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Heavenly Neck, Head, And Face Massage Therapy

Head and face massage are often neglected in massage therapy. Most massage techniques work from the neck on down. The clients however generally love a wonderfully relaxing head and face massage.

This video is a demonstration of a massage system that focuses on the body from the neck on up. This modality is called Heavenly Head Massage. It was developed by Shama Kern, the founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy.

The name of this massage style closely reflects what it actually feels like to receive it. Heavenly Head Massage is ideal for ending any kind of massage session on a heavenly note.

It can also be used as a stand-alone massage system. In addition, this modality contains a lot of sophisticated neck massage therapy work which can also be used as a stand-alone therapy session.

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Heavenly Head Massage

Heavenly Head Massage

Heavenly Head Massage

This modality focuses exclusively on the upper body, i.e. upper chest, shoulders, neck, head, and face.

Heavenly Head Massage was developed by Shama Kern, founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy, to be a truly heavenly experience.

The receiver experiences deep relaxation, often drifts into a healing sleep, or goes into a trance-like state.

Many clients have stated that they have never before experienced such profound levels of relaxation, well-being, peace, and balance.

Mental activity ceases, worries and stress melt away, and one’s energy changes to a state of calm like an inner candle flame that does not flicker.

Heavenly Head Massage consists of 4 elements:

  1. Chest and shoulder massage
  2. Neck massage and therapy
  3. Head Massage
  4. Face Massage

1. Upper chest and shoulder work

This opens the chest, promotes the health of the lungs and heart, and encourages relaxed and deep breathing.

2. Neck massage and therapy

Driving as well as staring into TV and computer screens for extended periods of time often results in stiff necks and loss of flexibility.

Heavenly Head Massage includes extensive neck work, manipulation, and stretches, which can restore flexibility, relaxation, and range of motion.

3. Head massage

This is the heart of Heavenly Head Massage. It is an essential skill for any kind of bodywork. Few people would not deeply enjoy the soothing touch of skilled hands on their heads.

It is a natural instinct to touch someone’s head if we want to express caring, empathy, affection, and love.

Most mothers naturally stroke their children’s heads, and lovers spontaneously and naturally express their affection by caressing their partner’s head.

Heavenly Head Massage has a wonderful and extensive range of movements to experience a blissful state of well-being, peace, and relaxation.

4. Face Massage

This is the natural extension of head massage and feels just as wonderful. However it is often neglected in massage therapy, and many therapists don’t have a good selection of face techniques.

Face massage, when done right, feels very nurturing and can help relieve built-up stress and tension.

Healing benefits of Heavenly Head Massage

image of Heavenly Head Massage

Stress, worry, negativity, and inability to relax all inhibit the healing process.

The body cannot effectively mobilize its inner pharmacy and healing mechanism if too much energy is needed to cope with the above mental habits.

Any fear-based emotion drains energy from the body.

It is well known that most healing in the body occurs in the sleep state. This is the time when the body and mind are most relaxed.

Setting up a healing environment

Heavenly Head Massage produces the ideal state or health-promoting condition to counteract negative mental conditions.

Like sleep, deep relaxation is the time when the body can most effectively regenerate, rebuild and rebalance itself.

However, sleep can be disturbed by bad dreams, insomnia, or restlessness. Heavenly Head Massage will induce all the healing benefits of deep, restful, undisturbed sleep.

It will naturally bring your restless mind to a meditation-like state. It will produce a flood of endorphins, the body’s natural pleasure hormones that are linked to states of joy, health, and well-being.

Heavenly Head Massage is the perfect addition to any massage career. You can learn it through our online training course.

Student testimonials


“The Heavenly Head Massage was wonderful! The relief it brought to my neck and shoulders was amazing! Thank You.”  Kim Klein, teacher


 “Before your massage, every part of my body ached. And now I feel soft, tingling all over, and like I am walking in a dream. “Heavenly” just begins to describe it.”  Lara Pilla


 “After learning the Heavenly Head Massage from Shama, I immediately incorporated it into my massage sessions. The response has been fantastic!

Never before had my clients experienced such a deep and profound sense of peace and relaxation from a massage. Thank you Shama for teaching me such a wonderfully mindful and gentle technique to share with my clients.”  Karin Bursky, massage therapist