high-quality professional online Thai Massage education.

We have been training students since 2001, and in 20010 we became the first online training institute for Thai Massage.

We offer a wide range of online training courses for Thai Massage, Thai Rocking Massage, Heavenly Head Massage, Abdominal Massage, Shoulder Massage, and many others.

Click on the button below to access a listing of all our courses.

All our courses come with unlimited access and unlimited instructor support via email, skype, forum, Facebook, or our help desk.

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All courses come with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee so that there is absolutely no risk for you.

Our training will work for you or you get your money back – no questions asked.

We offer a free introductory Thai Massage video series so that students can evaluate our training material and style before they spend any money.

Thai Massage certification

We offer a certification program with two types of certificates. One is a certificate of achievement.

The second one is for US therapists who can receive NCBTMB-approved continuing education credits (CEUs).

Our online support is excellent, prompt, friendly, and is provided directly by the teacher.

We have trained thousands of students through our courses for two decades. You can read about their training experience and their success stories in our forum and in our Facebook group.

Visit Thai Healing Massage Academy’s online training library with 20 Thai Massage courses for all your training needs and all levels of skills.

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The author, Shama Kern, is the founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy. He has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for over two decades, and he is the creator of 20 Thai Massage online training courses.

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