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Secrets For Using And Moving Energy In Thai Massage Therapy

thai massage and healing energy

Come with me on a mind-opening journey. It’s a story about heartfelt touching, about moving energy in everyday life and in Thai Massage therapy.

It’s a journey that leads to more satisfaction in your profession. It will increase both your happiness and your income as a Thai Massage therapist. You might find it fascinating.

children kissing
For children physical contact is normal

We are all born with a need to be physically touched.

This is quite obvious when you watch young children play or interact with each other or their parents.

But very quickly most cultures train us to not touch each other. It might be a cultural taboo or even a religious injunction.

A fascinating touch experiment

A number of years ago a team of researchers conducted a ‘touch’ experiment. They traveled to several countries and sat down in cafes or restaurants. Then they counted how often people touched each other.

The results varied widely according to country. Brazilians and Italians touched over a dozen times per hour, Americans only a couple of times per hour at best, and in England there was no touching at all.

Thai dancer gives a 'wai'
A Thai dancer shows the Thai version of the Western handshake, the ‘wai’, which does not involve touching

If you break the touching rules of a culture, people will see you as strange or even threatening.

Unless you are in the company of good friends, or family, or you are in a profession like massage therapy, touching is often not acceptable.

I know this very well since I live in Thailand where handshakes, hugs, and most forms of heartfelt touching are mostly taboo, even within the family.

Sure, you will find some people who manage to break cultural rules with their enthusiasm and heartfelt sincerity.

But for the most part, we have to live within the rules of our cultural environment in order to get along in society without friction.

Touching is not only physical

Now let us expand the definition of touching. Touching is not limited to physical touch.

You can touch someone’s heart by offering a sincere compliment or a kind word, by offering a helping hand, or by listening patiently. You can consciously send loving energy from your heart to anyone you meet.

On a subtle level, such messages are getting through. The really interesting fact is that when we touch others with our intentional positive or healing energy, this energy instantly returns back to us. It is like a boomerang effect.

A personal story with energy-touch

I am going to share something rather intimate with you. Maybe some people will think that this is somewhat ‘over the top’ for them.

If that’s the case, you are welcome to read some clinical studies about chemical changes in the body during massage therapy which can be measured in a test tube, under a microscope, or through double-blind studies.

But you would be missing out on some amazing results. Therefore I suggest you give it a chance and follow along.

You won’t find any clinical studies on this site. This is not my focus. The scientific results may be interesting and useful, but they cannot reveal the kind of energy that I am talking about here.

Thai Massage and energy healing

image of Thai Massage energy lines
Thai Massage Energy Lines

I live in Asia where energy-based therapies like Thai Massage have been accepted and practiced for thousands of years. For me this energy is real. I have seen it and felt it many times.

Besides practicing and teaching Thai Massage for over two decades, I have been studying and practicing yoga, Qigong, and energy-healing concepts my entire life.

Using energy work is part of the Thai Massage system. It is called ‘Sen line therapy’, and it is part of the curriculum of the training program. In fact, it is the basis of the entire system.

But you don’t need a formal technical process for experiencing a sensation of energy. Here is just one way of doing this. In this case, it was something that happened to me before I ever got involved with Thai Massage.

Many years ago I had a dramatic experience when I was walking around in a city. For some reason, I felt drained and depressed, something which hardly ever happens to me.

This was a very unusual feeling for me, and so I decided to try something at least as unusual to change my sorry state of affairs.

I kept walking, but now I pictured in my mind that little hearts were floating on a stream of loving energy from my heart to the heart of everyone whom I passed on the street.

After sending out a few dozen hearts in this way, I noticed that my depression had lifted and my own spirit felt light and open again. I began to feel love in my heart and my mood totally changed.

Energy can be moved by our thoughts

I was truly amazed. What a simple, quick, and effective way to turn my negative energy around within minutes by simply taking charge of the content and flow of my energy!

It worked a lot better than moping and complaining, drinking alcohol, taking other abusive substances, or spending lots of money on counseling or therapy. And the price was right – totally free.

We can make a habit of consciously touching people with our energy. In this way, we don’t have to worry about cultural rules, and it helps us to keep our own energy level high.

You become a more loving person by touching others with your loving energy. What you give comes back to you. Just imagine that this energy is very real – because it is!

You cannot measure it or observe it under a microscope, but you can change how you feel, you can lift your spirit, improve your health, and fill your heart with love and your mind with kindness by touching others with loving energy.

An easy technique for touching with energy

touching with energy
Touching with energy

Although it might sound weird to you initially, you can try this as an experiment. Sit in a public place like a mall or a park and try to pick out a person who could use some good, calming, healing energy. You certainly won’t have any trouble spotting plenty of candidates.

Then visualize in your mind that you are giving this person a hug or put an arm around their shoulders. Or just send out a bubble with some loving, healing energy.

Try to really feel it. Imagine yourself actually doing it. Of course, you won’t be sure if there is any effect on the other person. However, you will notice very quickly that there is an effect on you. You will feel calmer, more peaceful, and more loving.

The energy-touch application in Thai Massage

thai healing massage
Thai Massage techniques often require close body contact between therapist and client

How does all this apply to learning Thai Massage therapy? This is where it gets really interesting.

Thailand is a country where most forms of touching are taboo. However, in Thai Massage there are quite a few techniques that involve a lot of body contact between therapist and client.

Students who learn Thai Massage have to get used to this close contact. It requires a really clean and professional energy on the part of the therapist and at the same time an open, loving, and caring attitude and touch.

It’s an interesting combination. Because it is often a new concept for first-time Thai Massage students, it can be challenging for them in the beginning.

The Thai Massage concept of ‘energy anatomy’

Especially in the Western world, we have been indoctrinated that massage is something you do with your hands – you manipulate someone’s anatomy. However, in Thai Massage and other Asian healing work, this concept is taken further.

Instead of just manipulating someone’s physical body, you also stimulate and activate their subtle energy
Instead of moving just bones and muscles, you are moving energy as well
Instead of working just with your hands, you also work with your mind
Instead of just relaxing someone’s muscles, you free up an internal energy flow

If you are not used to this energy concept, how do you learn to feel it? It’s really not so difficult. Just try to apply some of the ideas that are outlined in this article. Chances are that you will start to feel energy and you will learn how to move it.

Advantages of using energy in Thai Massage therapy

As long as you massage only with your hands, you will mostly move and affect muscles, bones, and tissue.

When you learn to include energy, intuition, and feeling in your Thai Massage work, you will still move your clients’ anatomy. And in addition, you will now also move their energy and touch their hearts and minds along with their bodies.

Your clients will often feel it and wonder what is so special about your work. You will feel it because your work will be like a meditation for you.

Your business will feel it because your Thai Massage practice will attract and keep more clients, and they will be happy to pay you.

By touching bodies, hearts, and minds, you will be more fulfilled, happy, and driven by a sense of purpose.

With every Thai Massage session you do, you will make the world a little better and a little happier place. You will feel that what you do really matters in the greater scheme of things.

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Shama Kern, founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy

The author, Shama Kern, is the founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy. He has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for over two decades, and he is the author of 20 Thai Massage online training courses.

2 thoughts on “Secrets For Using And Moving Energy In Thai Massage Therapy”

  1. This is all so true-
    I am Italian and I’m much more touchy than americans in general. Now that I live in U.S.A I can see how people crave touch here more than ever and that’s because they don’t touch enough. Sharing energy is another beautiful thing. I wish everyone could experience it!! There is nothing like connecting with somebody else at the energy level. Thanks Shama for your articles, videos and all your hard work. Love it!!

    • Thanks Lucia, I really appreciate it! I am German by birth, and the Germans are worse with touching than the Americans. I learned to overcome touch inhibition by dancing for years in a wonderfully inspired community in Austin, Tx, where we modeled our dance style according to Gabrielle Roth’s “five rhythm method”. There was a lot of touching and physical contact going on, and that broke me out of the touch-averse mold.

      Actually this was one of the more transformative experiences in my life and it served me very well for my massage career, since Thai Massage does involve a lot of physical contact between client and therapist.


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