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How Thai Massage Therapists Can Raise Their Energy

how to raise your energy for thai massage

Thai Massage therapists work on more than the physical body

Thai Massage – or any other massage or healing therapy system – is not just about techniques, or at least it should not be.

Working on someone’s body also involves connecting with that person’s energy, their emotions, their heart and mind.

How do your clients react?

Consider this – what kind of reactions do you typically get from someone after you gave a good Thai Massage session?

Are your clients saying something like this:

  • “Oh, my 7th vertebra is aligned better”
  • “My sartorius muscle has improved blood flow”
  • “My hamstrings are 10 percent longer now”
  • “My endorphin level has increased significantly”

These are all anatomical observations, and chances are that these are probably not the kinds of comments you would usually hear from your clients, although this could be exactly what is happening in their bodies.

Instead, what you will typically hear is quite a different kind of reaction:

“Oh I feel much better”
“I feel much more calm and relaxed”
“I feel like I am walking on clouds”
“I feel like I just went to heaven and came back”
” I feel like I am in a trance”
“I feel totally re-energized”

You will probably notice that all those comments describe a feeling instead of an anatomical observation.

It follows that our job is not just to affect our client’s anatomy, but to affect their feelings, their state of mind, and their energy.

The attitude of the therapist matters in a session’s success

As therapists we do not address just muscles, tissue and bones. We address people’s feelings, their emotions and their energetic balance through our intentional  healing touch.

It follows that if the therapist’s state of mind and attitude is really good, chances are much better that they can affect their client’s energy in a positive way.

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How can therapists raise their energy level?

Energy is part of life. We are dealing with it all day long through our thoughts, emotions, and attitudes.

Just like physical health can be improved through exercise, so can energetic health be improved through some simple acts and exercises.

If you feel better about yourself, it is easier to make clients feel better. And the opposite is true – if you don’t feel good about yourself, if your energy is low, that’s what you will transmit to your clients.

Here is a list of factors that can raise your energy. They are simple everyday things we can do to feel better about ourselves. In this case it can be expressed through numbers.

Just like we have options for choosing the best techniques for our clients in Thai Massage, so do we have options to choose from some acts, habits, and attitudes which can make us better therapists and better human beings.

Numbers That Matter

  • Number of smiles you caused today
  • Number of hugs you distributed today
  • Number of meals you ate with people you love
  • Number of times you promoted someone else
  • Number of ways you encouraged others today
  • Number of times you took a break for yourself
  • Number of times you ate the right food
  • Number of glasses of water you drank
  • Number of dollars you put in a needy hand
  • Number of opportunities you get to educate people
  • Number of times you ignore the haters and grow
  • Number of times you say positive things to yourself
  • Number of times you say no so you can say yes to the bigger opportunity
  • Number of times you tell someone: “I love you”
  • Number of times you chose to not insist on being right
  • Number of times you truly listen to someone
  • Number of times you exercised this week
  • Number of times you were aware of your breath today
Image of the author, Shama Kern

The author, Shama Kern, is the founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy. He has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for over 20 years, and he is the creator of 20 Thai Massage online training courses.

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