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Dennis Kettil's Thai Massage Energy Line Course
Dennis Kettil
Skane, Sweden
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October 9, 2016
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January 21, 2017 - 7:08 pm
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Hi Shama,

I found this course very useful. I have some learning about the chinese energy lines concept and acupoints, also about the indian marma points system. The problem with these systems is that you have to take in and learn so much stuff that it's a risk that you end up with too much learning and less practice. Off course that depends on what type of person you are. I'm a more practical person, I want to practice and learn in that way. This makes the way you teach the thai concept of the sen lines perfect for me. It's very easy to understand, easy to apply and you don't have to go into the details.

About the details, we westerners generally like to go into the details. We generally want to know why and how and often loses ourself in details without seeing the whole picture. This I believe can be a big obstacle for a natural healing to occur, because often the problem is not where we believe it is.

So by working with the sen lines the way you teach it, we don't have to bother about finding any special point or reason why and so on. We can work with the whole and probably get better results than if we try to chop everything up into pieces. Of course you still have to be sensitive and intuitive to find and work on areas that needs extra care, but you can skip the how, why and reason. If a person gets a thai massage session and feel better afterwards that's perfectly fine.

I did a 2 hour 30 minutes session yesterday on my yoga friends sister who is a bit bigger than average. I was told that she really needs help because she have had quite a lot of not so funny life experiences. She feels a loss of viability and are more or less in a depressive state all the time. I also found out that she had a slipped disc in her lower back and she had a surgery for it.

When I do a session I don't really want to know what problems they might have or not, because that can affect my work in a way that can mislead from things that needs more care. As pointed out before, we can mislead ourselves to think that we have issues that are bigger than the ones we actually need to work with. Also if we focus on fixing one issue all the others might slip through. But the physical issues we have to take under consideration, not to do any more damage to it.

What I did in this session was that I focused mostly on the sen lines, and after that "feels good" massage and rocking techniques with some lesser stretching techniques. For the sen lines I used a lot of the thumb rolling kneading and palming on the legs, and some underarm techniques. On the back I used thumb pressing on sen line number one, and then palming and underarms. For the arms I did the thumb circular kneading and some palming. I also did the feet and hands in some different ways.
I found it a bit difficult to find the sen lines on the thighs. I find them easily on myself because you can't really miss where the muscles are, but on her who's is a bit bigger the thighs kind of flows together meaning it's hard to find any distinct cavity between the muscle groups. So instead I went into the intuitive mode and did the sen line work from there. The back and the arms was easier to work on.
During the whole session I tried to picture the body opening up to a smooth and free energy flow. When I found a blocked area I backed out a bit and did some "feel good" massage on a larger area around the sen line I was working on, and pictured how the blockage got flushed away. I could also just stop and just hold my hands still on that area for awhile. Then I tried again to do the more focused sen line work. Some times I could go on, and some times I had to repeat the "feel good" massage and go back in again.
I spent about half the time to open up the legs with mostly palming and sen line work, and some contraction, retraction and lighter stretches. And the other half was the rest of the body. I started to work in the supine position, then prone and both side positions. I finished off with some relaxing supine work, and the last technique as I started with the chi machine.

Feedback and communication during the session:
I asked her if she would like me to explain what I was doing, she said yes. I told her about the eastern way of looking at the body as a system of energy, about the energy flow and how we can balance it and release blockages. I felt how the legs was opening up, I asked her about it and she said she could feel it too. The right leg was a bit more stubborn so I spent more time with it til both legs felt about the same.
During the hip, back and leg stretches I communicated with her so I didn't go too far. She was very stiff but she had no problem with her back concerning her slipped disc.
It was the same thing with her arms as with her legs, they were unbalanced and blocked. Especially the upper arms and mostly on the right side, I did a lot of energy line work on the arms to balance them and get the energy flowing. It also took some communication and feedback during the arm and shoulder stretches, not to go too far because of her stiffness.

Feedback and communication after the session:
The first thing she said was that she felt more open and lighter. She had released a lot of anxiety and worries, she could breath more freely. She told me that it was the most comprehensive full body massage she have ever had.
I asked her if she believes in sprits, she said yes Then I asked her and her sister if they had felt any presence during the session. They both had, they also felt a smell of tobacco (which I didn't felt). I asked if it could have been her husband who passed away about five months ago, she said that it was possible. I said that he wondered what I was doing, and that I explained to him what I was doing and that he gave me an ok to that. They both laugh in recognition. So I asked them if that was something they recognised from him, his protective approach. They say yes, that was how he was. He also wanted me to tell her that he loves her and that he is around now and then to give support and to see how things are. I told her and I could feel how she got more eased. We also talked about how it gets easier to know that the loved passed ones still are with us, and that we get to meet them again when it's our turn to go. It's only the physical appearance that are gone.
Both her sister and I could feel that she was more in balance, in a lighter mood, and that her eyes looked more clear and focused.
We talked for some hours afterwards about a lot of stuff, and I gave her some ways how she can work with her energies on her own. Some visualizations and thoughts around it.

To sum it up, I learnt a lot from this course and by the implementation of it. As you've said, you are actually working with the sen lines in a variety of ways in a lot of thai massage techniques. That means that i've done a lot of sen line work not being aware of it. So during this session I split it up a bit just to be aware of "Now i'm doing focused sen line work" and "Now i'm doing thai massage techniques", just to get a feeling for it. But in reality I believe it's kind of hard to work like that, because it's being weaved together.
I believe i'm mostly going to implement the sen line work into a full thai massage session. I also got a few other ideas how to work with it. For example you can do a more focused sen line work on a person sitting in a chair, if they can't get to the floor or if they feel uncomfortable with it.

I also should mention that I myself also feel more open and eased after this session, and it still feels like that.

All the best

Shama Kern
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June 28, 2010
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January 22, 2017 - 9:49 pm
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Great detailed review of this course - thank you Dennis!Smile

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