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This course is the FOUNDATION. It contains all you need to become a competent Thai Massage therapist

Complete Thai Massage

This Is Our Most Comprehensive And Most Popular Course.
Complete Full Body Thai Massage Online Training From A to Z

If you want to learn the entire Thai Massage system, this is your best choice!

  • 50 video modules, 25 hours
  • Certification/30 CEUs  
  • Instructor support
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Convenient and self paced  
  • 3 free bonus courses included

The Complete Thai Massage course is not a compilation of all our courses that are listed below. All our courses are stand-alone courses. They contain additional training, different massage styles, or specialized therapy training.

Thai Rocking Massage

Thai Rocking Massage is a true evolution in Thai Massage. It is a modification and refinement which adds gentle, flowing rocking elements to Thai Massage techniques. 12 CEUs

  • Adds a beautiful flowing element to Thai Massage
  • Makes stretches more gentle and pleasant to receive  
  • Eliminates stress on therapist's hands and thumbs
  • Greatly increases therapeutic potential
Heavenly Head Massage

Heavenly Head Massage is a unique and delightful therapy for chest, neck, head and face. It will send your clients to 'massage heaven' and greatly increase client satisfaction. 12 CEUs.

  • Gives your clients a truly heavenly experience
  • Blissful addition to any type of massage  
  • Includes highly effective neck therapy
  • Adds an entire massage modality to your skills
Thai Foot Massage and Reflexology

Learn the authentic, enjoyable and effective foot massage system which is highly popular in Thailand. Add an entire massage modality and a new income stream to your practice. 

  • Learn both Thai Foot Massage and Thai Reflexology
  • Therapist friendly - easy on your hands and thumbs  
  • Highly enjoyable and therapeutic for clients
  • 17 modules - 8 video hours - 10 CEUs
Thai Massage back therapy

Thai Massage Back Therapy is the most comprehensive and in depth Thai Back Massage online training on the market. Learn every skill you ever need to be an effective back therapist.

  • Detailed section on anatomy and back problems
  • Complete spinal manipulation and stretching training 
  • Power techniques to easily work on large backs
  • 23 modules - 12 video hours - 22 CEUs
Thai Massage hip therapy

Thai Massage Hip Therapy - a complete system for becoming a competent hip therapy specialist. Develop the confidence and skills to help clients effectively with many hip problems. 12 CEUs 

  • Recognize and assess hip problems
  • Learn a complete system for hip therapy  
  • Reverse or prevent hip deterioration
  • Improve and restore range of motion in hip joint
Thai Massage shoulder therapy

Thai Massage Shoulder Therapy is Thai Massage therapy at its best. Learn 80 specific techniques for the shoulders. You will be able to work for one or two hours just on the shoulders. 10 CEUs

  • Powerful techniques, yet easy on the hands of therapist
  • Learn specialized skills for a common client issue  
  • Successfully improve many shoulder problems
  • Learn unique techniques known by few therapists 
Thai Massage knee therapy

Thai Massage Knee Therapy is a rare gem. Very few therapists know how to work on the knee directly. For those certain clients this can be a huge relief. 

  • Dozens of unique techniques for the knee
  • Work on the knee from the front, sides and back  
  • This training fills a big gap in most massage systems
  • Reduce pain and stress with unique rocking techniques
Thai Massage knee therapy

Abdominal massage is a highly effective yet often neglected therapy system. With these skills you can get excellent results not just for the abdomen, but for the entire body.

  • Helpful for digestion, lower back, reproductive organs
  • Use with Thai Massage or as stand-alone system 
  • Can help with releasing emotional trauma
  • Fills an important gap in most massage systems
Thai Massage for arms and hands

Thai Massage For Arms And Hands – Hand massage feels wonderful. Like foot massage, it reaches all areas of the body just by working on the hands. Basically it is reflexology for the hands.

  • Leverage your power using hands, forearms, knees, feet
  • Work on much larger client without stressing your hands  
  • Learn effective therapy on hands, wrists and forearms
  • Highly enjoyable. Can be uses as stand-alone session.
Thai Massage for hamstrings and calves

Thai Massage For Hamstrings and Calves – You will be amazed how effective you can be when working with these large muscles, even if you are a small therapist working on large clients.

  • Powerful hamstrings work without stressing your hands
  • Learn pressure techniques and stretching methods  
  • Relieve lower back strain with hamstrings release
  • Excellent for athletes and people with sitting jobs 
Thai Massage sacrum therapy

Thai Massage Sacrum Therapy is rarely taught in massage schools. However client feedback about sacrum work is consistently positive, plus there are many therapeutic benefits.

  • Learn a rare and beneficial massage skill
  • Glutes and sacrum work is highly therapeutic  
  • Be one of few therapist who can offer this service
  • Complete your skills to reach more areas of the body
7 ways to move the spine with Thai Massage

7 Ways To Move The Spine With Thai Massage is an advanced training program suitable for yoga teachers and flexible therapists. It also requires some flexibility from the client.

  • Learn a complete therapeutic spinal workout
  • Includes very advanced Thai Massage techniques 
  • This training is closely related to yoga
  • Thai Massage and/or yoga experience required!
Hands Free Thai Massage

Hands Free Thai Massage is the best way to protect your body and career. Thai Massage is very therapist friendly and can be done with much less use of hands than other styles. 8 CEUs.

  • Protect your hands and prolong your career
  • Develop sensitivity in forearms, elbows, knees and feet  
  • Reduce strain from demanding massage work
  • Prevent injury in hands, wrists, and thumbs
Advanced Thai Massage skills

Advanced Thai Massage Skills teaches you to work creatively with advanced Thai Massage concepts. It is only meant for our course graduates or experienced Thai Massage therapists.

  • Dealing with body contact in Thai Massage
  • Using props in Thai Massage effectively 
  • How to focus deeply on therapeutic methods
  • Working with forearms and knee - and much more! 
Thai Massage energy lines

Thai Massage Energy (Sen) Line Training – Unlike the western anatomical model, Thai Massage is based on the concept of balancing and improving energy flow in the body.

  • Learn what the sen lines are all about
  • Learn to work sen lines without stressing your thumbs  
  • Learn the locations of 16 major energy lines
  • This is must-know knowledge for Thai Massage
Communication secrets for Thai Massage

Communication Secrets for Thai Massage – How you communicate with your clients can have a big impact on the success of your treatments, and on client retention too.

  • How to explain Thai Massage to your clients
  • How to use communication to improve therapy 
  • How to build trust and confidence with clients
  • How to empower and include your clients in therapy 
Magic Touch Secrets for Thai Massage

Magic Touch Secrets is not about learning new massage techniques, but about transforming your quality of touch and improving your sensitivity and intuition in massage.

  • Learn the 25 steps to creating a 'magic touch'
  • Learn to move energy instead of just physical body parts  
  • Develop a refined sense of perception and energy flow
  • Greatly improve your client's experience with your touch
Thai Massage technique genius

Thai Massage Technique Genius – There are dozens of ways to use all the body parts which you can work with in Thai Massage. This course takes your technique skills to a much higher level.

  • Learn to use hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet
  • Learn to use your body much more effectively 
  • Develop greater confidence in your Thai Massage skills
  • Prevent over-use of hands by using many body parts 
Thai Massage For Sciatica

Thai Massage For Sciatica covers all aspects of advanced Thai Massage sciatica therapy: Causes, theory, techniques and applications for successful sciatica therapy. 8 CEUs

  • Theory and anatomy of the two sciatica 'hot spots'
  • The most effective Thai Massage sciatica techniques  
  • The bigger picture of sciatica treatment options
  • Self-help exercises for better therapy success

Learn delightful, easy Thai Massage techniques to create health, well-being, and joy among friends and family. Improve your relationships and create harmony through massage.

  • Learn easy, effective, delightful massage skills 
  • Covers all areas of the body: back, front, feet, head 
  • A great tool for improving relationships 
  •  Learn to help with common aches and pains

Course Features

  • All courses are available online. No shipping costs - no DVDs - no delays.
  • Highly detailed, step-by-step video instructions with precise and easy to follow explanations
  • Risk free purchase with our unconditional satisfaction guarantee
  • Unlimited support by the instructor - all your questions are answered quickly.
  • Access to our forum and private facebook group for networking, inspiration and training
  • Certification and CEU options. Details on THIS PAGE