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Heavenly Head Massage – a truly amazing  experience

It really is a magical phenomenon that the human touch in massage therapy can change pain to pleasure, stress to relaxation, mental chatter to a feeling of peace, and dis-ease to well-being.

Different types of massage modalities are designed for different purposes. Rolfing, for example, is not designed to be a meditative experience.

An intense Thai Massage session with lots of stretching is not meant to induce a trance state.

And then there is a style that is designed to be both meditative and trance-inducing: Heavenly Head Massage. This style of massage is a blissful, heavenly, supremely relaxing experience.

 Watch the video below to get a sense of it.

You can learn the complete Heavenly Head Massage system with detailed step-by-step instructions through Thai Healing Massage Academy’s online training program.

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The author, Shama Kern

The author, Shama Kern, is the founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy. He has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for over two decades, and he is the creator of 20 Thai Massage online training courses.

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